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Ultimate Albedo
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Ben 10: Alien Alliance


Human (Formerly)

Primus Chimera (Formerly)

Galvan (Currently


Galvan Prime (Destroyed)

Galvan Mark II




He had vowed revenge on both Azmuth and Ben.

First Appearance

Ultimate Albedo: Part I

Last Appearance

Ultimate Albedo: Part II

Current state


Voiced By:

Yuri Lowenthal

Ultimate Albedo is a chimera form of Albedo after he has fallen in the River of Primus. Since his DNA was already disturbed, he absorbed the DNA in river. This created a monsterious amalgam, thristy for revenge. He was created in Ultimate Albedo: Part I. This in season 2 of Ben 10: Alien Alliance.


Albedo has complete be mutilated when he fell in the river. His head has become a stone-like skull, possibly of Ectonurite DNA. His upper body has become brown and hard as rock. The origin of it is unknown. His right arm is made of solid and molten magma, cleary because of the Pyronite DNA in the stream. While his left arm is very thin and surrounded by red energy. It looks similar to Blight and indicated that the mutation is caused by Uranosapien DNA. His lower body is liquid by absorbing Hydrogedron DNA. But his he more powers and features of aliens then his body shows. A list of the powers he had and we are certain:

  • Megawhatt's electricity
  • Appoplexian's wrath
  • Teletrachimp's teleportation
  • Revelageddon's dark energy
  • Petrosapiens's crystal manipulation
  • To'kustar's cosmic ray
  • Aerophibian's neuroshocks
  • Ghinordan's reflexes
  • Tetramand's strenght
  • Galvan's intelligence


He only wants to be free from his 'inferior' human form and become again a normal Galvan. This plan backfires as Ben uses the gun to cure him and transform him back to his Galvan form but was stripped of his intellect


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