Triangulum is the third largest galaxy in the local galactic cluster, dwarfed only by Andromeda and the Milky Way. It is one of many billions of galaxies in the known universe.

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Ben 10: Requiem

In the Earth-1010/Requiem timeline, the Triangulum galaxy has broken out into a large-scale civil war master-minded by Time Breaker Psychobos. The war, primarily between the Megasaurid empire and the forcibly-allied resistance, has attracted the intervention of Ben Tennyson after hearing of an Omnitrix user attacking a multi-national military complex on the planet Argos XI.


Uniquely, all planets, stars, and other celestial objects of note in the Triangulum Galaxy have a distinct designation given to them by the Technomimi. Every such entity is known as an 'Object' with a given code name.

  • Object 1 - Technomimi Homestar
  • Object 5 - Technomimi Homeworld
  • Object 500 - Queeg
  • Object C4-18 - Technomimi Territory
  • Object C82 - Neutridia
  • Object 3-BBBBBB - Schwarzsi Anomaly - Kerotopsid Homeworld
  • Object YYY72-8-A - Argos XI, Technomini Commons World

Sunsworn-controlled space

  • Objects 10,920 through 10,957
  • Object 11,300 - Sunsworn homeworld

Megasaurid Homeworld Territories

  • Object 621
  • Object 775 - Megasaurid Homestar
  • Object 776
  • Object 777 - Megasaurid Homeworld
  • Object 799
  • Object A23
  • Object XX27-55-A - Potential Hyperphysical Sapioids Homeworld
    • Object XX27-55-B


Sapient Species


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