Ultimate Battle
Series Brandon 10: Alien Force
Genre Action/Adventure


Platforms PC
Modes -Start


Created By Brandon
Game Guide
Fall of Abraxo

Ultimate Battle is an online game in Brandon 10: Alien Force.


Now armed with the new Ultimate Omnitrix, play as Brandon and transform into super alien heroes, Loch Ness and Ultimate Loch Ness, to stop the Conqueror's plans for conquering the Universe.

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

Non-Playable Characters


Level 1

Conqueror: With the New Omnitrix, I, The Conqueror, can conquer over the Universe.

Brandon: Not if I can help it, Conqueror.

Conqueror: Tennyson!

Brandon: It's over, Conqueror.

Conqueror: We'll see about that, Brandon 10.

Gameplay Starts.

Level 2

Brandon: What's happening?

Conqueror: My ship is crashing!

Brandon: This isn't good.

Conqueror: No matter. My droids will deal with you while I tend to repairs.

Brandon: Great...

Gameplay Starts.

Level 3

Brandon: There's no where to go, Conqueror.

Conqueror: That may be true. But with your Omnitrix, I can transform myself into any of your alien forms.

Brandon: No, Conqueror! It's busted. You'll-

Flash. The Mutated Conqueror appears.

Conqueror: The Power! Now all will bow down to The Conqueror!

Brandon: I'm going to have to use the new Omnitrix to stop him. It's Hero Time!

Gameplay Starts.


The Conqueror's Ship blows up.

Escape Pod lands in the ocean.

Brandon, coming out of escape pod: Looks like the Conqueror is done for.

Brandon looks at the Ultimatrix.

Brandon: And it'll always be Hero Time!

You Won!



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