"'Bad guys', 'good guys', is that how you think this works? Alright then, within those parameters, I assume you think you're the 'good guy' here."

–Ubermensch talking to Attai Zehn, Youth is Wasted on the Young

General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Personality Type ISTJ-A
Age  ???
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Timewalking
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Gewehrlogger
Eisernes Kreuz Armor
First Appearance Three's a Crowd

Übermensch is one of the primary villains of Project Deca.


Ubermensch was created from the bodies of a German soldier and two Jewish twins by the Nazi scientist Josef Mengele as a superweapon during WWII. In Ubermensch's timeline, he was successfully created in time to win the war, allowing the Nazis to take over Europe and become the Unendlich Reich, expanding out into the multiverse to spread their ideology to other worlds.


Ubermensch is a hard-line Nazi officer who believes wholeheartedly in the Reich's cause and works solely for the benefit of the Aryan people, disregarding outside ideas of what can be considered "good" or "evil". He is often gruff and reserved, not going out of his way to interact with anyone unless he considers it necessary. He has his own ideas about how the Unendlich Reich should operate but still serves under the Fuhrer's authority, placing loyalty to the Reich above all else.


Attai Zehn

Ubermensch has no particular attachment to his alternate self other than seeing him as an obstacle for the Reich that needs to be dealt with one way or another.


Ubermensch isn't fond of working with Millennia, only tolerating her presence because she sells the Reich valuable items and services.


Ubermensch openly dislikes Terox, finding him to be an unnecessary nuisance and risk to the Reich despite The Fuhrer's confidence that he is a necessary asset.

The Fuhrer

Ubermensch appears to have little personal respect for The Fuhrer but serves him loyally regardless.


Ubermensch's body is extremely powerful compared to the average human's, allowing him to perform feats such as grabbing a tank-launched missile out of the air in front of him and withstanding a point-blank explosion to the face from Bomb 2 Hell without suffering any injuries.

Ubermensch is also capable of Timewalking, though he has yet to fully demonstrate this ability.



The Gewehrlogger is Ubermensch's version of the DecaSystem, allowing him to scan objects and use their properties via a card system later. The Gewehrlogger is capable of transforming the user, but Ubermensch generally avoids using this function.

Eisernes Kreuz Armor

The Eisernes Kreuz ("Iron Cross") Armor is an armored exosuit developed specifically for Ubermensch that grants him extra defensive and communication abilities in the field.



The DecaBlitzer is a transforming vehicle capable of assuming a plane mode called the DecaWulf and a tank mode called the DecaPanzer, both based on common German WWII military vehicles.


  • Ubermensch is meant to be the embodiment of Friedrich Nietzsche's idea of the "ubermensch" or "superhuman", a racial version of which was frequently used in Nazi propaganda despite Nietzsche's own opposition to antisemitism and German nationalism.
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