Turkey Evade
General Information
Species Agilavian
Home World Bockgobbla
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Agility
Limited Teleportation
Shooting Feathers
First Appearance N/A
Turkevade is an Agilavian from the planet Bockgobbla in no series. Anyone can use him.


Turkevade has a gray round body with gray wings, a red neck, a blue head, and brown feet. He has a design on the back of his head, and yellow spots all over his body.


Turkevade's species is one of the most agile species in the universe. They can quickly jump from place to place, and can stay immobile in the air for up to 7 minutes and 31 seconds. Turkevade also has the ability to teleport, but only to places around him. Turkevade can turn intangible while looking the same. By combining all of his dots into a large one, Turkevade can create a forcefield. By spinning the thing on his head, Turkevade can combine all of his evasion powers so that he will not get hit at all for up to 5 minutes and 43 seconds. Turkevade can get very annoying.

In addition to his evasion powers, Turkevade also has turkey powers. He has sharp claws. He also has sharp feet to scratch with when he is in the air. Turkevade can launch sharp feathers from either hand by swiping it. He can spin his red worm thing for a shield, fan, propellor, etc. He can also inflate it for more protection or to fly. Turkevade can grow 4 feathers from his bottom to hit things with, or for a back shield.


If Turkevade gets hit, his evasion powers will weaken.



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