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Ultimate Armodrillo
Ultimate Armodrillo Alan.png
General Information

Evolved Talpaedan

Home Planet:



Robotic Pangolin

Other Info

Tremor Generation
Drill Tail
Jackhammer Claws
Electricity Resistance
Minor Heat Generation
Sphere Form
Enhanced Burrowing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability


Large Size

Ultimate Armodrillo is the evolved form of Armodrillo. He is a free use alien made by Alanomaly.


Ultimate Armodrillo is much larger than regular Armodrillo, even while staying on four legs. His underbelly is tan, with his snout and feet being dark brown. His head, neck, back, arms, and legs are covered in a silvery armor. He has a grey panel on either side of his body that goes down from his cheeks to his legs. He also has dark grey pipes wrapped around his neck. The end of his tail is a drill. He has vents along his tail and front legs. On the end of his snout is a black funnel. He wears the Ultimate symbol on his chest.


  • Ultimate Armodrillo has a much more powerful version of Armodrillo's tremor generation, as he can shatter tectonic plates if he is far enough underground.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo has a drill on the end of his tail, and his claws on his front feet retain the jackhammer ability. Both of these are able to generate heat to break through rock that might be too difficult to break through otherwise. He uses his vents on his tail and his front legs (as well as the funnel on his snout) to prevent himself from overheating.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo can curl up into a ball similar to Cannonbolt.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo can burrow much faster than Armodrillo.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo has more strength and durability than Armodrillo, the latter now preventing sharp objects from piercing his skin.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo's armor is resistant to electricity.


  • Ultimate Armodrillo is quite a large alien, making him an easy target, and also making it easy for him to unintentionally destroy things he doesn't intend to.
  • Ultimate Armodrillo can overheat if his vents and funnel are clogged.


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  • The decision to make Ultimate Armodrillo be based on a pangolin came from inspiration from Sandslash.

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