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Ultimate Chandelier
Ultimate Chandalier.png
General Information
Species Evolved Hamsapien
Home World Bacos IV
Body Humanoid Pig
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wax Projection
Wax Manipulation
Adhesive Wax
Fire Generation
Pyro Immunity
Cold Resistance
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability

Ultimate Chandelier is the Ultimatrix's evolved form of Chandelier. He is an evolved Hamsapien from the planet Bacos IV. He is a free use ultimate alien.


Ultimate Chandelier is now taller than Chandelier, and therefore taller than Ben's human form. His eyes now glow green, and the Ultimatrix symbol is higher up on his chest. There are five lit candles on his body, one on each shoulder, one on each upper arm, and one on top of his head.

The short spines of hardened wax on his back are now made of a gold coloured metal, and from them sprout metal cage pieces that wrap around his stomach and over his shoulders. There is also a single metal bar connecting the three metal spines.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Chandelier's wax manipulation powers are now total. He can manipulate any wax, even that outside his own body including wax he did not generate, and frozen wax. This wax can also be adhesive.

Ultimate Chandelier is much stronger than his previous form. He is now also far more durable, thanks in part to the metal bars running around his body.


Ultimate Chandelier has far less weaknesses than his previous form.

Ultimate Chandelier can still be frozen by extreme colds, but the natural fire from his body would eventually thaw him out.

The wax on his body is still molten and he is still a danger to anyone around him.



Chandelier and Ultimate Chandelier are free use aliens, feel free to use them in your own series.


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