General Information
Species Arachnachimp
Home World Aranhaschimmia
Body Arachnid monkey
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super agility, various spider powers
First Appearance TBA
Trollmonkey is one of Ben Tememeson's aliens he transforms into using the Omemetrix in the series "Ben 10: Meme Force."


Trollmonkey bears a strikingly similar appearance to Ben Tennyson's alien Spidermonkey from the series "Ben 10: Alien Force." The only difference is that Spidermonkey's face had been replaced with the Troll Face meme. He has four arms and two legs, resembling a spider. He has blue fur and dark blue skin. He also has a dark blue tail.


Even in dire situations, TrollMonkey is not serious whatsoever. He is constantly a trouble maker, and most oftenly makes the situation worse when Ben transforms into him. He is extremely irresponsible unless highly persuaded to be a help.


TrollMonkey posesses the power to climb walls, expell webbing from his tail, and use agility and speed against his enemies. However, TrollMonkey rarely uses his powers in a fight, as he is too busy trolling.


TrollMonkey's weakness is that he never takes anything seriously, even in dire situations.

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