Omniverse Award Winner!

Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell won Best Fanon Ultimate Alien at 2017's Omniverse Awards!

Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell
Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell
General Information
Species Evolved Mikha'el'baia
Home World Expitium
DNA source Bomb 2 Hell
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Explosive Creation
Explosion Immunity
Divide By Zero
Equipment Organic Grenades
Alien Number Σ11
Namesake See Bomb 2 Hell
First Appearance If: Part 1
Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell is the evolved form of Bomb 2 Hell from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell's abilities include:

  • Enhanced Explosive Infusion
  • Explosion Immunity
  • Faster Grenade Generation
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Timed State Lock
  • Divide By Zero
    • This ability allows him to create "Zero Points" that implode anything that touches them. The energy released from this reaction is absorbed into Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell and stored in his torso cavity as explosive potential.


Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell largely resembles his unevolved form, but has a more mechanical appearance with an aqua blue color in place of his normal jade. His markings have changed, and his facial structure is more swooped and aggressive.

His abdomen is connected to his chest by a ball-and-socket style joint with limited movement, and he has extra spikes jutting out of his elbows and feet.

He has two grenades on each arm, and the timer on his chest is smaller. He has a cavity in his abdomen covered by a glass window, and the StarTrix Requiem symbol has moved to his neck.


By sheer technicality, Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell has no weaknesses. He can turn anything into an explosive as opposed to just inorganic objects, and his grenades regenerate nearly instantly.

However, his powers are really only useful in a destructive setting, and he presents an incredible danger to everyone around him.



  • Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell's "Divide By Zero" ability is a reference to the song Divide By Zero by The Offspring, which is used in the same official music video as Bomb 2 Hell's namesake music track.

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