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General Information
Species Mega Gardevoir
Home World The Off-the-ground
Powers and Equipment
Powers Sheild Generation
Sonic Voice
Limited Pyrokinesis
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic


Moves Return
Hyper Voice
Ability Pixilate
Voice Actor Patti LuPone
First Appearance Pokémon Dark

Tu is a main character in the Pokémon Sky series.


Tu is a standard Mega Gardevoir. She wears a puffy white dress and white gloves. She has red eyes and red eyes. Her skin is white. She has short green hair and large pointy ears.


Tu used to be the queen of the Off-the-ground. However the human prince and Kirlia princess tried to reach Earth, and were killed. King Astroph declared war, which led Tu to take the prince’s body and bury it in Sōgen. She then became a kindly forest hermit, taking fallen children and protecting them.


Tu is kind, caring, and motherly. She can be quite overbearing.

Powers and Abilities

She can heal people.

She can create force field and black holes.

She knows the moves Return, which is more powerful the happier she is, Hyper Voice, which is a sonic shout, Moonblast, which creates and drops a fake moon on the foe, and Will-o-Wisp, which burns the foe.

Her ability is Pixilate, which turns Normal attacks into Fairy attacks. This is shown in her Return and Hyper Voice.


  • Her art is based on Palutena from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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