Trucky is a A BenmummyFelineCat with a Benwolf head. Trucky first appeared in Zhere's a Zummy in the truck? named by Gastro.

Then he was redubt in Sweet Beams!


Seen in Store 22

General Information

Trucky is a Feline combination of Thep Khufan with a golden head shaped like a loboan rather than a cat. It is known for this Animal to be acting like Rath's species when it is hungry or needs attention. In the episod Turtle Quanduct? it is shown it can still be chased by a K-ninus animal without further investigation by the said pet a few words ago. It also bares a cunning resemblence to Tom AND Jerry.

Cassie 12: Omniverse

Anna fished out Trucky from the water and named the feline cat the strange name right on the spot (Sweet Beams!), Trucky has been shown to be able to meow and not be noticed the entire time throughout their adventures.


Trucky has been shown to be known from various other dimensions and have a fighting form for combat. which is seen in the picture above, he is able to make a sonic loboan screech and hardened energy claws capable of zapping a forest fire into existence. Its purple eyes are full of cleverness but are a vital thing to underestimate when dealing with his owners.

Even as a mysterious Pharaoh-Loboan cat,Trucky wears armor over his typical form.
Trucky with Armor on

Such as the picture right besde this

Series it is in

Cassie 12: Original Series

Cassie 12: Omniverse


Zhere's a Zummy in the truck?

Sweet Beams!

Store 22


-This Alien's name is a play on the name of Ship.

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