Omniverse Award Winner!

Ultimate Camera Shy won Best Fanon Ultimate Form at 2016's Omniverse Awards!

Ultimate Camera Shy
Ultimate Camera Shy
General Information
Species Evolved Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Camera Shy
Body Robotic Crab Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Photography Manipulation
Alien Number Σ29
Namesake See Camera Shy
First Appearance Generations of Men: Part 2

Ultimate Camera Shy is the evolved form of Camera Shy from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Ultimate Camera Shy's abilities include:

  • Photography Entrapment
  • Photograph Teleportation
  • Photo-Negative Matter Inversion
  • Photography Summoning
  • Photoreality Editing
    • This ability allows Ultimate Camera Shy to take a picture of his surroundings, print it out, and then edit it using his extra appendages. Once the photo has been edited, it can be ripped apart to transfer the "edits" to real life. The time this takes varies depending on the edit, but Ultimate Camera Shy is generally able to edit and tear a photograph in under a second. Any changes to reality that occur during the editing period will be rewritten to comply with the edit.


Ultimate Camera Shy resembles a larger, bulkier version of his unevolved form. His color scheme has been inverted from orange to blue, and there are minor differences in his markings and detailing. He has four extra appendages sprouting from his back, which can all be used in the photo editing process.


If Ultimate Camera Shy's lenses are blocked, he cannot take pictures.


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