Ultimate Blitzmuttvinebig
Alien Fusion 6.png
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Mix of Way Big, Ultimate Wildmutt, Wildvine and Blitzwolfer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Look in Abilities section

This is an alien created by the User Mutantking.


Ultimate Blitzmuttwinebig is a fusion of Way Big, Ultimate Wildmutt, Wildvine and Blitzwolfer. He has the main body of Way Big. The parts on Way big that are red are now a greyish blue color. He is sort of furry. He has sharp teeth which poke out of his mouth.He has a long tail with a stinger at the tip of the tail. He also has those flaps on his that Wildvine also has.He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his waistline.

Powers & Abilities

His big size makes him very strong. He has the ability to shoot Cosmic rays. He can run on all fours but he doesn't do that much. He can howl at supersonic frequencies which shatter metal as if it was glass. The stinger on his tail has poison in it. He can control plants. He has the ability to use heat vision too. He has a very good sense of smell and hearing. He can also move very fast.


His main weakness is that he cannot hide from enemies because he is so big. If the user is sick he cannot use heat vision. He is vulnerable to fire. If exposed to bad smells like rotten food he will find it hard to breath. He also experiences extreme pain if he hears a high pitched sound  

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