Ultimate AmpFibian
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General Information

Evolved Amperi


Winged Ghost

Other Info

Electrical Absorption
Electrical Redirection
Electrical Telepathy
Stretchable Tail
Prehensile Tail
Size Alteration
Enhanced Speed Swimming
Underwater Respiration
Enhanced Durability
Storm Conjuration
Mind Control



Ultimate AmpFibian is the evolved form of AmpFibian. He is a free use alien made by Alanomaly.


Ultimate AmpFibian is one of the more drastically changed Ultimate Forms. Rather than appearing like a jellyfish, he takes on a body type somewhat similar to Ghostfreak's with wings in place of arms. His body is is a pale blue, with light blue blotches swirling around inside, and almost-white yellow blotches within those. He has three green eyes, and wears the Evolved Symbol on his chest. In The Alan 10 Adventures, Ultimate AmpFibian is dark indigo, with bright blue and light blue blotches in his body. His eyes are red, and he wears the Evolved Simplicitrix on his chest.


  • Ultimate AmpFibian retains most of his original powers.
  • As he no longer has arms or legs, Ultimate AmpFibian now has a stretchable and prehensile tail, which serves a similar purpose.
  • Ultimate AmpFibian's body shape and wings allow him to fly and swim faster than his default form.
  • Ultimate AmpFibian is more durable than his original self, as his body is made of a watery, jelly-like substance, making his body far less frail.
  • Ultimate AmpFibian is able to conjure small storms in the area he is fighting in.
  • While his default form could only read minds, Ultimate AmpFibian's electrokinesis gives him the ability to control minds by altering the eletric pulses within brains.





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The Alan 10 Adventures




  • Ultimate AmpFibian's design is based on that of a scrapped Nemetrix predator design released by Tom Perkins.

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