Omniverse Award Winner!

Ultimate All☆Star won Best Fanon Ultimate Alien at 2017's Omniverse Awards!

Ultimate All☆Star
General Information
Species Evolved Heliosinge
Home World Sefilius
DNA source All☆Star
Body Gold Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Star Manipulation
Fallen Star
Classification Fauna
Alien Number Σ1
Namesake See All☆Star
First Appearance TBA

Ultimate All☆Star is the evolved form of All☆Star from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Ultimate All☆Star's abilities include:

  • Star Manipulation
    • Ultimate All☆Star can create and manipulate stars and the energy they produce, giving him incredible destructive potential.
  • Fallen Star
    • Ultimate All☆Star can temporarily convert his own body into a living star, becoming a powerful energy being unaffected by physical attacks.
  • Temperature Immunity
  • Space Survivability
  • Flight


Ultimate All☆Star resembles a taller, bulkier version of his unevolved form, with two new spikes on his head, more black clothing on his arms and legs, and a dark gold mark on his chest. There are star-like patterns on the back of his hands, and the evolved StarTrix symbol is on his chest.


Ultimate All☆Star's Fallen Star ability requires a lot of energy to maintain, and can only be used for around five minutes at a time.



  • Ultimate All☆Star's lineart (apart from the StarTrix symbol) is done in a chalk brush, indicating his more energized, less stable form.

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