He is a main character and tech support for the group. He is pretty much the comic relief of the three. He was created by Azmuth to be a new guard, but when U-Tuba couldn't hurt an intruder, he was about to be destroyed, until Max saved him from death.


He likes to joke around, and tries not to actually hurt anyone. He's pretty much a pacifist. Unless his Malware side takes over and he goes berserk. When that happens, all he cares about is causing havoc. When he goes into Malware mode, his friends can barely talk him out of killing the bad guy. After a while of being controlled by his evil side, he cannot be talked out of killing at all. 


He's a Galvanic Mechamorph, so he has all the tech enhancing abilities, and he knows how to fire a gun. He also was created with the intention of being a second Malware, which the scientists can control, so U-Tuba has Malware's and a normal Mechamorph's powewrs. He can also shoot a powerful laser beam from his eye.


He was created by rogue Galvan scientists. They wanted to make a second Malware that can be controlled.

When he was completed, he had a mind of his own, they tried to destroy him and restart, but Max Tennyson tracked down the Galvans and found the Mechamorph. 

Little did they know U-Tuba had both normal Mechamorph abilities AND Malware's.

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