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He can destroy upchuck Norris easily


Ultimate Looks how he does in Noah 10 but his stars are now green and he has way more.He has Serena and bellicus on the sides of his arms,sides of his legs,and the top of his arms.Also he doesn't have Serena and bellicus holding him back so he can do anything he wants.The spikes on his head are longer and they are still black but have green stars.


He has all the powers of has plus every power in the universe.He is invulnerable and he is bens most powerfull,strongest,fastest,alien ever.He can do everything and anything.


ben needs to convince Bellicus and Serena to go Ultimate before using him.


He will be in my new show Ben 10 multiverse and whoever wants to use him.But u have to give me full credit.


He was originally going to be black but after I saw him in Noah ten I changed it.

He has green stars instead of white

It is conformed that he has every star inside him.As