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He can destroy upchuck Norrris easily


Ultimate chamALIEN is much bigger them chamALIEN,his camo-esque spots on him are now dark green,yellow,and brown.The spike on his tail is much longer then his devolved form and has rattles.The spike on his head is also longer,and he has four extra arms.His teeth are also sharper and resemble sabertooth tigers,they stick out of his mouth like sabertooth tigers also.His mouth is more wide and he has green chestplates with small spikes going around it,and has spikes on his shoulders,arms,and tails.His eyes are specially designed the blue eye can see underwater,the green eye can see in all jungles,the red eye can see high in the sky and through things.He is much more muscular then his devolved form and taller.He has a red eye on the side of his arm,a blue eye on the side of the arm,and two green ones on the sides of his legs.He has three tails and He has four fingers and toes.





Super speed

360% vision

Can stretch eyes however long he wants

Super strength

Poisonous tail

Poisonous bite

Supreme super sight

Able Stick to any surface

Stun punch

Stun bite

Stun tail

Stun spikes

Can turn other things invisible

Can turn into any color

Can take the form of anything just by touching it

sharp claws

He can stretch his body however long he wants

can shoot his teeth out

Can shoot his spikes out

Can shoot lasers out of his eyes

Can see anywhere


absorption abilities


He is hard to control and like all living beings,can be detected by mana.Jetray's blast can affect him so can echo echo's sonic blast.


He will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse,and anyone who wants to use him but you have to give me full credit.