Ultimate Agilmur
Ultimate Agilmur
General Information
Species Evolved Strepsirrian
Home World Lorisia
Body Animalistic Humanoid
Devolved Form Agilmur
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Leaping

Sonic Howl

Super Bite

Super Grip


First Appearance Trade Cycle

Ultimate Agilmur is an evolved transformation in Brandon 10.


Ultimate Agilmur is an orange, animalistic humanoid with pointy ears, a pushed in nose, two teeth sticking out upwards and a tail with black rings around it. He has two black stripes connect on his back which end at his chest and at his tail from the other end. His fur curls around his stomach in a similar manner as his devolved form. His hands and feet are bigger than an average foot compared to him and the spiked Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Agilmur has high agility and a super grip just like devolved form but he now has enhanced leaping abilities and a sonic howl which can sabotage technology and stun enemies. He is also bigger and stronger and has the ability to pick up and even throw objects.


He has no known weaknesses at the moment.


In Trade Cycle, Ultimate Agilmur fought The Extreme Biker Leader in his robot suit.

In The Spy Who Evolved Me, Ultimate Agilmur fought against Sean Myers' Henchmen.

In Brandon Who?, Ultimate Agilmur defeats Master Mind.


Ultimate Hero

Video Games

Online Games



  • Ultimate Agilmur was the second Ultimate alien to appear in Ultimate Hero.
  • Agilmur, at the time, did not seem as different with his abilities if he had evolved however he was given more animalistic abilities which makes him more powerful.
  • Ultimate Agilmur has a habit of heavy breathing.
  • One of Ultimate Agilmur's designs was similar to an Orangutan which was an ape instead of a lemur so the design was discarded.
  • Ultimate Agilmur has a much deeper voice than his predecessor.


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