Ultimate Ben 10'000
Art by Ult.Ditto
General Information
Species Human (default)
Evolved Human (usually)
Age 45
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Dimension Dimension 10
Timeline Ultimate Ben Timeline
Affiliations The Plumbers
Occupations Plumber
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities DNA Alteration
DNA Evolution
Aspect Transference
DNA Reparation
Universal Translation
Equipment Ultimatrix
Alias Ben 10'000 (hero name)
Ultimate Ben 10'000
Relatives Max Tennyson (Grandfather)
Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Friends Professor Paradox
Alternate Counterparts Ultimate Ben 10 (younger self)
Ben 10'000
Ben 23'000
Delta Ben 10'000
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 12
Last Appearance Death of Ben 10
Ultimate Ben 10'000 is a hero in Death of Ben 10. He first appeared in Chapter 12. He is a Human from the planet Earth and wields the Ultimatrix. He exists in the future of an alternate timeline of Dimension 10 in Earth-1010.


Ultimate Ben 10'000 represents an older version of Ben Tennyson. He is taller, buffer, and has a beard. His sense of fashion has also changed. He now wears a grey shirt with a white omnitrix symbol across it, outlined in black. He has a utility belt with many pockets, and green trousers. He wears the Ultimatrix on his left wrist.


Ben is smarter and more serious than his younger self. He can be jovial, but knows when the right time is.

Ben is also more knowledgeable in his available aliens than his younger self, through years more experience.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Ben 10'000 wields the Ultimatrix, and therefore possesses the ability to transform into over a million different sapient species and evolve them. His favourite form, and the one he can most often be seen using, is Ultimate Ben.

He has unlocked the Master Control of his Ultimatrix, therefore allowing him to rapidly change form at will.

Even without the use of his transformations, Ultimate Ben 10'000 is far faster thinking and far stronger than his younger self. He can come up with logical solutions quickly, and hold his own in a fight against aliens typically stronger than most humans.


In Death of Ben 10 it is explained that if his younger counterpart were to die, he would cease to exist.

Since he almost always uses Ultimate Ben and rarely directly uses any other form, he is susceptible to the same weaknesses as that form.


Ultimate Ben 10'000 exists in a timeline where Ben kept the Ultimatrix after defeating Diagon and Vilgax.

Death of Ben 10

He first appeared in Chapter 12 alongside Ben 10'000 to help stop Apollo's ship from colliding with the Earth.

He appeared again in Chapter 13 when he helped the heroes find Apollo, and he helped Ben 23 and Ben 23'000 infiltrate San Diego Ironworks in Chapter 14.

In Trials by Fire: Part 2 he fought and helped defeat Hulk Apollo and Ollopa alongside other versions of himself. In Chapter 17 he, alongside every alternate version of himself, aided in the ultimate defeat of Apollo.


Death of Ben 10

Death of Ben 10
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