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Ben 10: Evolutions
Season 1, Episode 2
Ben 10 Thousand Strikes Back
Air date 26/02/11
Written by Rex
Directed by TekTeks
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Ben is playing with the Omnitrix 2.0.

Ben: All new aliens, old favourites, holograms, YouTube. Man this is the best Omnitrix ever!

Gwen: Dweeb, brake it if you want, remember last time?!


Ben: Stink Arms, Heat Jaws and Diamond Matter!


Ben: So what? Look at this alien! Ain't it cool?

It showed a icon of Clockwork.

Gwen: What does it do?

Ben: My future self told me it has something to do with time.

Kevin: Then we will name it Clockwork!

Ben: Yeah!

Ben slammed the icon.

CW: Clockwork! Awesome! I'm a living time machine!

Gwen: You look like a weirdo.

CW: The 80s called, they want their shoes back.

Her shoes disappeared.

Gwen: My shoes!!

Kevin: Hahahaha!

Ben: That was total coolio!

Gwen: Grrr.....

Ben laughed like crazy. He accidently fell in portal he created earlier.

Ben: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He smacked to the ground. There was dust.

???: You? Ben 10?

Out of the dust, came Wildmutt!

Wildmutt: JHKJKAJKHHK,HJBJMNMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

???: I know, it's me... Ben 10,000!

Ben turned back to normal.

Ben: You're me? The last time I met me you wasn't like this.

Ben 10,000: What do you mean?

Ben: The other one was like a buzzkill.

Ben 10,000: I'm no Buzzkill! You're the buzzkill!

Ben: Oh yeah?

Ben 10,000: Yeah!

Ben: OH YEAH?!

Ben 10,000: YEAH!!!

Ben transformed into Diamondhead, while Ben 10,000 transformed into Echo Echo.

DH: Take this, buzzkill!

He threw crystals at Echo Echos.

EE: What about this?!

They screamed at Diamondhead.

DH: GGGGGAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He turned into Four Arms.

Four Arms: STOP IT!

He kept punching all of them. They turned back to Ben 10,000.

Ben 10,000: You're quite tough for a kid.

Ben: Same, to you, Pops.

Ben 10,000: What do you mean Pops? I'm old enough to be your father. Oh, now that makes sense.

???: You're both right, Bens.

It was Hex!

Ben: Hex? You look much older!

Hex: The future, duh?

Ben 10,000: What do you want?!

Hex: You're immortal life.

Ben: Woah! In the future, I'll never die?! Awesome!!

Ben 10,000, ignoring Ben: Hex! You aren't going to beat us!

Ben: Yeah! *Transforms* Upchuck! Did you know that Upchuck is the only alien that can evolve into a stronger form, in this case, Upchuck Norris?

Ben 10,000: Yeahsurewhatever.

Hex blew a beam of dark mana. Upchuck ate it. He blew "Upchucked" Mana.

Hex: OOOOWWWW!!!!! Take this!

He blew a MEGA blast of dark mana. It Upchuck sooo bad.

Upchuck: That... is... IT. *Evolves* Upchuck Norris! I'm gonna kill you!!!

Upchuck Norris killed Hex by using a sword of NorrisNess.

Later on... Ben is at the portal to home with Ben 10,000....

Ben: You taught me something.

Ben 10,000: What?

Ben: How to be a true hero.

Ben 10,000: See you.

Ben: Bye.

He walks into the portal. His thinks.

Ben: They don't know I'm back. I should totally prank them!


Major Events[]

  • Ben meets Ben 10,000, his possible future.
  • Wildmutt returns since the short Dogged Pursuit.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Ben 10,000
  • Kevin Levin (Cameo)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Cameo)
  • Max Tennyson (Cameo)
  • Hex will appear.