Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date 1/10/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Flight in the Night
Fast Lane
Turf War is the nineteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake


On a road, traveling again, the sky is seen in a dull orange mixed with warm blue with only a few clouds out, blocking the sun behind them. As the view lowers, tall golden-colored grass is seen by a dirt patch road. The news van is seen driving past, the motion pushing back some of the grass closest too the road.

December 10, 18:44 EDT

The view continues following the news van as it continues driving along the dirt road, showing it from an overhead angle. Inside the news van, Kate is seen driving the van, with a slightly bored expression on her face while she looks out through the window. The view then pans towards the back of the van, showing Drake seating on the bench against the wall while John seats by the computer station, accessing more of the files from the thumb drive, now inserted into the computer.

Drake: Do you think there's any way to know the meaning behind these files, John?

John, typing on the keyboard: I don't know... There's so many files in here. Some of these things don't even have anything to do with Mutants or we won't know until we look into it.

Drake: That sounds like it could take too long. Owens doesn't have that time.

John: I know... I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can feed them into my algorithm, see what leads come up. It'll take some time but less than going through all the leads on our own.

Drake: (nods) Alright then.

The van shakes slightly as if coming to a stop. Drake looks over to the front of the van then back at John who looks around.

John: Are we stopping?

Drake, turning to the front: I'll see what's going on.

John: Right, I'll get to work on that algorithm then.

John returns to the keyboard as Drake heads over to the front of the van, he squeezes between the seats and sits in the passenger seat. Kate has her arm leaning against the window, her head placed upon the palm of her hand, still showing a bored expression.

Drake, turning to her: Why did we stop?

Kate: We're almost out of gas. I saw a gas station ahead so that's where we are.

Drake turns to look outside the window and sees that they are parked aside a red gas pump.

Drake: Oh...

Kate: I think I'm going to stay in the van this time.

Drake: Are you sure?

Kate: Yeah- (yawns softly) pretty sure.

The scene then cuts ahead to Drake and John leaving the van, heading towards the gas station. John examines the gas pump's meter, which is slightly cracked. Underneath its dirty window, a red needle can be seen facing downwards close to the letter "E" furthest away from "F". John looks down at the hose which a drip of gas is seen dropping onto the ground. He turns to Drake, who is looking around the area.

John: I don't think there's much gas in this one. Maybe you could check inside for a can we can use?

Drake: Yeah...

Drake then heads towards the actual station. It's essentially a wooden shack, with a sign in the window reading "CLOSED". Drake climbs the small steps onto the porch of the shack which is clear of anything but a small potted plant in the corner, with well kept Peony. He looks at the sign for a short moment before turning to the door. He grabs the handle and pushes the door in but it doesn't budge. He tries again, slightly harder this time but the door remains as it was. Drake then releases the door handle and clutches his fist. He breaths out then instantly kicks the door hard, throwing it open. Drake then enters the shack, with light from outside now bleeding in, intercepted by Drake, himself, casting a shadow which connects with the rest of the darkness. He turns his head to the left and sees knocked over shelves with very little products such as bags of chips and junk food. Some of the foods are crushed and open, spreading across the floor. Drake steps forwards, entering the room more. Each step creating a creaking noise within the floorboards. He looks around the area, looking up until his head faces the right of the shack. He sees a counter with a cash register and a empty can lying there. Drake turns back to the shelves, approaching them; boards creaking again. He takes a shelf and lifts it slightly, looking underneath. A clanking noise is then heard, diverting Drake's attention back to the right side of the shack, as he turns his head to the left. The door remains open and the cash register remains on the counter but the can is longer on the counter anymore. Drake then drops the shelf and makes his way over to the counter. As he slowly approaches, the floor boards continue creaking with his steps. Drake then stops before the counter, not a noise heard except his soft breathing. A figure then leaps onto the counter, it appears as a small humanoid with large ears, tan-like fur and loose fitting clothing consisting of a blue shirt and green shorts. It's feet are exposed, appearing pink and big, as well as its tail. Drake looks up at it as it abruptly comes onto the counter. He then prepares to strike at it but the Mutant leaps from the counter, onto Drake's head, kicking off of it and then landing onto the floorboards, proceeding out the door. Drake is pushed back by the kick but gathers his balance and recovers with a shake of the head. He then turns to the door and sees the Mutant approaching John with his back facing it as he examines the gas pump thoroughly.

Drake: John!

John gets up and turns around but the Mutant has already gotten a hold of his leg and starts climbing up his body. John reacts surprised and attempts to shake the Mutant off but the Mutant reaches his head, grabbing the side of it with one hand and removing a screwdriver from his pocket and placing it across John's throat, forcing John to remain still. Drake is seen running out of the shack but stopping at the porch when the screwdriver comes out.

Mutant: Don't come any closer or the kid gets it!

Drake stares out at the Mutant, his face intensifying with held back anger.

Title Sequence

Drake continues staring at the Mutant who continues holding John hostage with his screwdriver.

Drake: Let. Him. Go.

Mutant: I'm serious. Step back. I will slice his throat, you hear me?

Drake: You have no idea what you're getting yourself into so let him go, now!

John, sheepishly: I really don't think yelling at him is going to help, man.

Mutant: Quiet, you!

The Mutant looks down at John and presses the screwdriver closer to John's throat. Drake bears his teeth, holding himself back. His head rapidly moving from various directions as he looks around the area quickly. He glances down and sees the potted plant in the corner. He then looks up at the Mutant again who then turns behind him, looking at the news van. The Mutant, himself, seems pretty fidgety as his hand holding the screwdriver shakes slightly as it seems to get closer to John's throat without any awareness from the Mutant. Drake then takes a step forwards and extends his arm out, the creaking of the wooden boards in the porch catching the attention of the Mutant.

Mutant: Don't move or he gets it!

Drake: Listen to me, you don't have to do this...

Mutant: You know I do. You and your goon here are going to cause me nothing but trouble nobody what.

The Mutant looks down. Drake then stops, already off the porch, but it being right behind him.

Mutant: That's your van?

Drake hesitates then nods a moment after.

Mutant: Well it's mine now. Now I'm going to get in that van and you're not going to try anything, is that clear?

Drake doesn't respond, just looks at the Mutant with a concealed anger.

Mutant: Okay then. (to John) Alright, you, move it.

John then starts to turn towards the van.

Mutant: Backwards! I want to have eyes on that friend of yours.

John turns back to Drake and walks backwards towards the van. Drake stands there, helplessly, as John continues walking back until the van door is heard closing. Drake's eyes shift over and he sees Kate leaving the van, approaching the gas station.

Kate: Hey, are you guys still getting gas or what?

The Mutant turns quickly around and, now seeing Kate, seems a lot more twitchy then before, with his whole body shaking.

Mutant, practically yelling: Who are you?!

Kate then looks surprised. Drake, now without the Mutant watching him, turns to the porch, grabs the potted plant and tosses it over. The Mutant raises the screwdriver as if about to strike John in the neck but is hit by the flower pot, throwing him off of John. John then grabs his throat, taking deep breaths. Kate then goes over to John, moving him away from the Mutant as it tries to get up. The Mutant looks up and sees Drake running at him. Before the Mutant can do anything, Drake uppercuts him in the stomach, which actually throws him up into the air and against the van's side. Just as his body is about to hit the ground, Drake grabs the Mutant and slams him against the van with both hands. Drake holds the Mutant against the van with his left hand about to strike him with his right when the Mutant seemingly cowers, using the screwdriver to defend himself rather than attack Drake.

Mutant: Wait, stop, please don't hurt me!

Drake: You threatened my friend, give me one good reason why I shouldn't!

Mutant: I was defending myself, please!

John, voice sounding hoarse: Defending- Defending yourself? I didn't do anything!

Kate, subtly: Easy, John. It's okay now...

Mutant: Wha- Well you're bandits, right? I mean you work for Ridall's Gang, right? I mean- (coming to a realization) Oh gosh, what have I done?

Drake: Who is Ridall's Gang?

Mutant: I don't know, I just was trying to defend myself and-

Drake, interrupting, yelling: Who is Ridall's Gang?!

Mutant, with fear in his voice: It's a group of bandits! T-th-they came in one day, took over the town, now they take everything from us, resources, money, everything! (whimpering softly) I had a store, but they always demanded so much from me so I ran, okay? I ran and they chased me and I don't know anymore... I was safe here. People would come sometimes, bandits mostly, but they would just steal and go elsewhere. I was fine, until you showed up.

Drake looks right at the Mutant, as if reading him thoroughly. He then lets him go, causing him to drop right on the floor. The Mutant just lays there, sobbing softly to himself. Drake looks over at Kate and John. John, still holding his throat, looks down at the Mutant rather bitterly while Kate looks down emphatic then looks up at Drake with the same look. Drake looks at Kate for a moment then his eyes shift down as he turns to look at the Mutant on the floor, still sobbing.

Drake: Stay here.

Drake walks over to Kate and John, causing John to look up at Drake.

John: So what are we going to do with him?

Drake: Nothing.

John: Nothing? He put a knife to my throat!

Drake: He got what was coming to him...

Kate: You want to help with his town situation, don't you?

Drake: Yeah.

John: Drake, while I understand that it's not a good thing that's happening to those people, they're fine. They're not hurt or-or in trouble or under attack. It's just a local problem, one of the whole bunch that are probably around here. I don't think there's a city district anywhere near here, probably not until the next state, anyway. Remember, we have a mission. We can't waste time out here.

Drake: And we won't, John. They might be fine now but what happens when they stop giving in or run out of things to give? What if they run like this one but don't have a place to go? Those are people being treated in a way they shouldn't. If I couldn't do anything for people like in the last place, then at least I can find a way to help here.

John: Alright, fine... I'm with you, no matter what.

Drake nods then turns to Kate.

Kate: Hey, you don't have to ask me twice. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up. Fighting bandits is just another one for the column.

Drake: Alright, we'll hit the town then, see what we can do about these bandits.

Kate: Before we start hitting anything, we still need some gas.

Drake: I've got it...

Drake turns to the Mutant.

Drake: Get up.

The Mutant continues laying there, sobbing softly.

Drake, slightly louder: I said get up.

The Mutant then winces at Drake's voice as he gets up to look up at him.

Drake: We'll help you with your town but you're coming back with us.

Mutant: Oh...

Drake: ...and we need gas.

Mutant: It's uh- behind the counter.

Drake, nodding: Of course it is... Stay here or I will hit you again.

Just at the word hit, the Mutant cowers slightly, wincing. Drake then turns to Kate and John as he approaches the shack. Kate then turns back to John, a small smirk on her face. John still looks a little bitter.

Kate, smile suppressing: Are you alright, John?

John: Yeah, just- it's not everyday a Mutant puts something at your throat.

Kate: Well, I think you handled it pretty well for someone who sits behind computers most of the time.

John: (scoffs) Thanks. Maybe I should hang out with you more often, pick up some of your out-in-the-field skills.

Kate: Maybe you should. It'd be fun.

Kate smiles and approaches the driver side of the van. John looks over at her and smiles slightly. The scene then cuts over to a small town with small and short buildings, wide streets, quite a few trees and some vegetation growing through the cracks in the street. There are a couple of street lamps, with a great space between each of them. The scene then cuts over to the front of the town, showing the town sign. It looks worn, with vegetation have grown over it and the plaque already dull and dirty however some of the letters are still readable while the rest of covered in graffiti and weeds. The letters on the sign that are visible read as an F, S,V and an E, while the graffiti over it reads "TLOU".

December 10, 20:17 EDT

The news van is then seen driving past the sign, entering the town. The view follows the van as it continues down the street, passing by the various buildings. Inside the van, John is seen driving, while around the outside of the window with Drake in the passenger seat, looking out of his own window. The streets are mainly empty with only a couple of people outside. As the van passes by one, Drake looks at the person who turns to look at the van pass by. The person is a young looking man wearing a blue coat and a scarf with black pants and brown boots. He has dark brown hair reaching down his forehead, light brown eyes and thick eyebrows. His nose seems to sprout outwards and his legs appear like hind limbs. Drake continues looking outwards, his eyes widening slightly. In the back of the van, the Mutant from earlier is seen seated on the bench, looking downwards as he fondles his thumbs. Kate is seated next to him. She looks down at his thumbs then glances up at him.

Kate: Hey, everything's going to be okay. We're going to help as much as we can.

Mutant: I know, it's just- I know you want to help but I just don't think you will. This isn't something that can be helped. There is no saving this place.

Kate: Well the guy who wants to try has a thing for saving cities so I'm sure towns can't be too difficult.

The Mutant grumbles to himself and looks down, continuing to fondle his thumbs.

Kate: ...What's your name?

The Mutant looks up at Kate but hesitates for a moment.

Mutant: Timmy. Timmy Polinsky.

Kate: I'm Kate. Kate Wilson.

Timmy: You trust me with your name?

Kate: Why shouldn't I?

Timmy: I've already bought shame to my name by leaving. Now I have to face that shame coming back.

Kate: You left someone.

Timmy: I couldn't help it. I'm a coward. Not good for anything but running away. I couldn't even fight back. Just hide. I don't even think I could have bought myself into hurting your friend over there.

Kate: I noticed. It's not a knife, is it?

Timmy removes the screwdriver from his pocket and shows it to Kate.

Timmy: How'd you know?

Kate: I kinda had to learn about these type of things. You held it like you were used to holding it but not as a weapon. I figured it must be some sort of tool.

Timmy: I fix things. I'm good at fixing things ever since I was a kid. I would just fix things around the house since I couldn't go outside, my father made sure of that. He didn't want me being seen by the regular people. Fixing things was all I ever really knew as a kid.

Kate: Then I'm sure you can fix whatever happened between you and the people you left behind.

Timmy: What makes you so sure?

Kate: Because I'll be there with you.

Timmy: Why are you being so kind to me? I threatened your friend, I'm wasting your time-

Kate: You might have done things you're not proud of but that doesn't mean you don't deserve kindness.

Timmy then looks down at the floor of the van, in thought, no longer fondling his thumbs. The scene then cuts over to the van parking in front of a small shop. The doors of the van open with Drake and John exiting and closing the doors behind them. John looks around uneasily while Drake looks at the shop.

John: I'm getting a real uneasy feeling about this place.

Drake: They're being threatened by people, John. There's nothing easy about how they're feeling. I know that for sure.

A woman then exits the shop and looks over at Drake and John, holding a broom in her hand. She's wearing a stained, white buttoned shirt with brown pants. She has short grey hair and brown eyes.

Woman: Strangers aren't allowed in this town.

John: We're not exactly strangers.

Woman: Well I've never seen you around here. It's a small town, small enough to know that we don't have any teenagers with sharp lookin' hair.

John glares upwards then squints, as if trying to look at his own hair, while Drake looks at the woman for a moment then turns to look at John's hair as well. Meanwhile, the back doors of the van are heard closing and Kate walks over to the front of the shop with Timmy.

Woman, seeing Timmy: Timmy?

Timmy: Tanya.

Tanya: You came back.

Timmy: Yeah... I missed you.

Tanya: Then why did you leave me?

Timmy: Because I couldn't take it anymore and maybe I'm not worth the trouble. You need someone to defend you, not a coward like me.

Tanya then starts to approach Timmy, dropping the broom on the way, and when she reaches him, she slaps him across the face. There is a silence afterwards among the five of them with Drake looking at both Kate and John before looking back at Timmy and Tanya. Tanya, with her eyes watery, then reaches forwards and hugs Timmy slightly, whom still looks surprised by the slap but closes his eyes and hugs her back a moment later. The scene then cuts to the inside of the shop. There's a counter by the shop window, wooden floorboards and dusty ceiling fan above. There are also various shelves on the wall containing old looking shoes, a large worn out-looking bed against the wall on the other side of the room. The shop, itself, is rather small, with just enough space to walk between the piles of fabrics and other objects in the room. Drake is seen leaning against the wall, next to a shelf full of shoes, with John standing by the counter and Kate seated on the edge of the bed with Timmy and Tanya, all of three of which have a mug in their hand. Timmy proceeds to drink from his, a small steam emitting from it. Drake turns his head, seeing the shoes next to his face. He then looks around the room, glancing at the piles of fabric.

Drake: What is it that you do here, Timmy?

Timmy: I work on shoes and other repairs, like a cobbler.

John: That's still around?

Drake: What is still around is that gang you mentioned. I want to know more about them.

Timmy: They control the whole town. They come in every week to collect what we gather then leave. We comply for the most part but some of us just can't keep up.

Tanya puts a hand on Timmy's shoulder as he says that last part.

Drake: Where do they work? Do they have a base of some kind?

Tanya: No one knows where they go. They just come in when they do. We've all been afraid of what they would do to us. 

Drake: I'm not afraid.

Timmy: You might face them but you can't beat them.

Drake looks at Timmy for a moment until a voice is heard from outside causing Drake to look towards the window.

Voice, muffled by the walls, from a distance: Time to rise Fangsville! You know what to do!

Timmy: They're here... They're not supposed to come until another hour. If they find out, I'm back-

Drake: Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Drake gets up from the wall and approaches the door.

Timmy: That's what worries me...

Drake looks out the window and sees a man moving down the street, approaching shops and banging against their windows and doors.

Man, muffled by the window and walls, from the distance: Payday, Fangsville!

In response, the door opens and the people inside give the man a crate then retreat back into their establishments. The man then continues to the next place, looking through the crate on his way there. When he reaches the next shop, he repeats the process and more-or-less gets the same result. Drake then turns from the window and exhales from his nose, seeming peeved.

John: Maybe we should think about this first.

Drake: I already did.

Drake then opens the door and starts to walk outside.

John: Can you at least wear the suit, please?

The door then closes and John sighs. The scene then cuts over to the man walking down the street, carrying three crates and a few bags. He puts them into the back of a old-looking truck and makes his way across the street. The man is wearing a leather jacket that seems a little tight on him with blue jeans and blue shoes. His hair is black and shaggy while his eyes are brown. He walks past the news van, wiping his hand against its side as he looks in through the windows. When he gets to the back of the van, he looks at the doors then looks at the shop its parked in front of.

Man: (chuckles to himself) I know you're in there, you dirty rat. Come back to your girl, eh? You better have twice as much for all you owe to us!

The scene shows the man from an slight overhead angle as he approaches the shop, as if to enter.

Drake's Voice: They don't owe you anything.

The man stops walking and looks up, seeing Drake, now in his Vigilante Suit, looking down at the man as he stands on the shop's roof.

Man: Who are you supposed to be? Their protector or something?

Drake doesn't respond but continues looking down at the man.

Man: (chuckles softly) Well, it's too late for that, man. We own this town.

Drake: Not anymore.

Man: You really think you can stop us?

Drake: I know I can stop you. And if the rest are the same then I know I can stop them too.

Man: Then you don't know a thing.

Drake: Let's see about that.

Drake then drops down from the roof and lands in front of the man who responds by attempting to strike at Drake who dodges the attack. The man swings again followed by another dodge from Drake. Drake then grabs his arm and pulls it down in order to really throw this man over his shoulder. The man hits his back against the shop and lands on his head. He attempts to get up but Drake already strikes him on his sides while getting hit in the side of the leg by the man causing him to get down on one knee. The man then gets upright and kicks Drake in the face, throwing him onto the street. The man then cracks his neck and chuckles to himself.

Man: Did you really think you could beat me?

Drake then rubs his face and looks up at the man.

Drake: I didn't even start.

Drake then throws his arms out, his eyes glow with a faint orange glaze as he activates his forms, turning his arms into his ax-like forms. Drake then launches forwards and strikes at the man who, surprised, jumps back, dodging the attack. Drake swings again with his other arm, hitting the man across, throwing him further up the street. The man then tries to get up and runs towards his truck. Drake throws his arm out, it stretches forwards and the ax-head wrapping around the man's ankle as he runs. Drake then pulls, tripping the man onto the street. Drake then stretches out his other arm to wrap around his waist as he struggles to lift the man up into the air. He then drops him on top of his van, causing the roof to cave in slightly, cracking the screen in the process. The man then groans softly as he lays on top of the truck. Drake's arms then regress back into position, he looks down at them, turning his wrists slightly then looks up at the man, starting to approach him. The man then falls off of the truck, landing on the street. He then looks up and sees Drake standing above him. Drake's arm then reform back to normal as he looks down at him. Drake then bares his teeth as he raises his fist and punches the man across the face, then again and again followed by his other fist slamming down against him then other punch with his right hand. Drake then starts breathing heavily as the man coughs and lays on the street. He attempts to get up but Drake grabs the back of his head and slams it against the side of the truck, throwing him back on the street. The man yells out, holding his face while Drake regains his balance, still breathing heavily. He then takes two steps forwards so that he's standing next to the man and looks down at him again.

Drake: Where's the rest of your people?

The man continues groaning and holding his face in pain.

Drake: Answer me!

Man: You don't know who you're messing with, kid! Riddal will end you himself when he hears about this.

Drake: He make sure he does.

Drake reaches down, grabbing the man, and tossing him into the truck. Drake opens the truck door and pushes him in. The man grabs the seat, pulling himself up onto it. He then starts the car as the engine sputters. Drake then turns from the truck and moves to the back. He sees the goods in the back and grabs some, throwing them onto the street. The engine finally comes through and the man steps on the gas, speeding off towards the town's borders. When the smoke clears, Drake is seen standing in the middle of the road, next to a small pile of goods the man took from the people. Drake turns his head slightly as the view pans to the left showing the door for the shop across the street open and a woman with antlers wearing a red jacket looking at Drake. Drake then looks around, seeing all sorts of Mutants coming out of their shops and seeing the man leave the town and watching Drake as he stands in there in the street. From Timmy's shop, Kate and the rest exit.

Timmy: What did you do? He'll tell the rest of them and they'll just come back.

Drake: That's what I want. If we don't know where they are, then they'll come to me and get what they deserve.

Drake looks off at the town borders as the night settles in. The scene then transitions to an overhead of the town, now shown off in the daylight.

December 11, 5:34 EDT

Just outside of the town, two trucks are seen driving into the town. One looking old while the other seems well-kept. The citizens of the town look at the trucks pull into the town, they stay close to the sidelines while some even go back into their establishments. The trucks then stop by the news van, parked in the middle of the road. Inside Timmy's Shop, Drake then seen sitting on the floor, his back against the counter. The doors of the trucks are then heard closing, leading to Drake pushing off from against the wall and getting up from the floor. Outside, four men are seen looking around the now, one wearing a ripped green, buttoned shirt, shades and a baseball cap, another wearing a worn out leather jacket with brown patches over a red v-neck shirt, his hair black and eyes brown, the third with a grey unzipped hoodie with a red logo divided by the zipper, his hair a black mohawk, and the fourth, standing in front, is wearing a navy blue jacket over a white buttoned shirt with an undone collar, his hair is black, well kept, and his eyes are blue. The man in the leather jacket seems to be the tallest and his muscles seem unnaturally big.

Man, wearing jacket: Hello Fangsville! As you might have guessed, Mr. Riddal didn't get his weekly payment. And to make matters worse, one of our own were severely injured on the job that night. Now there will be consequences but if whoever did rough up my pal, Joey, came out here right now... then it would a lot less... taxing on the rest of you.

There is no response, just the silence. The man looks around before turning to his men.

Man, wearing jacket: Did I not make myself clear? I thought I was making myself clear. (turning back again, yelling) I know you didn't leave now, you maroon. You're going to come out right now or this town gets it hard, you hear me?!

There is still no response until the sound of footsteps are heard against the street. They then come to a stop, the view still showing the man in the jacket surrounded by his men.

Drake, unseen: I'm right here.

The man turns around followed by his lackies as they see Drake, now in his Vigilante Suit again, looking at the men.

Man, wearing jacket: So you're the man behind the attack, huh? Some freak in a costume?

Drake: I'm finishing what you and your men started.

Man, wearing jacket: Is that right? Do you even know who we are?

Drake: It doesn't matter who you are.

Man, wearing jacket: Think again, wise guy. We're the Ridall Gang, the most powerful group of Mutants around.

Drake: You're all Mutants?

Man, wearing jacket: Each and every one of us. I mean a lot of us might not have unique powers like you, whatever they may be, but I figure enhanced strength and durability ought to be enough to handle a small town such as this one.

Drake: These people are Mutants too, why would you want to attack people like you?

Man, wearing jacket: Because they're not like me or the rest of us. They're weak. Thinking for themselves, thinking they can help people. Like you. You just waltz up into this town, claim it for your own reasons and think you can save these people. Well you can't. You're outnumbered.

Drake: Never stopped me before.

Man, wearing jacket: I like your style, kid. Messy but well thought, at least, you think it's well thought. Either way, with a little polishing from Riddal's Gang, you could be one of us. Join our posse. Be surrounded by your own kind, strong Mutants who get what they want whenever they want.

Drake: No thanks.

Man, wearing jacket: Maybe you need to think about it.

Drake: I don't. I'm not anything like you. I look out for others and give them justice.

Man, wearing jacket: There is no justice in Fangsville.

Drake: There is now.

Man, wearing jacket: Fine then. Remember this, Justice Guy, 'cause we'll be back with a lot more than four men.

Drake: I'll be waiting.

The men get back in their trucks as Drake remains there, watching them as their trucks leave the town just as they entered. After a moment, the van's back doors open and John steps out, tablet in hand. He looks over and approaches Drake who is still looking out.

John: So... what do we do now?

Drake: We get ready for whatever they have. Just make sure Kate and the rest are safe.

John: Yeah, of course. What about you?

Drake: I'll fight them.

John: And what if you can't?

Drake: I will. I have to... for them.

Drake looks around the town again then walks past John who stands there, turning slightly to see him go. John then turns back then looks out in the same direction that Drake was looking at before turning back to the van and going back inside, closing the doors behind him. The scene then cuts to later, with the sky now dark with little to none clouds in the air.

December 11, 22:11 EDT

The scene cuts over to Timmy's Shop, its lights are shown dimly through the windows. On its rooftop, Drake, still in his Vigilante Suit, is seen squatting against a short chimney, looking over the town. His goggles are on his forehead, his eyes seen looking out. A distinct "bleep" sound is then heard from Drake's comms.

Kate, over the comms: Hey, you alright up there?

The call seems to pull Drake out of his sort of trance as he blinks and then looks down.

Drake: Uh- yeah. Fine...

Kate, over the comms: You've been up there for hours now. They haven't showed up yet.

Drake: I can't stop now, Kate. They'll be back and I have to be ready for them.

Kate, over the comms: I guess that makes sense. It just seems kinda lonely up there.

Drake: You can come up if you want to.

Kate, over the comms: Me climbing a building?

Drake: It's not that bad and not as tall as in the city.

Kate, over the comms: Oh gosh I miss that city sometimes.

Drake: Me too... (a moment passing by) When I'm up there, on the rooftops, the noise- isn't too loud, it's just- just right. The air doesn't move but also just moves by, just right. And looking out, over all those buildings and all those people, even without all that, it's still- well, the only thing I know it as... the city.

Kate, over the comms: That sounds beautiful...

Drake: Beautiful... yeah. Beautiful.

Drake continues looking out over the town until a red-like glare start appearing across the right half of his face. Drake turns his head towards the glare, lifting off from the chimney. He then gets up, the glare only showing in a small portion of his body.

Drake, to himself: No...

Kate, over the comms: Drake? What's wrong?

Drake: It's one of the buildings... It's on fire.

The scene then shows an apartment building a good distance away with a small fire bursting out of a couple of windows on a high floor. The scene then cuts over to the interior of the building where the same men from earlier, excluding the man in the jacket, are seen trying to break into rooms, busting down doors and breaking property. One of the men, the one in the hoodie, is seen shooting flames from his hands into a room, making the fire grow more and more.

Hooded Man, setting the room aflame: Burn, burn, burn! (wicked laughing)

Man, wearing shades: Keep it under control, Hot Head. You don't wanna burn us down too.

Man, wearing leather jacket: What about the people?

Man, wearing shades: Who cares? Boss said to burn the place down, we're burning the place down. He says to rustle them up, we're rustling them up. So what a few people burn down, it ain't my fault. That nutjob brought this on them and now they're going to burn because of him.

Hooded Man, still emitting flames: Burn! (continues laughing)

The man wearing shades walks over to the hooded Mutant and hits him in the back of the head, causing him to stop emitting flames from his hands. He turns to the man wearing shades and grunts.

Hooded Man: What'd you do that for?

Man, wearing shades: That's enough with the fire. All this smoke ain't good for your lungs, y'know.

The scene then cuts to Drake, goggles now over his eyes, jumping down onto a rooftop and running across it towards the next. He jumps, maneuvering over a small brick wall, then landing onto the rooftop, proceeding to run again.

Drake, running: John, are you there? (jumps onto the next rooftop) How do I put out a fire?

Drake activates his ax-forms as he leaps up and stabs the building with his ax. He then starts to scale the apartment building proceeding up towards the burning floor.

John, over the comms: Is there any water near by?

Drake, scaling the wall: I can't touch water remember? And no, there isn't any water around.

John, over the comms: Well not a lot of water, anyway, but I see your point and this is urgent. Uh, uh- vibrations!

Drake, scaling the wall: What?

John, over the comms: Remember that sound shield form you used on Dr. Gorshin?

Drake, scaling the wall: Yeah, you said something about it being the right frequency when you hit me. I'm not going to let them hit me, right?

John, over the comms: Maybe you won't have to. If you concentrate hard enough, you should be able to control the frequency and the use its vibrations to put out the fire.

Drake, scaling the wall: What?

John, over the comms: Just focus on putting out the fire when you do it. I also rigged your suit to be resistant against flames after that attack from that fire Mutant but try not to get hit too much, it's a prototype so it won't completely protect you from it.

Drake, scaling the wall: Okay...

Drake then stops scaling, the broken windows right above him with smoke flying out and heading upwards into the air. Drake then detaches one of the axes from the side of the building and swings it upwards, his limb stretches until it stabs into the side of the building above the windows. Drake then pulls himself up and throws himself through the window, passing just barely through the fire, landing on the room's floor. His body creating a "thud!" sound as it hits, drawing the attention of the hooded Mutant with fire abilities who was previously standing next to the man with the shades as they were both watching the muscle Mutant break into one of the rooms. As soon as the door is open, a slim man wearing a blue coat is seen running out, heading away from the men towards some type of exit. It's actually the same man that Drake first saw on his way into town. The man's body seems to contain fur and his ears seem to raise upwards from the top portion of his head, through his hair. The man also has a brown furry tail with a white tip.

Muscle Mutant: Look fellas, fox on the run!

Man, wearing shades: Sweet...

The man wearing shades throws his hands out, long spikes growing from his wrists reaching the floor. The hooded Mutant enters the burning room, looking around suspiciously until he is kicked in the side of the leg by Drake, whose hands are normal again. Drake then strikes the Mutant in the face but the Mutant responds by striking at Drake, pushing him into a shelf. The Mutant stands and shoots flames from his hands at Drake who jumps out of the way. The shelf now catching aflame. Drake then runs at the Mutant who releases another flame. Drake holds his arms out, the suit protecting him from the flames for the most part, but his expression is showing that he can feel it around him. Drake, when close enough, then kicks the Mutant into the wall, causing him to cease his flame spreading. Drake then throws his arms down then continues to hit the Mutant in his sides then his stomach. The Mutant then reaches up, attempting to strike Mutant back, but Drake grabs his head and slams it against an old radiator, knocking him unconscious. Drake then turns to the fire, it growing and consuming the room more and more. Drake then activates his form as ports appear on various sections of his body. Drake then raises his hands, showing the green ports on the back of them. He then closes his eyes, concentrating. The vibrational shield then emits from the ports however its low-key hum starts to slowly change frequency as it seemingly starts diminishing the fire. Drake continues to hold the shield at that frequency until the fire completely fades out. Drake then drops his arms and takes a deep breath. A yell is then heard. Drake turns and leaves the room, seeing the men corner the fur covered Mutant in corner of the apartment. Drake then runs up over them, his footsteps heard approaching. The Mutant with the shades turns and sees Drake approaching him. Drake then kicks the Mutant onto the ground and strikes the other one in his side, however it does not seem to affect him. The Mutant then smacks Drake across his side, throwing him into the wall, even cracking it upon impact. Drake then falls onto the floor and looks up at the other Mutant getting up as well. Drake then uses the wall as leverage to get up. The bigger Mutant then comes forwards and attempts to slam his fists down against Drake as he's against the wall, Drake then raises his other arm, from which a vibrational pulse emits from the port attracting various scales from his back to act as a shield against the attack. The Mutant continues striking at the scales with Drake struggling to hold back against the attacks. As soon as the Mutant stops as if to rest for a second, Drake lowers his arm and strikes with the other, however this port was emitting a different vibrational force which repels him away across the hallway. The Mutant wearing shades then gets up and comes at Drake to attack, using his spikes to slash at Drake. Drake throws his arms up when the Mutant slashes at it with the scales blocking each attack. They both move backwards, the Mutant driving Drake into a wall. Drake, now noticing this, closes his eyes and the scales move to the side, appearing to leave Drake exposed. The Mutant now raises his arm in the air and strikes at Drake with his spike but the spike hits his vibrational field repelling across the hallway like the other Mutant. Drake then lowers his arms and makes his way down the hallway, approaching a set of stairs. As he walks down the stairs, the muffling of voices is heard, becoming clearer and clearer. When Drake reaches the floor below, there are several other men like the others, these men seem to be mainly dressed in dark jackets. Some of conversating with each other while the rest are breaking property, attempting to break into rooms and terrorizing the citizens. Drake's arrival seems to be noticed by a few of the men who look up or over to the stairwell where Drake just remains there. One of them takes a step forward.

Gang Member: You're the guy who hurt Joey, ain't it?

Drake: Yeah.

Gang Member: The guys upstairs should have taken care of you!

Drake: I hurt them too.

The man seems a little taken back by.

Drake: You can all leave right now and never come back... or I can do a lot more than hurt you.

The men then start to approach Drake, clenching their fists, cracking their knuckles, rolling up their sleeves and other aggressive-looking techniques. Drake then cracks his neck.

Drake: Let's do it then.

Drake walks forwards as the gang members continue to approach him. The one closer to Drake raises his arm to attack but Drake blocks his arm with his own and strikes the man with the other, throwing him onto the floor. Drake then strikes the other closest guy in the face, instantly knocking him out. Now, with just enough space, Drake throws his arms out and creates a vibration field around the ports on the backs of his arms and clutches his fists as scales cover the front of the fields, making them appear like armored shields for his arms. Drake then runs forwards and backhand smacks a few of the thugs into a wall, he does the same with the other arm. Drake then drops his form and attacks the remaining members with his fists. When the last one falls, Drake stands before them, breathing. Drake is then hit into the wall, landing on the floor. He looks up and sees the bigger Mutant approaching him with the one with the spikes next to him.

Mutant, with the spikes: You didn't really think you could stop us like that, eh?

The Mutant with shades swings his spike down at Drake who moves out of the way. The spike then lodges into the wall, leaving the Mutant stuck there, trying to remove it. Drake then grabs the Mutant and turns him in the opposite direction of his arm, in a hard fashion. In the process, his arm breaks causing the man to yell out in pain. The bigger Mutant strikes at Drake in response but Drake dodges again and grabs the other Mutant's spiked arm. When the bigger Mutant strikes again with his other arm, Drake drives the arm forwards, piercing the Mutant's muscle with the spike. The bigger Mutant yells out in pain but Drake tackles the Mutant onto the ground, the motion causing the spike to snap from the other Mutant's wrist, not causing much pain to him. Drake, now on top of the Mutant's chest, strikes the Mutant in the face several times until he stops, holds the Mutant's head, lifting the front portion of his body slightly and slams it against the floor. The Mutant then slips into unconsciousness. Drake then gets up, walks over the Mutant's body and leans against the wall for support as he almost falls on his own. His breathing is hard. He leans against the wall for a moment, catching his breath. He then turns to face the Mutant with the spiked arm who is still conscious, just in pain.

Drake: When you're done, leave. And if you come back, you know what to expect.

Drake then walks off to the stairs and continues until he's out of sight. The scene cuts over to the shop later on, now daylight again. The news van remains where it has been, in front of the shop.

December 17, 11:32 EDT

Inside the van, Drake is seen lying down on the bench while John is seated in the chair for the computer station, however he re-positioned the seat to the front of the cabinet where he is seen examining the suit container with his tablet in hand.

John, looking at his tablet: You seem quiet.

Drake: Tired.

John: Hm... Yeah, I can get that.

Drake: They won't leave, John. They have been attacking this town every day this week. It's like they won't stop.

John: Maybe we should.

Drake: What are you saying?

John: I'm saying that we've been here for a whole week, Drake. The Director is already wondering why we're not looking into who or what took Owens and where he could be. I had to convince her I was doing research while you were stopping some Mutant threat in Indiana.

Drake: Well, thanks for that.

John: You're welcome... but seriously, Drake. We can't stay here forever.

Drake: We're not going to. They'll break soon enough.

John: I'm starting to think it's the other way around. From my point of view, you're the one lying down and they're the ones about to attack the town. Before you get up, they're not actually attacking now and this is also not an excuse to get up. You need the rest. Do you even take that suit off?

Drake: Not really.

John: So I have to give it upgrades and a power wash. Nice.

Drake: John, if we leave now, they'll just come back to the town and the people here, they'll get nothing but pain instead of what I promised them, justice.

John: I don't know what to tell you, Drake. I know we can't get stuck here and we need you.

Drake glances at John then looks up at the ceiling of the van.

John: Something to think about I guess...

John continues with examining the suit container while Drake continues looking up at the ceiling of the van in thought. The scene then cuts over to an overhead of the town for a moment before cutting to the outside of the town where a foot is seen stepping down, wearing a black boot. The scene then cuts back into the town with Tanya walking with Kate across the street, both of which carrying a small pile of fabrics. They seem to be conversating until Kate glances over and stops. Tanya turns her head to look and, at the end of the road, is a man wearing armor over his torso and legs. His armor appears to have a red color roughly spray painted over it, leaving some parts grey and metallic. He's also wearing a black utility belt and carrying a large hammer. His hair is styled as a grey mullet with a few black strands in it and his eyes are brown.

Kate, to Tanya: Get Drake.

Tanya throws the fabric and runs to the van, leaving Kate in the middle of the street as the armored man approaches.

Kate, calling to him: What do you want?

The man is silent at first then grunts, a smirk appearing on his face.

Armored Man: I want the man who's causing trouble in this town.

Kate: They didn't show up yet.

Armored Man: You're mistaken. Those are my employers. I'm looking for the other one.

Kate: So who are you then?

Armored Man: A mercenary. Freelance too. They call me The Executioner.

Kate: Catchy...

The Executioner: Nah, I just knock up a few beasties here and there. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But then some of these guys come up to me, all the way to Chicago, and ask me to come down here and bring them one guy for a lot of resources. So I'm pretty sure I'll be taking that guy now.

Kate: Well he's not here.

The Executioner: Nice try. I'm also a scavenger, generally real good at finding things and collecting 'em too. Plus they told me about that van of yours, I'm assumin' its yours cause you don't look like a beastie to me.

Kate: Not everyone has to be.

The Executioner: I'll keep that in mind then. Now should I just start with you as part of the collateral damage tax on my bill or should I just go through every building in this small town and find him myself?

Drake's Voice: You wanted me?

Drake steps out from behind the van, properly suited up.

Drake: I'm right here.

The Executioner: Good, the Divider was getting impatient. It's the name of my weapon, by the way.

Drake: I don't care.

Drake activates his blade-form and runs at the Executioner who smirks in response. He then readies his hammer. Drake then swings his arm around to strike at the Executioner who blocks using his hammer. Drake looks a little surprised by the block that is keeping their weapons locked.

The Executioner: I guess you care now, huh? The Divider is made out of a rare material I found called Petrisidam. Impossible to break through. Made it myself.

The Executioner then kicks Drake away, causing him to fall onto the ground.

The Executioner: She's also called the Divider because she divides my victims into pieces!

He then raises his hammer into the air and strikes down at Drake who rolls out of the way before it impacts with the ground. Drake gets up by is hit with the hammer, throwing him into a street lamp, knocking it over. Drake attempts to get up and is finding it difficult. The Executioner punches him in the stomach, causing him to drop down onto the ground again.

The Executioner: Come on... I was expecting a challenge.

Drake turns over and slashes at the Executioner's face. He yells out and holds his face with his right hand, the left still holding onto the Divider. Drake gets up, breathing heavily.

Drake: How's that for you?

The Executioner then removes his hand, showing a fresh scar going up his face, even over his eye which is now red.

The Executioner, smirking: This? Ha! This is but a scratch! I've had flesh wounds bigger than this.

The Executioner then swings his hammer again but Drake uses his blade to push against the weapon, protecting from the attack. The Executioner then reaches into his utility belt and removes a flask with a grey liquid inside. He then throws it onto the ground before Drake, shattering upon impact. Fumes then exit the bottle surrounding Drake. Drake puts his arm over face and walks out of the smoke, coughing. He lowers his arm and looks at the Executioner, looking to engage him. Drake then starts to look ill in a way. Through his perspective, the Executioner starts duplicating, showing three versions of him approaching Drake, with bright colors around the edge of his shape. Now out of Drake's perspective, Drake his seen rocking in place. He takes a step forward and strikes with his blade-form at the air with the Executioner still approaching. Drake then falls onto his knees and looks down at his hands including the one with the blade-one.

Drake, weakly: What- What did you do to me? (grunts)

The Executioner: Just a little something I've been working on. It's supposed to stun beasties up so they're not a trouble for me. You seem to be lasting a little longer than most though. I better do something about that then.

Drake looks up only for the Executioner grabs his head and slam it against his knee. Drake drops to the street, groaning. He then starts to slip into unconsciousness.

The Executioner: There we go...

The Executioner grabs Drake and lifts him over his shoulder. He then proceeds to leave the town. The Mutant citizens look out from the sidelines by the shops and look as the Executioner walks off, carrying Drake. The scene then cuts to the Executioner walking through tall grass, still carrying Drake over his shoulder. The scene then shows the exact same thing from a distance away where a humanoid figure is seen watching from the top of a structure for a moment before holding up a camera, covering their face. They then take a picture, a flash covering the screen. When the flash fades, the figure is already seen walking away, their back to the camera. Their appearance hard to make out due to the shade casting over the structure. The scene then cuts to inside of the shop where John is seen checking his tablet and Timmy and Tanya are behind the counter. Kate then enters the shop in a hurry. John looks up then puts his tablet down as he gets up from the bed.

John: Hey, you alright? What's wrong?

Kate: Drake's been taken.

John: What? Taken?

Kate: Yes, taken, John.

John: Alright, calm down. We'll get him back.

Kate: How? This executioner guy probably took him to their hideout that we don't even know where it is.

John: That's why this, as bad as this is probably going to sound, is a good thing for us.

Kate: What?

John, getting his tablet from the bed: I might not be able to track down Drake's Nanogenes from here but I can track the tracer I put in his suit.

Kate, looking at the tablet: You tagged his suit?

John, using the tablet: Technically, my suit. Besides, I didn't want the Director to haul it to some warehouse or something where I'll never see it again.

On the tablet, a map of the area comes up with a red and blue dot. The blue dot is solid and located down the south side of the map while the red dot is blinking and located around the northeast side of the map.

John: There. I've got his location.

Kate, looking up at John: Now we just need to break him out.

John, looking up at Kate: Yeah... I didn't really think that through. (heading for the door) As long as we find Drake and get him out, he can cover us. Until then, I'm going to have to rely on my blaster.

John leaves the shop. Kate then follows after him, looking concerned. Tanya looks at the door as they leave while Timmy looks down at the floor. He then gets up, hops onto the counter and onto the floor on the other side. As Timmy rushes over to the door, Tanya looks up in surprise.

Tanya: Timmy?

Outside of the shop, John is seen inside of the news van while Kate stands at the back, about to close the back doors. Timmy then approaches Kate who turns to face him.

Timmy: I want to help.

The Mutant citizens turn and look at Timmy from where they are. Tanya steps out of the shop.

Kate: Are you sure?

Timmy: Yes.

Tanya: Timmy, what are you doing?

Timmy: I'm going, Tanya. I'm going to help. I was a coward when I ran from these men but I won't stand it anymore. These people came to help us and they have, it's only fair if I help them too.

Tanya: Then I'm coming with you. You're not leaving me again, Timmy. If we do this, we do this together.

Timmy nods then looks at Kate who smiles at him. Kate then turns to the van where John is seen looking at them while with his blaster in hand.

John: Alright then, let's go save Drake.

The scene then cuts over to Drake, still being carried by the Executioner, just barely conscious. However, as he moves less and less, the scene starts fading into a flashback scene, transitioning Drake to young Drake who seems just as unconscious. The scene then shows a town which partially destroyed buildings with the blue sky slowly turning grey.

Unknown Town
8 Years Ago

Drake's Mother is seen carrying Drake in her arms as he starts to stir awake but remains more-or-less the same.

Drake's Mother, carrying Drake: Ssh. It's okay, baby. It's okay. She continues through the town, looking around at the destruction. There are various scorch marks on the buildings and streets.

Drake's Mother, looking around, still carrying Drake: This wasn't supposed to happen...

Drake, weakly: Mom...

Drake's Mother: We're going to get through this, Drake. No matter what. Be strong, baby. ...Be strong for us.

Drake's Mother continues walking through the devastated town as the scene fades back into the present with Drake waking up, his arms and legs bind together by rope. Drake looks down at his legs and struggles.

Voice: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Drake looks up and sees a big sized humanoid Mutant with reptile like qualities. His skin is covered in scales, a shade of green. He's wearing a grey pin stripe suit with a red unbuttoned shirt and a black fedora. He also has a green tail, with scales as well.

Drake: You're the one behind the attacks, right? Riddal?

Reptile-like Mutant: Smart one, ain't he? (chuckles)

Drake turns his head, now seeing the man with the navy blue jacket standing next to him. Drake grunts then turns back to the big Mutant, who is seated on a structure shaped like a chair but appearing to be built to fit his size.

Reptile-like Mutant: It's Jared. Jared Riddal, boss of the Riddal Gang. I hear you're making a fool out of my men.

Drake: I'm just giving them what they deserve.

Jared Riddal: And what's that?

Drake: Justice.

Jared Riddal: (laughs) (pointing his thumb at the man with the jacket) What a joker this guy is, huh? (turning back to Drake) Kid, there ain't no justice out here. No anymore. You got the ones with the power and the ones that don't. The ones that don't end up slipping the bump, y'know? But the ones that do? Oh, there's a lot more to that. You see if you don't have enough power, you're on the bottom, if you have too much power, you lose your head. But if you have just the right amount of power and the power to take charge, you go places. You seem to have been to a lot of places, kid.

Drake: What does that mean?

Jared Riddal: It means you've got something. Something I want on my side.

Drake: I'm not working with criminals like you.

Jared Riddal: What I say about justice? There ain't none around here. There ain't no law to be breaking or being above. You're signing yourself up for something that doesn't exist. Now what does exists is Chicago, city district about a state away. That's where I go this guy from- (points)

Drake turns his head back and sees the Executioner in the corner, leaning against the floor, looking at Drake.

Jared Riddal: Anyway, Chicago is going well for itself so I planned out a job, you see? People without power, resources like none other, all that's getting in our way are the flat-foots, the coppers. We knock them off, we take the city. It's not like you got a choice, kid, cause it's a long and winding road back to Fangsville. The Chicago job plays out at 25 or 6 minutes to 4 in the night. So we've got about 3 hours to head over there. That means we're taking off soon so the choice is now. You in or you out?

Drake: You said justice isn't around here.

Jared Riddal: Yeah, it ain't around here. Which means you and I can do what we want.

Drake: Then I'll stop you and bring justice here and everywhere else I go.

Jared Riddal: That's how you wanna play it, eh? Fine then, kid. You think you can mess with my territory and refuse my offer and get away with it? Not gonna happen!

Drake then forms his arms into his ax-like weapons however his arms are still binded. He uses the edge of the axes to burn through the rope. Drake then cuts the rope at his legs and gets up before Riddal who stands from his seat.

Jared Riddal: You had your chance, boy. Now you're gonna get it. In case you didn't notice, you're surrounded by my men, still healing from your beat downs but just healed enough to take you down. I'm betting you're all tired from my strategic planning, attacking you each and every day of the week with no time to rest. You might be able to handle them but there's no way you can go toe-to-toe with Jared Riddal.

Drake strikes at Jared with his ax but he blocks with his arm, scales protecting him from the attack. Jared then grabs the ax head and throws Drake over his shoulder into the wall. Drake gets up from the floor, holding onto the seat for leverage. Before Drake can react, Ridall whips Drake with his tail, throwing him back onto the floor.

Jared Riddal: There ain't no stopping Jared Riddal!

Jared lifts his arms up about to smash down on Drake when he is shot from behind by a blast of energy. Jared, seemingly not affected, turns around and sees John holding his blaster, standing by Kate.

Jared Riddal: Who are you supposed to be?

John: Back up?

Jared Riddal: How about you back up out of here before me and the boys rough you up?

John: Sorry but we need him, Gaterboy.

Jared Riddal: That right? You and what army?

A panel from the ceiling then falls onto the floor before Jared Riddal and the Mutant citizens from Fangsville, lead by Timmy and Tanya, then come out from the opening, dropping to the floor as they proceed to ambush the Riddal Gang members, excluding Jared.

Kate: I'd say this one.

Jared growls in anger and approaches Kate and John as if he's about to about.

Drake, getting up: No!

Drake then extends his arms out, using their elasticity to reach Riddal and wrap the ax-heads around him.Drake then pulls, causing Riddal to drop the floor. Drake then unwraps his arms from Riddal, as they re-position themselves. Riddal then gets up, grabs his hat from the floor, dusts it off then puts it back on, looking at Drake.

Drake: Your men can't do anything for you now. It's me and you.

Riddal then charges for Drake with a punch ready but Drake blocks the punch with his ax-arm and hits his side using his other arm. Riddal then steps back and attacks again with the other arm but Drake repeats the same block followed by a similar attack to his other side. Riddal then steps back, once more, now holding his side.

Jared Riddal: You can't stop me! My scales make me untouchable!

Jared goes for another attack but Drake stretches out his arms and pulls them upwards as they reach the floor and whip upwards, hitting against Riddal. The edges burn through his skin, leaving burn marks vertically across his chest. Jared then roars out in pain as he falls down to his knees. Drake's arms then re-position themselves and reform back to normal. Jared looks up weakly at Drake who walks up to him.

Drake: Now you're touchable.

Drake then punches Jared in the face, knocking him unconscious. Drake then breaths out as he stands over Jared.

Voice: Now work, kid.

Drake looks up and sees the Executioner standing across from him, his hammer in grip.

The Executioner: But I still I've got a deal with him.

The Executioner raises him hammer but is shot from the side by a powerful blast, sending him through the wall, throwing him outside. Drake looks at the hole in the wall, leading to the outside then turns back and sees John holding his blaster which looks more exposed and unstable.

Drake: What was that?

John: Well I was uh- adjusting the blaster so it's more powerful but I think it's need a little bit more adjusting.

Drake: (exhales) Just a little...

The scene then cuts back to the town, in front of Timmy's shop, where the news van is seen parked in front of.

December 19, 16:45 EDT

Drake and Kate are seen leaving the shop, heading towards the van, followed by Timmy and Tanya.

Kate: Thank you again for letting us stay here but we really should be going.

Timmy: Already?

Drake: Yeah... We've been here long enough. And this town isn't the only thing we need to save.

Tanya: If anything, we should be the ones thanking you. I mean, after all, you're our heroes now.

Drake: I'm not a hero... Just someone doing right by you. Giving justice...

Timmy: Well, without you, the Riddal Gang would have drained this town dry and who knows what would have happened to us.

Drake: He would have probably gotten rid of you all to make room for more of his men.

Kate glares at Drake who notices the expression.

Drake: I mean- you're welcome?

Kate then nods once and Drake looks at them for a short moment before turning to the van, opening its back doors and getting in the van.

Kate, turning to Timmy and Tanya: We're still working on his people skills.

Timmy: What happens if they decide to come back?

Kate: They won't. Drake made sure of that. Without their leader, the members ran off to be on their own. Besides you can always work together and stop them yourselves, which I gotta say, I'm proud of you.

Timmy: I knew I could do it with people believing in me. (turns to Tanya)

The two of them then embrace. Kate smiles then turns to the van, making her way to the driver seat. John then gets out of the van, closing the back doors and turns to Timmy and Tanya.

John: Well, I guess I'll be seeing you. And I uh- ...I forgive you for threatening my life.

Timmy removes the screwdriver from his pocket and hands it to John.

Timmy: Here, take it.

John: I can't.

Timmy: Please, I still feel awful for doing what I did. It was a sign of weakness and it's something I never want to be again. You take it and make better use of it than I did.

John takes the screwdriver from Timmy and looks at it. He then looks up at them again and smiles.

John: Okay. I will.

Timmy nods as John turns back to the van, going to the passenger side. Once everyone is in the van, it drives off, leaving the store front with Timmy and Tanya standing there, watching the van leave.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake saves a town from the Ridall Gang

Minor Events

  • Drake learns how to change frequencies using his Sonar Scales


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Timmy Polinsky (First Appearance)
  • Tanya Polinsky (First Appearance)
  • Mutant Citizens (First Appearance)


  • Jared Ridall (First Appearance)
    • The Ridall Gang (First Appearance)
  • The Executioner (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x3)
  • Stone Slicer (x2)
  • Sonar Scales (x2)


  • Fangsville, the name of the town, is an allusion to John Fang, a director of various episodes in Ben 10: Alien Force and Omniverse. He's also supervising producer of Ben 10 (Reboot).
  • The graffiti on the Fangsville sign, reading "TLOU", are the initials to the video game, The Last of Us.
  • Polinsky is a reference to Alexander Polinsky.
  • There are various 1970's song references in this episode:
    • When a fur covered Mutant attempted to escape, one of the gang members claimed he was a "fox on the run". This was folllowed by the response, "Sweet..." This is a reference to the song, Fox on the Run by The Sweet.
    • Ridall mentions that "it's a long and winding road back to Fangsville". A reference to the song, The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles.
    • Ridall also mentions that "the Chicago job plays out at 25 or 6 minutes to 4 in the night". This is a reference to the song, 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago.
  • When Drake scars the Executioner, he says "This is but a scratch! I've had flesh wounds bigger than this." A reference to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  • The main reason this episode exists to essentially have Drake beat up thugs over running a town.
  • Jared Ridall was created by Bat24.
    • He was also originally meant to appear in Reborn but was moved to this episode because it better suited the plot.
  • While the episode needed to be rewritten, most of it remained about the same as the previous version except possibly the opening scene before Kate stops at the gas station.
  • The name of the gang was also changed in the rewritten version because the original name was deleted along with the original script and couldn't be remembered for the rewritten version.
  • Originally, Ridall's Gang were supposed to be shown coming into town every day of the week with Drake beating them each time in some sort of montage while also saving the citizens of the town but the montage was cut for time.
  • This is the first episode where Drake is seen wearing his Vigilante Suit in the day.
  • Petrisdam is revealed as a mineral that exists in the world.
    • The name came from the Latin translation for "hard rock to smash"
  • It was unknown who was hired or assigned to fight Drake, simply labeled as Secret Weapon during planning. Originally, a ninja-like Mutant or a beast-like Mutant that Ridall had someone gained control over was planned then it was changed to a previous enemy working with Ridall now, like the mercenaries from Manhunt. However, since they attack Mutants, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for them to work with one so a compromise was created. A freelance mercenary acting on his own.
  • Originally, John was supposed to make a deal with the Executioner, giving him his exposed blaster core in order to save Drake. However, it was changed so that John defeated the Executioner with an unexpected blast.
  • Timmy was also meant to sacrifice himself but that was cut from the plot.
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