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Trystan Wheels
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Revonnah
Age 44 (deceased)
Affiliations Plumbers (formerly)
Rooters (formerly)
Occupations Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Suit (formerly)
Plumber Badge (formerly)
Proto-Tech Armor (formerly)
Prosthetic Arm
Relatives Jacelyn Wheels (wife; deceased)
Voice Actor Brandon Routh
First Appearance Verge

Trystan Wheels (born 1962) is a character in Bonds. He first appeared in Verge. He was a human from the planet Earth.


Trystan was a human Caucasian male who wore a blue robe. He had long and unkempt greying hair on his head and face. His left eye was covered by a dirty black eyepatch. His entire right arm was prosthetic and was a darker shade than the rest of his body.


As a Plumber, Trystan was somewhat dishonest and used to steal items on missions with the goal of making profit by selling the items to illegal dealers or keeping them as souvenirs.

Despite this, he was still good deep down. For example, he refused to have a child with Magister Wheels because he knew that they would spend their entire childhood being trained to become an Amalgam Kid. He even went so far as to run away when he found out Magister Wheels had orchestrated the deaths of their friends, the Valdeses and the Waynes, all so she could gain custody of Helen and Pierce and train them to become Amalgam Kids. From a certain point of view, he could also be considered cowardly as he chose to run away instead of confronting the Rooters.

Running away made Trystan very paranoid. For years, he moved from planet to planet, in constant fear that the Rooters would capture him. This ultimately put him in danger several times and cost him his left eye and right arm. Eventually, he grew tired of running and started to hope that the Rooters would find him. When he was found by Disease, he surrendered immediately, signifying that he had come to terms with his fate.


Prior to Bonds

In 1988, at the age of 26, Trystan graduated from the Plumbers' Academy and joined the Plumbers. He went on several missions with five other Plumbers, including someone named Jacelyn. Trystan often stole things on his various missions and sold it on the black market for profit, though he sometimes kept them as souvenirs. He was later caught by Jacelyn, who, instead of reporting him to their commanding Magister, asked him out on a date. In 1991, Jacelyn was promoted to Magister and married Trystan.

Not long after that, Trystan was recruited into the Rooters by Magister Wheels. Upon learning the truth about their hold over the galaxy as well as the history of the Amalgam Kids, he began to have doubts. He also briefly met Servantis, a reluctant ally of the Rooters who worked at the Null Void branch of Incarcecon.

In 1994, the Rooters planned to restart their Amalgam Kids initiative, but this time, they wanted to take their time raising and training the Amalgam Kids instead of rushing things. Magister Wheels in particular wanted to have a child with Trystan to train personally. Fearing for his potential child's future if they were to be used as a child soldier, he decided not to have one.

It was around this time that Magister Wheels and Trystan's teammates, the Valdes family, had a child named Pierce. They were thinking of giving him up for adoption as they did not think they had enough money to raise him, which led Magister Wheels to convince them to give him to her. Ultimately, they decided to keep him. Dead set on having Pierce to herself, she brought the Valdeses and their other teammates, the Waynes, on a mission without Trystan's knowledge and set them up to die. She gained custody of Pierce and the Waynes' daughter, Helen. Horrified by Magister Wheels' actions, Trystan went into hiding, prompting the Rooters to issue a galaxy-wide manhunt.

Trystan moved from planet to planet for just over a decade, losing his left eye and right arm at separate times in the process. He later got tired of running and settled down on Revonnah, where the Revonnahganders were kind enough to give him a prosthetic arm.


In Verge, a bounty hunter named Disease found Trystan. Although Trystan immediately surrendered, Disease still injured him by breaking his leg and bruising his eye. Disease brought him to a meeting point, where he was collected by the Rooters and brought to their headquarters. Magister Wheels took it upon herself to kill him, but not before dragging it out by interrogating him. However, Helen found him while snooping around and brought him to her room. After introducing each other, Trystan realized Helen was related to his estranged wife; Magister Wheels. He told Helen about his history with her and how Magister Wheels orchestrated the deaths of her and Pierce's parents to gain custody of them to restart the Amalgam Kids, making Helen grow distraught.

Magister Wheels soon arrived and threatened to kill Trystan with a Techadon Dissipator, but Helen stood in between them, refusing to let him die. However, Magister Wheels was unexpectedly killed by Servantis, who noticed that Helen was in danger. Before she could properly process her emotions, however, she began writhing on the ground in pain. Servantis theorized that the probes had activated because Magister Wheels had died, and wanted Trystan to follow him to the operating room to see if his theory was true. Trystan wished to stay behind as he had broken his leg and couldn't walk. Servantis took off, promising to come back to help him escape. This unfortunately did not come to pass as he was discovered and subsequently killed by Magister Gorvan.

Powers and Abilities

Trystan had no extraordinary abilities besides Plumber training.



  • Jacelyn Wheels: Although Trystan once loved Jacelyn deeply, his love for her quickly disappeared once he found out she had caused the deaths of his teammates, the Valdeses and the Waynes. He blamed her for ruining his life, but refused to let it show during her interrogation as he did not want to give her any satisfaction.


  • Helen Wheels: Trystan cared about Helen a lot and felt responsible for the death of her biological parents. He also cared more about her well-being than his own. For instance, when Helen was in physical pain after Magister Wheels died, he told Servantis to leave him behind so he could bring her to the operating room as quickly as possible, which ultimately cost him his life.



  • Verge (first appearance; death)