Ultimate Cy-X
Ultimate Cy-X.png
General Information
Species Evolved Trionkitical
Home World Galods
Body Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced strength, Enhanced speed, all of Cy-X's
Voice Actor If ever needed, Lego Master.
First Appearance Unknown
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Cy-X
Predator/Prey None

Ultimate Cy-X is Cy-X's ultimate form.


Ultimate Cy-X does not have much of a change in appearance from his devolved form. But, his arms are now wider, and have claws. His legs are now longer, the collar on his neck has changed its color as well. His nead now has a blue energy on his forehead, and his eye is now 2 triangles instead of just one.

Powers and Abilities

Being an Ultimate Form, you can assume that he has added powers. Well, he has enhanced speed and strength, added on to his existing powers from his regular form. Also, he can withstand powerful attacks that would usually have the Omnitrix time out as Cy-X.


Being an Ultimate Form, he also has added weaknesses. These new weaknesses include: Being torn apart. Even though his arms are very strong and huge, they can be removed from his body by attack a pressure point on his elbows. Also, another new weakness is fire. As you can see, his body seems to be encased in armor, so if he is set on fire, his armor will start to melt, exposing his actual body.


Ben 10: Ultimate Power

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