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I mean ultimate armadrillo.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Armadrillo is the same as regular armadrillo but has four arms one with a drill,one with a jackhammer,one with a hammer,and a regular one but he can change them into whatever he wants.His head is blue,his body is black his chest has a silver armor plate,his arms are black,and his legs are blue.He also has a brace with spikes on his shoulders and arms.he has a mace on his tail


He has the same powers of regular armadrillo and can curl up into a ball and attack his enemies,whatever part he hits it breaks.he has 50x the strength regular armadrillo had,and can swim underground.Ultimate armadrillo can earthbend and mana and energy have no effect on him like terraspin.He has enhanced durability,and agility.


Electricity and lightning seem to harm him dangerously,and nueroshock blast can also effect him and so does radiation.


Ultimate armadrillo will appear in my new series Ben 10 multiverse many times,and whoever else wants to have him in there show but u have to give full credit.