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Trouble at the White House

The next afternoon we arrived at Washington D.C. We first went to drop off all our stuff at the hotel we would be staying in and we would then take a tour of the White House. We went over and asked for a tour. They said the next tour would be at 3:30 so we had about 45 minutes to go. During that time went to Jamba Juice and got smoothies. When it was 3:20 we headed over to the White House to take the tour. On the tour we saw a lot of historical stuff about the White House. While we were on the tour someone asked if we could see the president. The tour guide answered “I’m sorry but the president is not here. He’s in a little bit of trouble but don’t worry about it. That caught everyone’s attention. “What do you think is going on with the president.” Santi asked. “I don’t know but we need to find out.” my dad said. “Yeah but what about the tour?” Santi asked. “I guess its time we skip the tour and do some investigating.” my dad said. Then we backed away from the group and headed away and went to investigate. We were walking around for a while until I said. “Ok, whatever trouble the president is in its not a dangerous problem or else things would be different.” I said. “How do you know? Maybe robots or cyborgs or something are after him.” Santi said. “Well maybe Tomas is right. I mean if he was then why would they still have the tours and let people in.” my dad said. We were about to head back when we heard a gun shot. “That can’t be good” I said. Then we heard 3 more. “That came from right above us” my dad said. “No problem” I said. “With Fourarms I’ll be able to break right through the roof” I said twisting the dial. When I came to Fourarms I slammed it down. The only thing is instead of transforming into Fourarms I transformed into Spykeback. “What!” I said. “I wanted Fourarms not Spykeback. That’s got to be about the third time that’s happened.” I complained. “Really? Hmm maybe the watch has a mind of its own or something.” my dad said. “Do you think so Fer?” Santi said. “It probably does” I said. Then we heard another gun shot. That snapped us back into reality. “We’ll have to take the elevator” my dad said pointing to an elevator. We went to it and went one floor up. When the door opened we saw a business looking man with 2 swords, one in each hand, sunglasses, and an emotion less face. Behind him was the president and his bodyguards. We also saw a bodyguard on the floor. “Hey back off.” I said. Next he turned around and came at us. My dad and Santi went in different directions while the man came at me. Then out my elbows I grew a small spike out of each. I then took them off, they were about 5 inches. Next I forced them to grow to be 3 feet and used them to protect myself from his swords. Unfortunately he lifted his foot up to my stomach and kicked me. That pushed me down to the ground. He was getting ready to cut me with his swords when my dad and Santi threw trash cans at him. Then he turned around. “I guess we got his attention.” Santi said. “Kinda wish hadn’t” my dad said. Then he looked as if he was going to run forward and kill them. So before he could I tapped his shoulder. When he turned his head around he saw my fist hit face. “Lets go Mr. President” my dad said. They then ran away while I stayed fighting the guy. They turned right 2 times then my dad said “Lets go this way” Then they went left then straight then right twice then did a left and stopped. “I think we are safe here” one of the bodyguards said. After that they heard someone running their way. “Everyone get behind us!” shouted another bodyguard. They looked as if they would take out their guns and start shooting. Then they saw me. “Hey guys” I said. They looked relieved. “Tomas what happened to that guy?” my dad asked. “Who knows Spykeback was fighting him when the watch started beeping so I had to get away from him. But don’t worry he was down when I left and he didn’t follow me.” I responded. “I hope you don’t mind me asking Mr. President but, who was that guy?” Santi asked. “His name is Yassen Gregorvich and he is an assassin” he responded We were all in shock. “In fact he is one of the best in the world.” he continued. “And you’re his next target.” I said. “Precisely” he said. “Mr. president stick with us and you will be safe.” my dad said. “No its to dangerous, you better get out of here before he kills you to” the president said. “I’m sorry Mr. President but we are NOT going anywhere.” my dad said. “Yeah we can help” Santi said. “Yeah, how are you prepared to do that?” the president asked. “Well Tomas here is the one who saved you earlier.” my dad said. “He was the alien that came with us.” he said. “Really?” the president asked me. “Yup that’s me the hero.” I said. “Well in that case we’ll stay with the 3 of you.” the president said. “Lets keep moving.” said one of his bodyguards. We started walking for a while and we then ran into Yassen. He saw us too and he started running towards us. “So you like running hugh. Its hero time” I said. Then Slammed down on the watch and turned into XLR8. “Then let me show you the definition of speed.” I said. Next I ran forward and crashed into him at about 200 miles per hour. I then stopped but he kept going about 20 feet back. “Go!” I said. “I’ll hold off and catch up with you guys later.” I said. Then they headed away. “OK Yassen lets just how tough you really are.” I said. Then Yassen got up, took his swords out, and started running towards me. Then I ran right past him, but nothing happened to him. He thought I missed but he then realized that I stole his swords. Next I ran at him again and slammed right into him. After that I slid down right in front of him and kicked him up at super fast speed. He was kicked about 10 ft up in the air. I then ran around in circle around were he was and created a tornado. The tornado made rise up ad hi the ceiling. I kept running so he was getting pushed up more and more. Next I ran 20 ft back and stopped. The tornado then disappeared and he started falling down. When he was falling down I ran to him, jumped up, and kicked him forward in the air. He flew 20 feet. Then my watch started beeping. “Uh oh, I better find the others” I said then ran to find them. Meanwhile they were walking around. “So do you know when your son will be back?” the president asked my dad. “Just about now” I answered then there was a flash of red light and noise. I then transformed back into myself again. “What about Yassen?” the president asked me. “Well XLR8 took care of him but he’s probably still after us.” I responded. “Well as long as we can keep him down and we are able to get away from him we should be alright.” my dad said. “It will probably not be that simple” the president said “Yassen is a member of a top secret Society of Assassins that are hired by any government to kill whoever they want.” “Umm…so?” I asked. “So…Yassen is the best they’ve got.” All our mouths dropped. “Oh man” I said. “He must be really good” my dad said. “Oh he is, he has already killed 5 other bodyguards” said one of the bodyguards. “Now there’s only 3 of us.” “Yeah well there is no way he’s beating me.” I said. “You sound confident” said another bodyguard. “Yeah a bit too confident don’t you think?” the president said. “Umm…no” I responded. Then out of nowhere the ceiling busted down about 7 feet away from us and Yassen came down after. We all started running away. “This would be a perfect time to turn into and an alien don’t you think?” Santi said. “I’m trying but it still won’t let me transform.” I responded. Then we came across a dead end. The president then pressed a button and secret passageway opened. We all headed in and closed the door behind us. However it wasn’t that big a deal since Yassen broke it down. A bodyguard decided to stay behind to hold him back and help buy us some time to escape. We kept moving and then soon after he caught up to us. I saw that I was able to transform again. So I pressed the button and the first alien I saw was Common Cold. I slammed the it down. There was a flash of yellow light and noise. “Lets see just how well you can stand up to me.” I said. “Come on we have to keep moving.” my dad said. Next I threw 3 mud balls at him but he dodged all of them. “I need to slow you down” I said. I then sneezed a big pile of sticky goo. But before it could reach him he quickly took out his swords and chopped it up. It then fell in front of him and was useless. Then I spit acid on the wall creating a whole and I ran the other way. Yassen followed. Next I tried to turn around and blast him with my disease beam but he was too fast. Before I could shoot he kicked me. I flew back and broke through a window. After that I flew 20 feet back and fell 3 stories. I landed in the bushes where Yassen could not see me. Yassen then left to look for the president. Meanwhile my dad, Santi, the president, and his 2 bodyguards were running away. “We should be safe right now” my dad said. But Yassen appeared right behind them. “But I could be wrong” he said. “Lets go” Santi said. They kept running they took a right then a left then another right and then stopped. They still had one last option to turn right again but that lead to a dead end. So they had stopped. They looked ahead and Yassen appeared. Yassen took out his swords and was ready to kill the president once and for all. But suddenly right in front my dad, Santi, the president and his bodyguards. They saw part of the wall dissolve leaving a opening. I as Common Cold came out of it. “Tomas do you think you can stop him?” my dad asked. “I’m not sure but you should go the way I came and you should be safe.” I said. Then they all went through the hole. When they left I said “What do you say Yassen round 2?” Then Yassen started running at me with his swords. I tried using my disease beam to stop him but he dodged. I kept trying but he kept dodging. It seemed he had ninja moves. Next I tried my sneeze attack. But that failed and he cut it up again. “I know” I said coming up with an idea. I spit the acid for 8 feet around the ground so he could not reach me. He then jumped up and was close to reaching me. “Not so fast!” I said. Then I blasted 3 of my mud balls. 2 of them knocked away his swords and the 3rd hit him back. He fell down but was barely able to grab on to the floor. “Lets see you dodge me now.” I said. Then with my right hand I blasted him with my disease. I kept it going for a little bit. He seemed weak and he couldn’t hold on. He let go and fell to the ground. Just then the watch started to beep. It beeped 4 times then there was a flash of red light and noise and I turned back to normal again. “Uh oh” I said. Then I ran away and left. After walking around for a while I was able to find them again. “Hey Tomas what happened with Yassen?” Santi said. “Well the last thing that happened was that I blasted him with my disease.” I said. “We can’t keep this up much longer” my dad said “sooner or later he’ll find away to defeat us all and eliminate his target.” “Your right the” the president said “Yassen won’t stop until he succeeds.” he said. “Then we need to put an end to him before its to late.” Santi said. “Exactly” my dad said. Then he looked at me and said “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Yeah, we beat that creep once and for all” I said “and I have a plan.” “Really?” Santi asked. “Uh hugh. “Ok so here’s what were gonna do” I said. Then I told them my plan of how we would defeat Yassen. “Ok so first the bodyguards would stall him while I would transform into Spykeback and fight him. Santi and Fer will help me out by throwing or smashing stuff on him while we would fight so that I would surely win. Meanwhile the president will call for help. The police, more bodyguards, the military, anyone. Then when we take him down we’ll first destroy his swords and then lock in up in Area 51 or something got it” I said. “Got it” everyone answered. “OK” I said confidently. We started walking around to try to find Yassen and defeat him. Then we heard a crash from behind us. We saw that Yassen had broken through the wall. “You’re going to pay for all the trouble you’ve caused me boy!” Yassen said in an extremely angry manner. “Yeah I don’t think so” I said. “Now!” the president called out. I pressed the button to the watch. The bodyguards ran at him to try to stall. But they were easily defeated by Yassen’s swords. He was running at me as fast as he could. Santi, my dad, and the president ran in a different direction. “Before I kill the president I’ll have the pleasure of killing you first!!!” he shouted. “Not today!” I shouted then slammed down on the watch. I transformed into Spykeback. Next on my arms I grew 2 foot long spikes to defend my self then punched Yassen right in the face. He was moved back a few feet. “Hey Yassen!” I called out then took out small spike and grew them to 3 feet long. We were sword fighting for a little bit. Santi then tried to throw a stapler at him but failed to hit him. Next I was able to punch him back and my dad slammed a painting against him. Yassen was going after him so I grew a really long spike near my foot and I used it to trip him. When he fell I grew my nails in a way to keep him trapped on the ground. We thought we had won so we started to leave when we heard Yassen escape. We don’t know how he escaped but he was coming right at us. Quickly I grew 2 spikes about a foot long on each of my knuckles. I was using them to defend myself from Yassen. He looked really angry and wanted to kill me right away. He was only focused on killing me and was filled with rage. His swords were about to reach me when my dad got a vase and said “Get away from him!” then smashed it on Yassen’s head. Luckily that knocked out Yassen and I tied spikes around his body so he couldn’t fight. “Did we win?” Santi asked. “Yes we did” I said then I was turned back to my self. “I can’t thank you enough for saving my life” The president said. “No problem we’re just happy to help.” my dad told him. “Is there anything I can do for you?” the president asked. “Well don’t tell anyone that Tomas is the one who saved you just say it was an alien, alright?” my dad said. The president nodded saying yes. “Oh and could you give us free passes to the Smithsonian Museums?” I asked. “Sure” he said. Later we saw the police come and arrest Yassen. “You did good Tomas” my dad said “Without your help Yassen would still be out there and the president would have been dead by now.” “Yup its all in a days work for me.” I said. Then we left the White House and headed of to the Smithsonian Museums.

The End


  • Tomas Maggi
  • Fer Maggi
  • Santi Diaz
  • The President
  • Body Guards


  • Yassen Gregorvich

Aliens used[]

  • Putty
  • XLR8
  • Common Cold
  • Spykeback