Ultimate Clockwork
Ultimate Clockwork.png
General Information
Species: Evolved Chronosapien
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: Clockwork
Body: Mechanical Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Space-Time Manipulation
Timeline Foresight
Classification: Automata
First Appearance: Three's a Crowd (Project Deca)

Ultimate Clockwork is the evolved form of Clockwork.

This version of Ultimate Clockwork was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate Clockwork can now control space alongside time, allowing him to warp the fabric of space-time as he sees fit. This allows him to perform feats such as creating wormholes and rewinding space without rewinding time.

He also has the ability to see through multiple timelines and the various outcomes of any given situation, allowing him to always be one step ahead of his opponents.


Ultimate Clockwork's physical attributes, while better than his unevolved form's, are still somewhat unimpressive.


Ultimate Clockwork's evolution simulation is run on the basis that his powers over time would be insufficient in outmaneuvering his opponents. Evolving the ability to manipulate space and predict his enemy's moves gives Ultimate Clockwork a massive strategic advantage, which is critical considering the Chronosapien species' general lack of physical capability.


If Ultimate Clockwork appears in your series, please note his appearances here:

Project Deca

  • Three's a Crowd: Ultimate Clockwork appeared briefly before being evolved further into Infinite Clockwork.


  • Ultimate Clockwork's mono-eye was inspired by the Zaku units from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Ultimate Clockwork's asymmetrical key is meant to resemble a visual representation of a branching timeline.

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