General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Tornado
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Weather Manipulation
First Appearance Mutated Weather
Twisty is an alien transformation from the show, Brandon 10.


Twisty has an appearance resembling a light blue tornado. His head appears like a white skull with yellow eyes and various ridges, making out his facial structure. The Omnitrix Symbol is unseen.

Powers and Abilities

Twisty has the power to summon various elements of the weather including powerful winds, lightning strikes and others. He can also fly and hover in place.


Twisty has no known weaknesses as of yet.



  • Twisty was scheduled for Season 2 but seemed to fit in better for a weather-themed episode which appeared later on in Season 3.
  • Despite being, seemingly, one of the more powerful aliens at the time, Brandon felt Twisty wasn't as useful.
  • In his picture, the Omnitrix Symbol can not be seen. It's probable that it is located somewhere on his skull; possibly the back or side.
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