Trinity Michaels
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
Home World Earth
Alias Feminine
Friends Wayne Rogers (deceased)
Miguel Rivers (boyfriend; deceased)
Relatives Mrs. Michaels (mother; deceased)
Romatron (father; deceased)
Age 16
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Appearance Alteration
First Appearance What I Am

Trinity Michaels, or Feminine, is a character in the series Mig X.


She has brown. curled hair with green eyes. She wears a mint green shirt and a baige overcoat with black, long pants and purple tennis shoes. She has a watch on her right hand. She has average height and is kind of skinny.

Powers & Abilities

She can change her appearance at well as a result of her unnatural mutation.


Trinity Michaels was one of Mig's greatest friends. He had met in the 9th grade on his first day there. They instantly bonded because they had a lot of things in common and a lot of their viewpoints were the same. After 9th grade, she was transferred to another school district and then came back in 11th grade due to people "not liking her." She has a bright sense of humor and tends to be positive.


Mig X


  • She is left-handed. 
  • She is roughly based on Olivia Wilde...roughly.
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