Ultimate Articguana
Ultimate Articguana (Alien Alliance)
General Information
Species Evolved "Polar Manzardill
Home World X'Nelli
Body Reptile
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Ice manipulation
First Appearance Count Nosferatu

Ultimate Articguana is an evolved Polar Manzadrill from the home-planet X'nelli. He was first used to defeat Nosferatu in Count Nosferatu.

Physical Appearance

Ultimate Articguana is changed radically being more raptor then before. He's now three times bigger now and is for big part of his body dark blue. These are large bulletproof scales. He also have a big red wattle under his chin. His arms are white as are his lower body, his legs, his face and his tail. His hands and feets are light blue, just as a line under his green eyes. His chest is grey with an Ultimatrix symbol in the middle. He have lost his three dorsal fins which are replaced by a series of Ice spikes. His complete skeleton is now made of ice as are his claws, teeth and the pins on his shoulders.

Powers and abilities

His ice manipulation abilities have been enormous increased. He's able to turn a hallway in an ice cave by only roaring. He's also bite enemies and turns them to ice from within. He's also much stronger then Articguana and rivals the powers of Humungousaur. He's also able to fire and throw snowballs that on impact freezes his opponents.


He has lost the ability to breath underwater and because of his low body temperature, the water should freeze by his touch. He can also be killed with high temperatures as his bones should start melting by a temperature of 300°C.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 3:


  • Credits go to Darksilvania from DeviantArt.
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