This picture was drawn by Ahmad

General Information
Home World Goa Hafou Fee
Body Spiked Turtle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Earthquake
Sticky Back
Black Bubble
Back Dechargers
Yellow Laser Eyes
Bounce-able Shell
Fin Spikes

Turlesting is on The Omnidewtrix.


Like its relative, it can do almost everything except for this water version it can do much much more than ever before than twirl around sending the enemies away. When in the ocean, this can send a black bubble towards the enemies for escaping or sometimes they do it to protect their privacy so their predators won't know where to go.

The back is very sticky... so it can be on the cave walls for day on end which makes the speculation of how they survived in the first place in this disadvantage. As a secondary precaution, if the intruder does not stop then they must use their yellow laser eyes targeting anywhere of the targets body as punishment.

Fin spikes are equally safe to free themselves from a tangled mess or tied up in rope.



  • Turtlesting was supposed to debut in Turtle Quanduct?.
  • Turtlesting's species were mentioned in the mentioned episode above.
  • Turtlesting's home planet 'Goa Hafou Fee' debuted in Turtle Quanduct? in the Turtle Quanduct Galaxy.
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