Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 5
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Lost Temple
Trial by Ordeal is the 55th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode starts in the night sky with the Interceptor flying through it. On board, Coco can be seen piloting the ship before setting it into auto-pilot mode. He then turns around in his chair, facing Brandon and Sarah who are standing before him in the center of the cockpit.

Coco: Alright, ship's in auto-pilot mode. Now what were you saying again?

Brandon: I was talking about the guy who's been behind this whole thing.

Coco: Hm? Oh yeah. Well, shoot then.

Brandon: (sigh) They call him Mr. C and apparently he's a pretty big deal in the criminal underground.

Sarah: How could you possibly know any of this?

Brandon: Because he makes deals with super villains and corrupt organizations in order to get what he wanted. He funded the Extreme Biker King so he can supply his new recruits with cutting edge technology and he set up a deal with the Relic Society, giving them the whereabouts of the temple before destroying it and everyone in the area. I was lucky to even get out of there.

Coco: If he's rung up those kind of deals since that battle with the Extreme Biker King, I'm willing to bet he's been up to a whole bunch more than just one other one.

Sarah: So he's basically a criminal mastermind and a crime boss all wrapped in one.

Brandon: Sounds like it. And if he's involved with the missing items, he can also have some serious connections.

Sarah: The thing I don't understand is how he was able to know about the Lesko Engine and the Immensity Crystal. We didn't even know about those things and I'm pretty sure they were just isolated incidents.

Coco: You think you could've orchestrated this whole thing?

Brandon: I don't know. In fact, I don't know anything about this guy aside from what I just mentioned.

Sarah: So what do we do?

Coco: We come with a plan and take some time to figure this out.

Brandon: I can definitely get behind that and, after our little break, I'm sure we can think of something.

Sarah: Look at you guys, using your brains. You might not even need me anymore.

Coco: Hey, I'll always need you.

Sarah: That... is the right answer.

Sarah smiles and leans over, kissing Coco. Brandon smiles uncomfortably.

Brandon: Guess you guys are doing that now. I'll just uh- look up what we have on the guy...

He then walks off awkwardly to the side, checking out the computer monitor. Sarah then pushes back and holds Coco's head with both her hands.

Sarah: What we did, for our part of the break, it was great.

Coco: Yeah?

Sarah: Yeah. (chuckle) It feels like forever since we just spent some time together. Just you and me.

Coco: Well, as soon we stop this guy, I'm all yours.

Sarah: You seem very passionate lately. What's up?

Coco: Nothing, I'm just- I want to be there for you, Sarah. I'm 100% committed to this relationship. I guess, after seeing my mom again, it just made me realize that I want to- no, I need to give you as much love as I can with whatever time we have left together.

Sarah: I'm not going anywhere, Coco. I know what happened with your mother was unfortunate but I'll always be by your side.

Coco: Would you be willing to vow to that?

Sarah: (laugh) If you're suggesting I marry you, you do realize we're still teenagers, right? Plus you've gotta come up with your own vow.

Coco: Well, I just did. (humble smile)

Sarah looks at Coco for a moment and gasps with a smirk on her face.

Sarah: Well, I'll do you one better. I'll make you a promise. But you can't break it, no matter what, alright?

Coco: I wouldn't dream of it. (smiles)

They both lean in for another kiss. When they're done, Coco turns away back to the controls, disengaging from auto-pilot mode. He then takes the wheel into his hands while Sarah makes her way over to her usual seat by the other computer station.

Coco: Alright, taking us outta auto-pilot mode. We should be back in Bellwood in no time.

He presses the wheel forwards, boosting the Interceptor ahead. It is then seen flying by through the sky. The scene then fades over to Coco's Warehouse. The Interceptor is then seen, a brief moment later, touching down before it. When the engines finally die down, the Interceptor starts rolling forwards. In the cockpit, Coco presses a button on the dashboard which, apparently, starts to open the doors of the warehouse. The Interceptor continues rolling inside when Coco parking the ship inside of the newly remodeled warehouse. The computer area has been upgraded, there are more seating options like couches and chairs. A television is also mounted onto one of the steel walls. The lights automatically turn on a moment after the Interceptor is parked. The cargo bay door then disengages and lowers, with the team exiting the ship.

Brandon, stretching his arms: I could really go for a milkshake right about now.

Sarah: I thought we were supposed to be focusing on the big threat.

Brandon: Well yeah but that doesn't mean we can't get any brain food to help us think of a new plan.

Just as the team are about to get comfortable, military trucks begin to drive up and surround the perimeter. Brandon and the others look out startled and caught by surprise. A few soldiers get out of the trucks and ready their weapons not so subtly. General Gates steps out of the main truck and steps before his men, standing a reasonable distance from the entrance of the Warehouse.

General Gates: Brandon Tennyson.

Brandon: I thought I said I didn't want anything to do with you, Gates.

General Gates: This isn't a personal visit, Brandon. Strictly business.

Brandon: Well, I'm not interesting in doing any more missions with G.E.I.T. or the government.

General Gates: This isn't about that either. I've been asked to deliver a message to you. It's urgent that you understand the situation at hand.

Brandon looks at Gates with a slight look of unease and aversion. Sarah puts her hand on his shoulder, causing him to look in her direction. His expression fades when she just gives him a long, neutral look. He then turns back to the General with a sigh shortly following.

Brandon: Alright, let me see it.

General Gates walks over and reaches into his uniform, retrieving an envelope from his inner pocket. He then hands the envelope over to Brandon, who takes it into his hands and looks at it. The envelope is apparently a letter issued by the United States Government.

Brandon: What is this?

General Gates: A subpoena.

All three of them look at Gates with a look of surprise.

Sarah: What?

Coco: What are you getting at, man?

General Gates: Brandon is expected to appear at the city court for a trial to determine whether he is a threat to the nation and its people as a follow-up from the hearing he attended earlier this year.

Brandon: But I was cleared. There were any objections.

General Gates: I don't make the rules, kid. I tried telling you that before. Anyways, I was supposed to deliver this to you yesterday but, since your whereabouts were unknown to the court, they decided to give you an extra day to respond.

Brandon: You couldn't get your spy to follow me again?

General Gates: She actually decided to take a rather recent personal break. I don't suppose you have anything to do with that, do you?

Brandon: I guess that intel is classified.

General Gates look at him for a moment.

General Gates: Like I was saying, long story short, you have two days to get to the court for your trial. Otherwise, you'll be held in contempt of court and face either a fine... or jail time. I hope you come to your senses this time, Brandon.

He turns to walk back to his truck.

General Gates, getting into his truck: I'll see you at court.

He closes the door and, shortly later, drives off along with the other soldiers who also had gotten back into the trucks and driven away from the warehouse. Once they're gone from the area, Brandon looks down at the subpoena then back up, looking straight into the view.

Brandon: Aw man...

Theme Song

In the warehouse, Brandon can be seen leaning against the wall while Coco and Sarah are talking by the side.

Coco: We can't do this.

Sarah: We don't exactly have a choice, Coco. The government is asking him to come to court and if he just sits on it, they're going to start demanding things from us.

Coco: So let them. We have something else to deal with at the moment.

Sarah: And it can wait.

Coco: Can it?

Sarah: I'm not sure... but if we are going to deal with this situation, we should deal with it soon. It's best to get ahead of this situation before it gets flipped around on us.

Coco: Now that is something we can deal with later. But I still think we shouldn't go.

Brandon: Alright, enough. I've been thinking... about it. You two both make good points but Coco's right. This Mr. C guy is way too important to let slip past the radar. If we have a shot at stopping him, we need to take it.

Coco: Thank you.

Brandon: But, Sarah is also right. I can't reject their summons. If I refuse to go to court, I'll be treated like a criminal and that won't help us stop this guy. Plus, I like my heroic reputation.

Sarah: So you want to do both?

Brandon: Yeah.

Coco: If we can even manage it.

Brandon: We can do it. Remember, as long as we're together, we can do anything. We're a team, guys. The trial is in two days, which gives us plenty of time to search for any clues about our crime lord buddy AND put together a plan on how to stop him.

Coco: So where do we even start?

Brandon: He's recent deals. That has to be something, right?

Sarah: Sure. We know he dealt with the Extreme Bikers and the Relic Society. I'll check out their backgrounds and run searches for companies and organizations with similar agendas, structure, etc. Hopefully, we'll come across a few that have suspicious deals hinting towards this Mr. C figure.

Sarah heads to the computer area and sits down by the desk. She starts typing with Brandon watching her from where he is. He then turns to Coco, who looks over at him.

Coco: If we're going after shady companies, I might be able to go through some old leads. Alien hideaways and stuff like that.

Brandon: Something tells me if he's willing to fund a guy who wants to exterminate all alien life on the planet, I don't think he'd be one either.

Coco: Yeah, good point.

Brandon: Hey, did you talk to Sarah? She seems... mellow.

Coco: Yeah, we sorta had a break of our own while you were away.

Brandon: Oh. That's uh- good for you two. You're in a relationship, that's awesome.

Coco: You alright, dude? You seem a little... I don't know, uncomfortable with me and Sarah being together for some reason.

Brandon: I'm just... working through some stuff. I thought I had handle on all of it but lately things seem to be falling apart all around me and it's hard to hold it all together.

Coco: Well, if you ever wanna bore me to death with the details, you know where to find me.

Brandon: Aww, you'd do that for me?

Coco: Heh, shut up, man.

Coco takes Brandon under his arm and grinds his knuckles against his head, giving him a noogie.

Brandon: Alright, alright, cut it out. Heh.

He lets him go with Brandon fixing his hair. He then looks at Coco, with a more sincere expression.

Brandon: But seriously, thanks. I appreciate it.

Coco: Of course, what are best friends for?

Brandon smiles.

Sarah, unseen: Got something!

Brandon turns his head and makes his way over to the computer area where Sarah is seated. He leans forward, against the back of the chair, followed by Coco shortly after. The two of them look at the computer screen while Sarah brings up some reports and her findings.

Coco: What'd you find?

Sarah: So I cross-referenced any data similar to the deal between the Extreme Biker King and Grey Thornton and found similar deals mentioning an unknown party labeled as either Mr. C or just the letter, C. (she scrolls through the list) He's gone to business with Aqua Plus Technology, ChemLabs, Med-Corp, Future Technologies, the ACT, Knight Corporations... and that's just a few that I've found.

Coco: Someone's been busy.

Brandon: Most of those organizations have ties to some type of corruption, whether it's something minor or them straight up being bad guys.

Sarah: So whoever this person is they've been keeping an eye out on these guys, monitoring them. But why?

Coco: You said it yourself, corruption. If they're bad guys and he deals with them, he either gets a favor from them or something in exchange for his resources. And if they're innocent-

Sarah: He could blackmail them into supporting him.

Coco snaps his fingers at her, as if in agreement.

Coco: Exactly.

Brandon: So he has resources, power and influence. Something tells me we're going to need more than that to track him down but it's a good start. Nice work, Sarah.

Sarah: Thanks... I guess we can sort through people that match that description, but even we do come across a crime lord. He'll most likely not be the guy we're looking for. And we don't exactly have all the time in the world to bust down every door in the city for one guy.

Coco: If it takes too long to find him, then why don't we let him find us?

Brandon: What do you mean?

Coco: Think about it. If he's going after organizations and companies, then we should hit one before he does. Then when he comes in to make the deal, we catch him in the act.

Brandon: That's not a bad idea.

Sarah: I guess that can work. Problem is how do we find out which company slash organization to go to and how do we even know if he's going to get involved in it?

Brandon: Judging from the list of organizations he's already dealt with, I think it's safe to say he'll be going after someone based in technology and positioned somewhere in Bellwood.

Sarah: Well, there are less of those than potential crime lords. I'll see if I can find anything.

Coco: In the meantime, I guess we can relax a bit.

Sarah: If you don't mind, can you turn on the news for me?

Brandon: Why? So we can receive some convenient information that'll help us out?

Sarah: No, it just helps me think.

Brandon: Oh... Well, fine, but don't expect me to tune in on a regular basis.

Brandon grabs the remote and turns on the television, already set to the news.

Jeff Thompson, on TV: Remember me?!

Brandon: AH! (fumbles with the remote)

Jeff Thompson: You probably thought I was off somewhere at a nice vacation home in Hawaii or something but guess again- I'm back and ready to report the news. The real news. And what do you know, it's none other than Brandon 10 back in the lime light. Now I've been told by my producers to lay off of the Brandon 10 stuff until something ground-breaking happens. But I hate to break it to you guys but this- (chuckles) This is pretty ground-breaking! Turns out the kid's got a court date coming up soon. And I bet there's going to a lot of people there to accuse him of many crimes. I'd be there if I wasn't busy covering the event, myself. (looks off screen) What's that? You want to do the coverage in post? Heck no! We'll do it live! Forget it! I'll write it and we'll do it live! (clears his throat) Sorry about that, people. Where was I? Oh yeah- Brandon 10, he's a real mena-

Brandon skips the channel, to a different news broadcast.

Brandon: Well, so much for relaxing... now everyone knows about it.

Coco: Don't worry about too much. I haven't really thought about what other people think of me and things have worked out just great. Y'know, except when they haven't. And anyway, who's gonna believe what this jerk has to say?

Sarah: Half a billion people worldwide.

Brandon and Coco turn to Sarah.

Sarah: What?

Brandon: Not helping.

Brandon sighs and changes the channel again, which showcases an advanced looking facility.

TV: With its latest cutting edge technology, Phoenix Labs offers young and brilliant minds the chance to expand their knowledge, invent the impossible and change the world. With Phoenix Labs, we help you put the pieces together.

Brandon then starts to smile.

Brandon: Guys, I think I got an idea.

The scene then cuts over to Phoenix Labs. Brandon and the team are then seen approaching the building.

Sarah: What makes you think he's going to do a deal here?

Brandon: Are you kidding? Phoenix Labs is one of the biggest names in the science industry. And now that they're getting better at their technical field, this guy has to be all over that.

Coco: Biggest names? I haven't even heard of this guys before.

Brandon: Well, you just don't keep track of that kind of stuff, is all.

Sarah: But I haven't-

Brandon: Come on, we're almost there.

Brandon walks with some pace now, leaving Coco and Sarah behind. They look at each other, confused. Brandon then jogs onto the concrete entryway and approaches the entrance. However, he turns his head as two figure approach from the side of the building. His eager smile then flicks out into a longing look as he comes to a stop. Before him, Brandon can see Amy with another guy, they seem to be fixated in a conversation as they walk his way. Amy laughs at something the other guy says but the moment seems to be slowed down with Brandon continuing to look ahead at her, a slight smile coming on his face. Amy then opens her eyes from the laugh as her sights now lock on Brandon ahead of her. Her laughing smile diminishes slowly into a look at surprise. Now in real time, Amy stops walking forward and just looks straight ahead at Brandon. The guy that she's with stops as well and looks at her. He's dressed in a black blazer with grey elbow pads over a grey open collar shirt. He also has black pants and expensive shoes. His hair is black and slicked back.

Guy: Amy, are you alright? What's-

He turns forward and sees Brandon standing there, looking at her.

Guy: Oh...

Amy: ...Brandon. What- uh... what are you doing here?

Brandon: Hey. Hi- um, yeah- I was just- going inside for something. How... how are you?

Amy: Good. Great. Just swell. (chuckles nervously) Um- And you?

Brandon: Yeah... just doing my thing and all.

He clears his throat and looks to the guy next to her. He looks rather impatient.

Brandon: Who's your friend?

Amy, turning to the guy: Oh this is um- my friend, Richard. My good and close friend.

She smiles and her voice shakes with nervousness but then a realization softly comes upon her, causing her false smile to fail. She then lets out a sigh and looks back at Brandon, with probably the most realist look she's ever dawned on him.

Amy: He's my boyfriend.

Brandon smile, which was beginning to form, just drops.

Brandon: Oh.

Amy: Yeah.

Richard: I'm Richard. Richard Remar, vice assistant to Fracture Corporations.

He extends her hand out. Brandon looks at it for a brief moment then looks up at Richard. He reluctantly shakes his hand.

Brandon: That uh- sounds familiar.

Richard: It's a big business, we have a lot of sub-companies with similar names.

He lets go of Brandon's hand and places his hands in his pockets, looking at Brandon with a faintly smug look.

Richard: So, you're Brandon 10. I never thought I'd actually get the chance to actually meet you. I've heard plenty although Amy doesn't seem to mention you a lot.

Brandon looks at Amy. She looks like she's about to say something but she remains quiet and lowers her head.

Richard: I heard you were having a trial in two days.

Brandon: I uh- guess so.

Richard: Hm, we'll best of luck with that. I feel like you're going to need it.

Brandon: What's that supposed to mean?

Amy: He was just being polite, Brandon. You don't have to yell at him.

Brandon: I wasn't going to yell at him. I was just- asking a question... (sigh) Look, uh- I have to go take care of something.

Richard: Yes, as do I. Very important progress to be made here. (turning to Amy) I'll see you later, okay? Maybe we can go for some lunch.

Amy: Yeah, I'd like that.

He leans in and kisses Amy in front of Brandon. Brandon gives an uncomfortable and internally tortured expression. Richard then looks up from Amy, giving Brandon a smirking glare before walking inside. Brandon looks at the door as it closes behind him with a sneering stare. Amy notices this.

Amy: What is your problem?

Brandon, turning back to Amy: Me? What's his deal?

Amy: Nothing. He's a nice guy once you get to know him.

Brandon: Which you've done plenty of, I'm sure.

Amy: Hey, I don't have to explain myself to you, Brandon. We're not together anymore. You made sure that happened. You hurt me, Brandon.

Brandon: And you think I wanted to? Amy, I cared about you- I still care about you. I thought I could get over the pain of not having you with me, by my side, as more than just a friend. But I just don't think I ever will. That void you left me can't be filled and it won't go away.

Amy: Neither will the emotional scar you've left. Look, I'm not blaming you for yelling at me. Not in my mind, at least. But you haven't been the best boyfriend, let alone, a good boyfriend to me. You've been kind, you've been sweet but then you became kinda there and tried sweet talking your way out of my life. I blame the fame and the power getting to your head. It changed you, Brandon, more than that gauntlet of yours- and you're just not the same person I cared about anymore.

Brandon: I tried to be, Amy. For you.

Amy: If that was true then what happened to my nickname?

Brandon: Your what?

Amy: My nickname, Brandon. Every couple has a nickname for each other. I called you Tiger, remember? Because you were always brave, bold and confident like a big cat but deep down inside I knew you were also gentle, like a kitten. I didn't just pick up some random nickname. I actually took the time to think about it. To think about us. I just wished you had done the same.

Amy then walks away.

Brandon: Amy! (she continues walking off) ...Amy.

Brandon lets out a defeated sigh before Coco's hand comes onto his shoulder. Brandon looks at it then up at Coco, who turns to him.

Coco: You uh- wanna talk about it?

Brandon: Not really... but thanks. (sigh) Come on, let's uh- head inside.

Brandon turns and approaches the door which soon, automatically opens before him. He then looks up and his look of moopiness is flashed away with an astonished look of wonder.

Brandon: Whoa...

He looks around, seeing a pristine and wide lobby with a central fountain that looks like DNA. Brandon looks up further, seeing the several floors of the building. The entire interior has a white-blue color scheme and looks not only highly advanced, but clean and incredibly impressive. Coco and Sarah look around as well, however not as taken aback as Brandon.

Coco: Totally whoa.

Sarah: For a place I haven't heard about, this is actually really cool.

Brandon: It's been a big thing when I was younger, we had field trips to this place all the time. But after a while, they sorta went quiet. Now, it seems like they'll be back on their feet in no time.

Figure, approaching: It's neat that you know the history of Phoenix Labs and all-

Brandon turns around, seeing the security guard stop before him.

Security Guard: But you're going to need a reason to be in here. We're currently not accepting any tours and there's plenty of important research in development that needs everyone's attention.

Brandon: Yeah, we just wanted to check in with the guys in charge for a bit. Get to know the place a little better.

Security Guard: Do you have an appointment?

Brandon: Not really.

Security Guard: Well since you don't have proper clearance nor an appointment, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Brandon: Come on, man, I'm Brandon 10.

Security Guard: Yeah, I know who you are. But that doesn't give you the right to just walk in a highly advanced science facility.

The guard starts escorting Brandon out of the building.

Voice: Wait.

The guard stops and looks behind him, Brandon does the same with a look of surprise. Behind the guard, is a young-looking person in a lab coat over an orange shirt. He has black hair and glasses.

Scientist: He's with me.

Security Guard: Are you sure?

Scientist: Of course, my calculations aren't always on point but I'm pretty certain I know who this is, Henry.

Henry the Security Guard: Alright, then. You got lucky, man.

Henry lets go of Brandon and walks back to his station. Brandon fixes his jacket and looks up at the scientist. He then scoffs with a smile.

Brandon: Well, I didn't think I'd see you here.

Scientist: Same. Although, with everything going on, I can't say I'm too surprised to see you in weird places.

Coco: Who's he supposed to be?

Brandon: An old friend. How's it been, Eli?

Eli: Brandon! Sarah. Good to see you guys. I haven't seen you since that summer.

Brandon: Eli! It's good to see you, man.

Eli: Yeah, same here.

Sarah: It's been too long. How have you been?

Eli: Pretty good actually. I gotta say, I always imagined you guys would be alien super heroes one day.

Brandon: Yeah? Well, I always imagined you'd be a space cowboy dispensing justice on a flying unicorn. What happened to those days?

Eli: Time, apparently. But hey! I got this sick internship at Phoenix Labs; I'm so close to getting an actual job here.

Sarah: That's great, Eli! You totally deserve it.

Eli: Thanks, guys.

Coco: Sorry but I'm feeling so out of the loop here. Who exactly is this guy?

Brandon: Uh yeah- Coco, this is Eli: he went to same school as me and helped me out on some of my science projects.

Eli: Coco, huh? I've heard things about you. Are you two alright now? Brandon sounded tense the last time he talked about you.

Brandon: That was years ago, dude. We're all cool now, right?

Coco: Yeah, never been better.

Eli: That's good. I mean, if you weren't that'd still be okay since I could always go for that position. Having a super hero for a best friend would really get me a chance with the ladies.

Coco: You can say that again. (glances at Sarah)

She appreciates that but acts coy about it.

Brandon, to Eli: Hey, I can be your wing man anytime. Just say when and where.

Eli: So, what brings you guys here?

Sarah: We're looking into something... weird.

Eli: (chuckle) Well, luckily for you, weird is my specialty.

Coco: Let's find somewhere a little more private to talk about it.

Brandon: Oh! Does that mean we can get a tour?

Eli: For you guys, sure. It gives me the excuse I need to chat with you three. Come on, the tour starts this way.

Eli points towards the back of the lobby and gestures for them to follow him. Brandon follows with a smile while Coco hangs back before following after Sarah who joins up with Brandon and Eli. He turns his head and sees Richard Remar speaking with a couple of men dressed in business attire before he enters a door leading further into the facility. Along the tour, Brandon looks around, seeing wide windows offering a view of state-of-the-art laboratories.

Brandon: Wow, Eli. This is incredible. How'd you even manage to get a position here?

Eli: They really re-invented themselves here and I guess along the way they wanted newer people with newer ideas. Apparently, there were some pretty bad eggs employed here and the only eggs the people in charge are interested in are egg-heads, like myself.

Sarah: I'm not too familiar with Phoenix Labs. What exactly do you guys do here? Nanotechnology? Mutation research? Astrophysics?

Eli: We're more along the lines are invention. We focus on creating technology to suit the ideas of an individual.

Coco: Why just one person and not a whole company? Don't you guys have like policies and agendas?

Eli: That was old Phoenix, this is new Phoenix. Like the myth, we were reborn from the ashes of what we used to be or something along those lines. The only mythology I followed was in Catchy Matchy.

Brandon: The card game that we used to play as kids?

Eli: What? It's still a popular game, isn't it? Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand, new Phoenix Labs is interested in supporting the ideals of the chosen individual to help change the world and re-invent the future.

Brandon: You said chosen individual? You don't let anybody do this sorta thing?

Eli: Well, I guess it just depends on the person. Not everyone wants to change the world for the better.

Eli stops before a certain laboratory, showcasing the door to them.

Eli: And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my lab. Well, it's technically almost my lab, since I'm still an intern, but we pretty much act like it's mine around here. I do some little stuff from here and there but I've got big ideas just waiting to be put to the test.

He smiles eagerly as he talks about his work but then looks around a short moment after, seeing two scientists walk past him, both of which having a conversation with each other. He then looks the other way before turning back to the three of them.

Eli: So now that we've got some space, what was that weird thing you guys wanted me to look into?

Brandon: We came across this guy, he calls himself Mr. C, and apparently he's a big crime lord dude who's interesting to making deals with various companies and organizations.

Eli: Wow, that sounds serious. But what does it have to do with Phoenix Labs?

Sarah: Brandon thinks that this Mr. C character will attempt to make a deal with Phoenix Labs by holding something corrupt they may have done against them as some kind of blackmail.

Eli: Well, Phoenix Labs has been through some hard times but I doubt the newer management will consort with such a criminal like this Mr. C guy.

Coco: Well, I guess that's that. Even if he does try to do the deal, they'll probably just say no and try to stand up against him later. Maybe he'll even back down to try and avoid a fight in order to stay out of the limelight.

Sarah: That's some good thinking, Coco.

Brandon: Yeah, but remember this guy is smart. He's not just some run-of-the-mill bad guy. He knew about the temple, he knew about the crystal, he knew about the Anthron invasion, and he about the alien experiments. So something tells me he'll know about the changes over at Phoenix Labs, which means he'll probably change his tactics if he really wants them in his pocket.

Coco: Well, I did see some guy talking to a bunch of cooperate looking guys. Jerky looking guy in a blazer.

Brandon: Richard? Huh, come to think of it. He did say something about a deal involving Fracture Corporations. That name sounds way too familiar now... (strokes his chin)

Sarah: I guess we should really focus on what Phoenix Labs has to offer Mr. C. It might give us a clue into what he's after or what he's planning.

Eli: I mean, where do I start, with access to Phoenix Labs, you could potentially invent anything you need if you have the right resources and ideas. Not to mention a hard-working group of scientific minds at your disposal.

Coco: From the sound of the guy, he has plenty of resources and corrupt individuals to spare.

Eli: This doesn't sit well with me. Phoenix Labs is meant to be a place to help people, not act as a means to an end for crime lords. Phoenix Labs is and should always be a good place at its core.

Brandon: Core... Fracture Core. (snaps his fingers) That's it! Fracture Corporations owns Fracture Core. That one energy harvesting building we visited back when the rifts were still a thing. In fact, a lot of places we went to had a name similar to Fracture. Richard said their company owned plenty of sub-companies too.

Coco: So you think Fracture Corporations is involved in this somehow? It's not just because he's- y'know-

Brandon: Of course not. I'm just saying it's a possibility. Fracture Corporations seems to have enough resources to perform deals with places like Phoenix Labs and we know that Mr. C is using his seemingly limitless resources to cut deals with companies and organizations involved with collecting or creating technology in one form or another. It doesn't really feel like a stretch to me.

Sarah: We might be able to look deeper into Fracture Corporations. And perhaps see if there is a Mr. C connected to them. His so called "code name" could just be his surname shortened to its first letter.

Coco: If only it was that easy.

Sarah: Well, it's worth a shot.

Brandon: Thanks for the help, Eli, as well as the tour.

Eli: No problem. If you need anything, you know where to find me.

Brandon then waves before walking back with Coco and Sarah, leaving Eli by his lab.

Sarah: So do we have a plan?

Coco: Sounds like we do.

Brandon: Yeah, we're heading right for the source.

Brandon walks right up into the view, throwing the scene into darkness before it fades over to the night sky. The view then pans down, showing the Fracture Corporations building. Inside, a dark office is seen. A green light then appears suddenly as it shifts into a green portal. From the portal, Coco, Sarah and Portal, himself, exit through it.

Coco, looking around: All clear.

Sarah: We couldn't simply wait until the next day?

Portal: The trial is happening tomorrow, Sarah.

Sarah: Exactly my point. The last thing we want to be doing is teleporting into a powerful company in the middle of the night. This is technically trespassing.

Coco: It's only trespassing if we're caught.

Portal: Just look for any signs of Mr. C before someone come around. I'll keep the portal running.

Sarah steadily makes her way over a computer, using her energy to light up the room slightly for her to be able to see it. She sits by the computer and turns it on, after extinguishing her light. She types at the computer, typing in code via terminal. A list of associated members then pop up along a list after typing in a few prompted codes.

Sarah: Okay, I've got something.

Coco: Nice hacking, babe.

Sarah: Thanks. So, I found a list of members associated with Fracture Corporation in firms that involve deal-making; financial, business oversight, those types of things.

Portal: So, what did you find?

Sarah: Plenty of individuals with a last name starting with the letter C for starters but there's also something odd- well, two things odd. There's an individual listed here under funding as well as administrative oversight but they're only labeled as The Councilman. And we've got that Richard Remar guy that you were talking about earlier.

Portal: What about him?

Sarah: Apparently he has way more control over the business than he let on. He's listed under practically every firm. For a person that young, I've never seen anything handled like that and he's not even related to this Councilman, at least not that I think of.

Coco: Do we know who this Councilman is?

Sarah: There's no way of knowing. At least, not from this end.

Portal: Alright, we got what we needed. Let's go before someone spots us.

Sarah nods and gets up from her seat. Coco walks into portal with Portal following soon after. However, he stops and turns back just before he fully walks in and sees Sarah standing there, looking out into the darkness of the office.

Portal: Sarah?

Portal asks for her again but this time his words become more faded, almost hard to hear, as a pounding and pitched whining sound can be heard overlaying each other with Sarah just looking out.

Voice: Sarah...

Sarah shakes slightly as a dark hand comes for her from behind. It then lands on her shoulder, causing her to turn around surprised. She jumps back, in fear, and sees Portal who had been reaching out to her.

Portal: Sarah, are you alright?

Sarah: Yeah, sorry, I just- lost my concentration. I guess I was just thinking about something.

Portal: Well, come on. I can't keep the portal open forever, plus someone might hear us if we stay any longer.

Sarah: Sure, right- sorry about that, Brandon.

Sarah walks ahead and travels through the portal. Portal stands there watching her leave for a moment before looking around the dark office. He then retreats into the green portal as well before it fades away. The scene then cuts over to Coco's Warehouse, later into the night. Inside, Coco can be seen laying on the couch, throwing a small ball into the air. Brandon is pacing back and forth while Sarah meditates in the corner.

Coco: I'm feeling a little confused by what we have here. Like there's too many variables.

Brandon: What do you mean?

Coco: So we're going after Mr. C. But now there's the Fracture Corporations and this Remar guy. Not to mention Phoenix Labs. Just feels like a lot of loose ends, or even dead ends at this rate.

Brandon: It's all connected, Coco. Mr. C is trying to get Phoenix Labs and I think he's using Remar to cut deals with companies like them. They'll never take a knee for a crime lord but maybe they will for a respectable business like Fracture Corporation. And they were the only people not on the list of deals that Mr. C cut.

Coco: Yeah but that's just a theory, ain't it?

Brandon: Yeah... I guess. What do you think, Sarah?

Sarah: I'm in deep meditation, right now.

Brandon: Alright..?

Sarah sighs and stops floating. She then opens her eyes and looks at Brandon.

Sarah: Look, there might just be the possibility that Mr. C was never interested in Phoenix Labs to begin with and that Remar was simply doing a transaction deal or something along the lines with them.

Brandon: You don't believe me?

Sarah: That's not- ugh- what I meant, Brandon. What I'm trying to say is, maybe you just got it all wrong. It's, at the very least, a possibility.

Brandon: Hm... I don't know, Sarah.

Sarah: One thing is for certain, you do have a court case tomorrow. And you're going to need your focus for that trial.

Brandon: You guys think I can wing it like last time?

Sarah: You got lucky, Brandon. Like really lucky. Something tells me you won't have that same luck this time around...

Brandon then looks away from Sarah, as if in thought.

The scene then cuts away to the court, the next day, where there are crowds of people surrounding the building. Police officers are huddled next to each other, side by side, to keep out any people who try to get past their perimeter. Certain individuals are escorted inside the building, mostly men and women in suits and formal attire. Behind the crowd of people, in the more calm and empty clearings, are several news outlets reporting the event.

Cindy Quinn, talking to the camera: And as confirmed by several sources already, the court trial of the century is just about ready to commence with the Brandon 10, being tried for not a crime- but a notion brought up during a hearing earlier this year: Whether he's the hero we believe him to be or not. I would like the remind the general viewers that he has done plenty of good, not only for this channel, but for the entire world as we know it. Supporters of the hero can only hope that the trial goes his way. I know I do...

Inside, the audience is seated and conversing among themselves. Coco and Sarah are seated close to the front.

Coco, looking around: Bill, couldn't make it?

Sarah: No. He's still recovering and training new Mechanics. We're on our own here.

Coco, turning to Sarah: Hey, we've got each other.

Sarah smiles but as she turns away, her smiles fades into a frown.

Bailiff: All rise!

Everyone rises from their seats aside from the judge who makes his way over to the judge's bench. Brandon stands at a table standing next to Whitney, Sarah's mother, who appears to be standing in as his defender. He looks at her, a little worried, then looks back at the audience, seeing Coco and Sarah watching him. He gives a short confident smile then turns back, his smile fading.

Bailiff: The U.S. District Court for Bellwood is now in session, the Honorable Judge Charlie presiding. Please be seated.

Everyone seats down again.

Judge: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of Bellwood versus Brandon Tennyson. Are both sides ready?

Prosecutor: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.

Judge, turning to Whitney: And you, the Defense?

Whitney looks at Brandon then turns to the judge.

Whitney: The defense is ready, Your Honor.

Judge: Good. I'll be honest, I'm quite surprised to have this trial brought up to me, let alone happen in general. But it's my understanding that people change. And I hope for your sake, defense, that you can prove this is not the case. This is a criminal case brought by the United States of America charging the defendant, Brandon Tennyson, with being a possible threat to, not just the nation, but the entire world, as it may be. The Government claims that Brandon Tennyson, has failed his duties as the Earth's protector, or hero as he claims, and needs to face justice for the charges presented before him; breaking and entering, assault, soliciting, destruction of property and endangerment of civilian lives. How do you plead to these charges?

Brandon: Not guilty, your Honor.

Judge: Hm... the defendant pleads not guilty, let this be known to the court. Prosecution, you may begin with your opening statements.

The prosecutor stands up and straightens his tie. He's wearing a dark grey, with a red tie, and has spiky black hair, pointed forwards.

Prosecutor: Thank you, Your Honor.

He turns to the jury and walks towards them at a slow and easy pace.

Prosecutor: We all know Brandon Tennyson to be a hero, the protector of this world from alien incursions and more other-worldly events. But looks can be deceiving. We can him a hero but is soaking up all the fame and glory really what someone would call- heroic? (the crowd starts to mutter among themselves) (he turns to face the audience) Think about it, all of you. We didn't know about his actions as an alien hero until his secret was leaked to the public earlier this year by an anonymous hacker. Would he have even come clean about his heroics had that not occurred? And why would he be hiding in the first place if he wasn't doing anything wrong? These are the types of the questions that come up from looking into why he does what he does and there will be more coming. But the main question you need to ask yourself is- (turning back to the jury) even if he's a hero now and has done nothing wrong, like the defense may argue, who is to say he wouldn't turn to the dark side and go from Earth's savior... (sneering at Brandon) to it's destructor. That is all.

The prosecutor walks back to his desk, fixing his tie again.

Judge: Defense.

Whitney stands up from her desk, putting together a stack of papers neatly. She then stands before her desk and looks over to the jury.

Whitney: I'll admit, it's hard not to think that a boy with the power to transform into aliens could potentially become a danger. But he has been doing this for the past six years, saving the Earth from devastation- from threats that we weren't entirely aware of. He has been our hero and wielded that power with a great deal of responsibility. A point brought up from the hearing prior to this case was to have the defendant surrender his source of the power, the Ultimatrix, to the government to wielded accordingly. But the truth of the matter is, no one knows how to operate this device better than he can and he has made that very clear through his actions as not only a protector, but a hero. And it's not how he handles that power that makes him that hero. No, it's the heart that fuels the good within him. That is what makes him worthy of that power and worthy of the title of hero. That is all I have to say.

Judge: Thank you. Mr. Eleft, you may bring up your first witness.

Prosecutor Eleft: Of course. The Prosecution would like to call General Gates to the stand.

Brandon looks a little worried as General Gates is brought in and sits at the stand.

Prosecutor Eleft: Please, state your name and occupation for the court.

General Gates: My name is General Matthew Gates. I command the Global Extraterrestrial Investigation Taskforce.

Prosecutor Eleft: Would say you were close to the defendant?

General Gates: At some point, I may have. But now, not so much.

Prosecutor Eleft: And what severed your relationship with the defendant?

General Gates: Frankly, it's my belief in him. It's just not there anymore. I used to believe he was a capable young man, I respected him for that. I even trusted him. But, without revealing too much, as this is related to classified intel, my trust was broken when he went against myself and my organization. I'm afraid I can't get answer any further than that.

Prosecutor Eleft: I understand. Would you say that without the consultation of the government, in the form of the G.E.I.T., the defendant has become a threat to the world?

Whitney: Objection, Your Honor. He's leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled.

Prosecutor Eleft: Do you believe Brandon Tennyson is now a threat? General, please, answer the question.

General Gates looks at Brandon who looks at him.

General Gates: If I'm speaking honestly, I believed he was threat since I first met him.

A audience mumbles loudly among themselves. The judge slams his gavel against the block.

Judge: Order! Order in the courtroom!

Brandon looks down, as if in disappointment. The scene then cuts ahead with General Gates leaving the stand. Whitney sits next to Brandon and gives him a reassuring pat on the back.

Whitney: We're going to get through this, Brandon. Don't you worry.

Brandon: Thanks, Aunt Whitney. I- uh- I appreciate it, but this isn't easy; seeing someone I know come to the stand and say things like that- things that they think are true about me...

Whitney: Well, hopefully, our luck turns around.

Judge: Defense?

Whitney: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Are you ready to provide your witness?

Whitney: I am, Your Honor. The Defense would like to call to the court Professor McKellen to the stand.

Professor McKellen is escorted to the stand by the Bailiff.

Professor McKellen: My... this is fascinating.

Whitney: State your name and occupation, please.

Professor McKellen: My name is Professor Evan S. McKellen. I used to be the lead scientist in charge of an energy transferring project but now I am assigned as a researcher for Fracture Core.

Whitney: Professor, would you say you were pessimistic about the defendant upon meeting him?

Professor McKellen: Well, yes. I didn't know who he was and what he wanted. You see, my research group and I were working quite hard in our facility and never really interacted with the outside world much. Only Duncan really kept up with the news and knew who Brandon was. Yes, Duncan knew... (sigh)

Whitney: And how did you feel after your encounter with him? Did anything change?

Professor McKellen: Indeed, it has. He saved me and any surviving crew members from these horrible creatures. If he hadn't been there, we would have lost everything... including our lives. I'm grateful for him being there.

Whitney: Nothing more, Your Honor.

Whitney goes to sit back down, next to Brandon. The prosecutor gets up and looks over at the professor.

Prosecutor Eleft: Professor, you mentioned surviving crew members, is this correct?

Professor McKellen: Uh- yes. Yes, I did.

Prosecutor Eleft: And what did you mean by that exactly?

Professor McKellen: I um... I'd rather not go into it.

Judge: Professor, please, answer the question.

Professor McKellen: Well uh- there were six of us. We were part of the main crew and were assisted by a team of scientists and other staff. However, by the end of the incident that occurred there... only three of us survived.

Prosecutor Eleft: Now you say that Brandon being there has prevented all of your lives from being lost, but do you believe that his presence actually endangered you and that your survival was just... lucky?

Whitney: Your Honor!

Prosecutor Eleft: Allow me to rephrase the question: Did you ever feel like Brandon has failed his duties as a hero at any point?

Professor McKellen: Well... he let Jessica die. I don't know if I can fully forgive him for that. I don't personally blame him for it but he was supposed to protect her but instead he failed her.

Prosecutor Eleft: That's all I have, Your Honor.

Judge: Prosecution, do you have any witness?

Prosecutor Eleft: I do, Your Honor. The Prosecution would now like to call to the stand, Captain Burrows.

With the professor being guided off the stand by the bailiff, Captain Burrows is brought in shortly after and guided to the stand, where she seats. She looks over at Brandon then turns to the prosecutor who approaches the stand.

Prosecutor Eleft: Please, state your name and occupation for the record.

Captain Burrows: Captain Ellie Burrows, I used to be Captain of a team on a space station provided by NASA. Now I'm off-assignment, at the moment.

Prosecutor: Forgive me but I'm starting to notice a pattern here, Your Honor.

Judge: Explain.

Prosecutor Eleft: Well, let me ask this. Captain, did your team suffer from an incident that caused you to become off-assignment?

Captain Burrows: Yes. We suffered from an alien incursion on board the station. There are many causalities. In fact, I'm the only survivor of this incident...

Prosecutor Eleft: And would you say that Brandon is directly connected to this incident?

Captain Burrows: I uh- the alien incursion was directly the fault of my own. I authorized the space debris onto the station after it breached our hull which, in turn, lead to the unfortunate turn of events which spawned these alien creatures.

Prosecutor Eleft: I see, but how was this threat dealt with exactly? I assume you took control of the situation being Captain and all.

Captain Burrows: Actually my first officer and statistics leader, Dave Clarke, took the situation into his own hands by sacrificing himself in order to save the lives of myself, the defendant and his team.

Prosecutor Eleft: Your life, is quite understandable, Captain. But, being a hero, shouldn't be the responsibility of the defendant to put his life on the line rather than your first officer?

Captain Burrows: Well uh- I suppose but-

Prosecutor Eleft: That is all, Your Honor.

Whitney: (clears throat) I believe you were going to say something before the Prosecution interrupted you.

Captain Burrows: Yes. I realize that it may have been the defendant's responsibility to try and sacrifice himself for us but my first officer didn't give him a choice in the matter. In fact, if anyone had a choice in that situation, it would have been myself. I would have done it to save all of us, to save him at the very least. He deserved to live his life in full but he ended it, so that I can live mine.

Whitney: That is all, Your honor.

Judge: Does the defense have another witness they would like to bring to the stand?

Whitney: Indeed, Your Honor. The Defense would like to bring to stand, Matthew Deacon.

The bailiff leads Burrows out of the room and soon brings Matt Deacon out, leading him towards the stand.

Whitney: Witness, please state your name and occupation for the court record.

Matt: My name Matt. Matt Deacon. Currently, I am working part-time as a custodian. But probably notably... I had previously worked as apart of a villainous group known only as the Extreme Bikers.

Mumbles are heard throughout the court. The judge slams his gavel against the block.

Judge: Order! Order in the court! ...Defense, please continue.

Whitney: Of course, Your Honor. (to Deacon) Mr. Deacon, were you aware of that your time in this group had caused you to perform dubious actions?

Prosecutor Eleft: Objection! Of course he was fully aware, he did claim they were a villainous group, did he not? If anything, why should we even accept such testimony in this court. He is a criminal.

Matt: If I may-

Judge, surprised: Go on, Mr. Deacon.

Matt: I'm well aware that my actions as an Extreme Biker had caused harm to others. I'm not looking for an excuse to claim my innocence. But, at the time, I let my anger and rage get to my head and cloud my senses. I only had my best interests at heart and my mission in mind. But my only best interest was to protect my daughter and wife, at home. When I realized that this rage had only brought destruction among lives, both of Earth and beyond, I just knew it was time to take a stand and end my wrong ways before any one else could be hurt. The only forgiveness I ask is not from this court or even from my family that I swore to protect... but to the lives I have taken.

Whitney: Mr. Deacon, along with several others, came to the police and worked out a deal for their cooperation. Mr. Deacon is currently under parole and is attempting to change his life for the better, finding more acceptable work in order to support his daughter. But this isn't about Mr. Deacon, this is about my client, the defendant. To which I would like to ask the witness about.

Judge: Go ahead.

Whitney: Was the defendant connected to the reason you turned away from villainy?

Matt: Yes, he was. Somehow, the boy was able to get inside my mind and show me the truth. The truth that blinded by all of my rage and anger. Without his intervention, without him just being there... things could've gotten much worse. (looking at Brandon) I owe him for this.

Brandon smiles humbly before looking away.

Whitney: The defense has no more questions for Mr. Deacon, Your Honor.

Prosecutor Eleft: Hm... the prosecutor has no further inquires as well.

Whitney looks surprised.

Judge: Are you sure, Prosecutor?

Prosecutor Eleft: Yes, very sure.

Whitney, quietly to Brandon: This is it then- we have this in the bag now.

Prosecutor Eleft: No, instead, I would like to call in my surprise witness!

Whitney: Hang on, there was no mention of another witness!

Prosecutor Eleft: Yet, I'm allowed one, aren't I, Judge?

Judge: I see no problem with this. Please, continue, Mr. Eleft.

Prosecutor Eleft: Of course. The Prosecution would like to bring their final witness to the stand... Amy Yamamoto.

Brandon looks surprised, almost terrified, by the mention of her name.

Brandon: A-Amy?

Amy is then brought in by the bailiff. She looks out at the audience but tries to keep her head down. Her gaze then comes onto Brandon's who can't seem to look away from her. His surprised expression of his face, fixated onto her. She looks surprised upon seeing him but then realization comes onto her. She then averts her gaze, as if ashamed. When she makes it to the stand, she looks out at the court once again.

Prosecutor Eleft: State your name and occupation.

Amy: A-Amy... Amy Yamamoto. I'm a professional tennis player and part-time student.

Prosecutor Eleft: Please, tell us... what was relationship with the defendant?

Whitney: Objection! Your Honor, this line of questioning is irrelevant. How she felt about the defendant doesn't mean anything when discussing the defendant's current impact on society.

Prosecutor Eleft: I disagree, Defense. All I want to know is how she felt towards the defendant and I think how someone feels towards the defendant is completely relevant to the topic at hand. Whether she feels that she has been a hero or not is what this entire trial is all about.

Judge: The Prosecution makes a solid point. Objection overruled. Continue, Mr. Eleft.

Prosecutor Eleft: Were you close with the defendant, Ms. Yamamoto?

Amy: I was... at one point. He was my friend and after that... my boyfriend. But not anymore.

Prosecutor Eleft: And what caused this sudden break-up to occur?

Amy: Well, for one, it wasn't really sudden. It's been building up for quite a while. I just didn't see it until it was too late.

Prosecutor Eleft: You didn't see it "until it was too late". Now what does that mean, Ms. Yamamoto? Are you insinuating that the defendant hurt you?

Amy: What? No. That's not... entirely what I meant.

Prosecutor Eleft: I'm going to need a straight answer, Ms. Yamamoto. Did you ever feel like your life was in danger with the defendant?

Amy looks at Brandon.

Amy: I'd rather not answer that question.

Judge: Please... answer the question.

The court is silent for a moment. Brandon looks at Amy with a look of guilt. She looks at him back with a look of distress.

Amy: Yes. I felt like I was in danger at one point.

The people mutter loudly causing the judge to slam his gavel against the block once more.

Judge: I demand order in this court room!

Prosecutor Eleft: The prosecution has nothing left, Your Honor.

He turns his back to Amy and smiles smugly as he returns to his desk. Amy continues looking over at Brandon who simply looks down, obviously saddened but not especially surprised by this turn of events. Whitney looks at Brandon then walks over to the stand.

Whitney: Would you say that the defendant is not a good person?

Amy: Of course not. I cared for Brandon and while I can't say I trust him or believe in him now... I know, more than anything, that he's still a hero to everyone else. That much hasn't changed, at least.

She looks back but nothing has changed with Brandon.

Whitney: No further questions, Your Honor.

Judge: Well... seeing as that was the last witness, it seems that we have gathered all the testimony needed to come up with a final verdict on whether The People believe that the defendant, Brandon Tennyson, is capable of retaining the title of hero and possessing power over the device known as the Ultimatrix or is considered a threat to the world and should face the proper measures on dealing with this power accordingly. Are both sides ready for final arguments?

Prosecutor Eleft: Ready, Your Honor.

Whitney: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Then the Prosecution may begin.

Prosecutor Eleft: There have been many eye-witness accounts showing the defendant's heroics, for sure, but they have also been accounts of his abuse of power. How irresponsible he truly is at best and how dangerous he can truly be, at his worse. As we've gone over this trial, the trust for the defendants in others had been lost over time and for good reason too. He isn't what he appeared to be and when his true colors were shown, his allies turned to their common sense and turned on him- just as we should. This boy is no hero and his power is too great for him to control. I rest my case.

Judge: And you, Defense?

Whitney: People of the Jury, and all people looking in, the defendant may just be a boy and, while even I saw that much power being in his hands as a dangerous notion, I trusted my instincts about him and got all of us pretty far. He has saved the world and other worlds so many times. I think that has showed that he has the heart of a good man and the will of ten men. And him being a boy might show off his mistakes but, to me, it shows off his Humanity. The media labels him as an alien hero but he has been Human since the very beginning and he fights for both alien kind and man kind. And if a Human being like him can wield such power for as long as he has, and save the universe countless times, then I can only ask you to do one thing. To believe... believe in the idea of heroes.

The sound of a gavel slamming down is then heard which cuts to the outside of the court. The doors are then opened by some officers with people from the audience, including Brandon and the attorneys, walking out. Brandon stands with Coco and Whitney.

Whitney: Like the judge said, the court's going to take a recess while the jury decide on a final verdict. So that should give you some breathing room. I know it's been hard in there but you really pulled through. We're nearly out of this, champ.

Brandon: Aunt Whitney, I just want to say thank you, again, for supporting me. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Whitney: Don't mention it, Brandon.

Coco: I didn't even know you were a lawyer.

Whitney: Really? Sarah didn't mention it.

Coco: Not that I'm aware of...

Whitney: Oh well, yeah. I am, have been for quite a while now.

Whitney turns her head and sees Eleft, looking out at the crowd, down at the end of the court platform.

Whitney: I need to go take care of something. I'll be back before recess is over. Oh and try not to use the Ultimatrix. It's like we discussed earlier, we want the people on our side here. If transform, they might not trust you anymore. So please, stick with our agreement.

Brandon nods and Whitney walks off. Sarah then emerges from the crowd, making her way over. She hugs Brandon.

Sarah: Brandon, I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Brandon: It's fine... I guess. It was a real eye-opener actually.

Sarah lets go and looks at him with a humble smile.

Coco, crossing his arms: So how do you want to do this?

Brandon: What do you mean?

Coco: Well, if this doesn't work out, we're going to need a plan for getting you out of here.

Sarah: If this doesn't work out?

Coco: I'm just being realistic. A lot of these people- they don't seem to like what they heard in there.

Brandon: I can't say I blame them.

Coco: So? What are we going to do?

Brandon: Nothing. I'm not breaking out of jail or running away from this, Coco. I have to have faith in the people and hope they give me the change to appeal to them. The people have complaints and- I get it- I realize I haven't been as heroic as I thought I was lately but I can always work on that. That's all I can hope for.

Sarah: And if they don't see it that way?

Brandon: I suppose that's it then.

Sarah: So you're just giving up?

Brandon: I'm not giving up, Sarah. In fact, I refuse to give up. But I can't fight the system. These aren't bad guys we can just beat down, these are people who are concerned with how I can handle this power. Besides, if they do vote a guilty verdict or whatever it's going to be, they'll just say I can't use the Ultimatrix anymore or I'll have to find a way to shut it off, maybe even destroy it. Settle down and try to make the best out of the situation. Probably go back to be a soccer-playing teen again. Just a normal life...

Coco: But what about Mr. C and all the other super villains out there? Without the Ultimatrix, you won't be Brandon 10 anymore.

Brandon: I'll always be Brandon 10. I mean, we'll figure something out. You two still have your powers, it's not like they're going to be taken away from you. We can still save the day, as long as we're still a team. That's all that matters.

Brandon puts his arms around the other two and smiles. They smile back and, all three of them start to walk down the stairs. As they do, a slight rumbling and whooshing noise can be faintly heard getting closer and closer. Brandon then starts to notice and looks up. He sees a small figure approaching. He squints his eyes to get a better look but the figure closes in, getting bigger and bigger as it comes in with high speeds.

Brandon: Look ou-!

A rocket then crashes into the side of the courtroom stairs, creating an explosion as citizens run in panic. Screams and cries can be heard as several people tumble down the stairs, including Brandon. He finds himself in front of the stairs, laying on the ground. He coughs and looks up with a groggy expression. He holds his head and tries to get up. He then turns his head as an object crashes down a few feet before him. He steps back, nearly tripping over himself. The sudden drop of this object causes him to become more alert and gain a look of surprise as the object gets up, revealing itself to be not only a person, but an armored Bounty Hunter in silver armor. He extends his arms out and looks around the area. Two police officers steps forth and start firing at the Bounty Hunter, however their weapons are ineffective against his armor. The Bounty Hunter then focuses his weaponry on them and fires. The cops manage to move out of the way, however, the impact of the missiles cause a small explosion within the court room stairs. Brandon closes his fists and prepares to step forward but a cry for help catches his attention. He turns his head and sees people trapped underneath debris from the courtroom building. He then rushes over and tries to help by lifting the debris off of the citizens.

Brandon: It's okay, I've got you.

The Bounty Hunter turns its attention to a group of people in business attire and starts firing at them with short lasers. Some start to suffer from great injury until something rams into the Bounty Hunter, throwing him off balance. He then regains his balance and looks up, seeing Coco in a marble form. He creates a blade from his arm and raises it to the Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter, in a robotic voice: You are not my target.

Coco: Bet I'll give you a run for your money, anyways.

The Bounty Hunter leans forwards, its boots project a fiery boost which allows him to fly right for Coco, knocking him back into the court room stairs. The Bounty Hunter then flies around, firing at Coco but the laser fire is blocked by an energy barrier. The Bounty Hunter turns his head and sees Sarah projecting the energy barrier. She then redirects the energy when the Bounty Hunter starts firing at her and reforms it into an energy bubble surrounding her. Coco then helps move some of the injured people while the Bounty Hunter is distracted and escorts them over to some police officers who were paroling the perimeter around the courthouse. Brandon also manages to help some more citizens and turns his head, seeing the Bounty Hunter continue to fire at Sarah. He looks down at the Ultimatrix.

Brandon: I can't use it... but that doesn't mean I can't help.

He then looks past the Ultimatrix, noticing the pieces of debris on the ground. As the Bounty Hunter continues firing at Sarah's energy bubble, she begins to show signs of struggling. He continues until a rock is thrown at him. He then diverts his attention over to Brandon, who had a few rocks under his arm and starts throwing them at the Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter, in robotic voice: Threat level: Basic. Priority: Unharm. Action: Neutralizing threat.

The Bounty Hunter changes its weaponry mode and fires a net at Brandon, capturing him.

Brandon: Hey!

Sarah then lets go of her shield and takes a breath. She then turns, seeing citizens huddled underneath the pillars of the courthouse.

Sarah: Quick, everyone get inside. You'll be safer there.

The citizens and court staff comply and head inside. The Bounty Hunter then switches its attention from Brandon to another group of people in formal attire. He then lands before them. They move back, passing by a police cruiser.

Man: Please, stay away from us!

Bounty Hunter: Priority: Harm. Threat level: None. Action: Destroy target!

The Bounty Hunter then lifts the police cruiser with both arms and raises it over his head. He then prepares to slam it down over the group of people before him but the cruiser is yanked from his grasp by an energy clamp projected by Sarah, who stands on the courthouse stairs. The Bounty Hunter notices this and extends his arms out, firing rapid laser fire at Sarah, while also advances slowly towards her. However, before the lasers can reach her, Coco stands before him, taking the laser fire which soon starts to chip away at his marble armor. Once the Bounty Hunter gets close enough, he ceases fire and simply grabs Coco, now in normal form, by the neck and tosses him aside with a brute force. The Bounty Hunter then kneels down, after taking a step forward, and projects himself towards her using his rocket boots. Sarah then slams the car down elsewhere, where it can't harm anyone, and quickly attempts to shield herself. However, he manages to get to her before he can project one. He then grabs her by her neck and slams her against the side of the courthouse, causing the wall to crack. She then falls unconscious within his grasp. He then lets go, causing her body to drop to the floor. The Bounty Hunter then slowly turns his head and face the group of people he has been targeting behind him. They starts to run but he extends his arm out and fires another missile at them. He misses but the explosion it creates catches them, knocking them down to the ground.

Bounty Hunter: 87% of the targets have been injured to a moderate and heavy degree. Status: Exceptional. Action: ...Proceed with current mission. All targets must be destroyed.

Brandon then manages to release themselves from the net. He looks around, seeing both Coco and Sarah disposed of and the Bounty Hunter advancing towards the injured people. He then looks at the Ultimatrix once again.

Brandon: I can't... (looks back to the Bounty Hunter, still advancing forwards) (sighs) But I have no choice.

The Bounty Hunter finally makes over to the weakened group of individuals. He then loads up his arm cannon once again. He charges it for a final attack against the man that spoke for them last. He looks up and tries to hold his hand out.

Man: Please... don't...

Bounty Hunter: Mission must be completed. No matter the cost.

Before the Bounty Hunter can fire, his arm is grabbed by an electric force of some kind. His armor then short-circuits while the Bounty Hunter, himself, then thrown back. He then struggles to get up and sees Bio-Shock manipulating the electric force.

Bio-Shock: BIO-SHOCK!

The Bounty Hunter rolls to his feet and fires at Bio-Shock who creates an electromagnetic shield around himself, which simply "puts out" the laser fire. The Bounty Hunter then extends an energy blade from its armor and charges for Bio-Shock who releases the electric field, knocking him back. The Bounty Hunter attempts to get up but notices his armor beginning to fail. He then looks up, seeing Bio-Shock approach him.

Bounty Hunter: Armor condition: Critical. Mission Status: Complete. Action: Retreating.

The Bounty Hunter then activates its rocket boots and takes off before Bio-Shock can attack him any further. Bio-Shock then turns his attention to the injured people and helps each of them up as police officers come to help him. One of the people Bio-Shock helps up is none other than Judge Charlie.

Judge: You do realize that transforming violates your agreement with the court, Mr. Tennyson.

Bio-Shock: I do and I'm willing to accept any penalty for it. As long you and all these people are safe, that's all that matters to me.

Judge: No. No penalty or punishments. You acknowledgement is all I need. I'll be sure to keep note of this, personally. And thank you, Mr. Tennyson.

Bio-Shock nods. He turns and sees paramedics arriving on the scene. He then transforms back into Brandon, seeing the devastation and the people's reaction to it. Later, the injured people are seen being rushed over to ambulances. Brandon stands by one where both Coco and Sarah are being treated.

Brandon: I'm glad you guys are okay.

Coco: Pft, it's gonna take a lot more than that to keep me down.

Brandon: Still, that Bounty Hunter was pretty powerful.

Sarah: We're okay, Brandon. Really. Something tells me our safety isn't the only thing on your mind.

Brandon: Yeah, I'm just curious is all. Like- why would the Bounty Hunter not attack me? And why go after only a certain group of people?

Sarah: Well, they were pretty well known.

Brandon: Really?

Sarah: (sigh) I forgot. You don't watch the news. Yeah, most of them were politicians, councilors, people of the justice system. I'm even positive the Mayor was here.

Coco: Makes sense. A court case like this is bound to bring in a lot of people of power especially when it's your power and the safety of Bellwood that's being questioned.

Brandon: But why now? Why is there a trial now? Something just doesn't feel right about all this.

He turns his head and looks around the area until his gaze looks onto something, or someone. He then sees Mr. C's secretary, pressing her hands against her ear, talking. She nods and turns the corner.

Brandon: And I'm starting to get an idea of what it is.

Coco: What are you planning?

Brandon: Nothing crazy but I need to get to the bottom of this thing before someone else gets hurts.

Sarah: The trial has been postponed until further notice but that doesn't mean you're out of the woods, Brandon. Whatever happens can be used against you.

Brandon: I know. I'll be careful. Just take care of each other, alright?

Brandon rushes down the courthouse stairs, leaving Coco and Sarah at the ambulance. Brandon then turns the corner and looks ahead, seeing Mr. C's secretary walking ahead. She turns into an alleyway. Brandon gives a questionable look and chases her into the alleyway. However, as soon as he turns, there's no one there.

Brandon: Wh-What?

He looks around but there's no one to be found. He then lets out a sigh and scratches his head before walking out of the alleyway and then walking down the sidewalk. The view then rises, to the roof of the building and shows the secretary watching Brandon from above. She presses her fingers to her ear, as if activating some kind of communication device.

Mr. C's Secretary: He's making his move, sir.

Mr. C, over the communication device: Good. All is going according to plan. Stay close to him then act when the time is right. This will be over soon.

The scene then cuts over to the Bellwood Public Library. There aren't too many people there, but any citizens there are either reading or using the computer. Brandon is then seen seated at a computer, trying to blend in as best as he can; he even removed his jacket and put it on the chair. He types on the computer and pulls up articles and websites about politicians. He scrolls down on one site.

Brandon, quietly, to himself: Councilors, councilors... There we go.

He stops at the section showing the members of the Bellwood Council. He reads through, seeing pictures and smalls bios of each member until he stops at one in particular, that has no image.

Brandon, reading, quietly, to himself: Councilman C. Kore. He was the only one I didn't see at the court during the attack. And the name fits- C. (noticing the lack of a picture) No picture. According to this little bio, he hasn't any public appearances yet; it's almost as if he just became a politician over night. With his position in the government... that would explain how he able to get a court case together, bringing all those politicians under one roof; ready for an attack. Him being a councilman also answers how he got some many resources that he can use to blackmail all those companies and organizations. But that still doesn't explain how he knew about the artifact, the engine or those alien experiments... But at least, I know one thing: Mr. C is The Councilman. And that's as close as I ever gotten to knowing just who he is and stopping him for good. Now, all that's left is to see him, myself, face-to-face.

The computer then powers down. Brandon then looks at it confused. He smacks the side a couple of times but, soon after, all the power in the library shuts off, throwing the entire building into darkness. Brandon then gets up, grabbing his jacket, as the daylight from outside acts as the only light source for them. He then puts his jacket on while looking around at the confused people. He then backs into an aisle behind him and turns to walk ahead but stops when he sees a figure standing before him all the way at the end.

Figure: Looks like you've figured it all out. Well, most of it, I should I say.

Brandon: Who-'s you, isn't it? The woman. You were there at the courthouse and at the temple. And I'm willing to bet you've connected to Mr. C or The Councilman or whatever else you want to call him.

Figure: That's right. It's time, Brandon Tennyson.

Brandon: ...Time for what?

Mr. C's secretary steps closer, coming into the daylight projected from a nearby window.

Mr. C's Secretary: Time for you to meet, The Councilman. I can force you to come but we both know that's not going to happen.

Brandon nods and straightens his jacket. The secretary smiles deviously. The scene then cuts over to an office, later that night. Inside, Brandon is lead over to a room by the secretary. She stands before the door and turns to Brandon.

Mr. C's Secretary: Stay here. I'll be back soon.

The secretary vanishes into the room, leaving Brandon in the lobby. He looks around, noticing the empty seat at the secretary's desk. He then looks up, seeing a security camera in the corner. He then notices the red light on the camera turning off, with the camera deactivating, it would seem. Brandon looks at it questionably but then turns back to the desk. He looks at the door, which remains closed, and makes his way to the side of the secretary's desk. He goes through the drawers, finding nothing in the bottom two, various papers pertaining to contracts about security protocols and power transference in the second drawer and finding strange-looking technology in the top drawers, which look similar to power tools. Brandon looks at them with a little surprise and confusion.

Brandon, quietly, to himself: Tools? What is this doing in the-

His sentence drags on as he starts to realize something. He then looks up and sees the Secretary standing right there, watching him with fixated eyes. Brandon backs up, obviously startled, and looks at her.

Mr. C's Secretary: (closes the drawer without a word) ...The Councilman is ready to see you.

Brandon's gaze then fixates from the woman to the door. He then takes a breath and makes his way over there. The secretary opens the door for him and holds it open as Brandon walks into the dark office. There's a table lamp on the desk that is activated but the light only project before the desk, leaving a shadowy darkness behind the desk, where the Councilman is seated, his back and the back of the chair he's seated in facing away from Brandon. The Secretary closes the door behind her and stands in front of it, as if guarding the door. Brandon takes a few steps closer and he approaches the desk.

Mr. C/The Councilman: Brandon Tennyson... we finally meet. Please, take a seat.

Brandon: I'd rather stand, thank you.

The Councilman: I've been waiting for this day for a long while, Brandon. You have no idea.

Brandon: Who are you?

The Councilman: You know who I am.

Brandon: Yeah, I know you're Mr. C, a crime lord that dishes out deals with various technology-based companies and organizations. I also know that you're The Councilman, a representative of the government and was able to use his resources to manipulate court cases and blackmail people into supporting your candidacy.

The Councilman: You've caught on quickly. It seems I underestimated you. Or have I? Did you really figure it all out?

Brandon: No. I don't know how you managed to know about the Raineon Cub, the Lesko Engine or Immensity Crystal. Unless you have an understanding of alien technology...

The Councilman: Go on...

Brandon looks at him for a moment.

Brandon: You also have to have understanding of how some things work in space. Bounty Hunters, intergalactic dealings, alien species, plans of for incursions and invasions...

The Councilman: Right on the mark. 10 points to you.

Brandon: You think this is a game? People got hurt at that courthouse, people died at that temple. And whatever you have planned with the objects that you managed to steal or acquire, will only cause more harm to people.

The Councilman: You talk as if you're this world's protector but, I believe, it's clear what they really think of you from the court trial, don't you think? I mean are you really a hero? You're nothing a child... you always were one.

Brandon: You act like you know me. Well, you don't. You might be smart, you might think you're one step ahead of me. But I will stop you.

The Councilman: Then do it. I'm not armed. Strike me down and show the world how much of a hero you really are.

Brandon: No. I'm not a moron. I know you have a reputation and role in the government. If I attack you without proving you're Mr. C, I'll get arrested.

The Councilman: I'm almost impressed. Almost. You've come so far from the last time we've met. But you're still just as naive as our first encounter.

Brandon: Alright, enough. We've never met before, okay? So just drop it already.

The Councilman: I won't hold it against you, Brandon. A lot has changed since then, as you can see.

Brandon: Then it's about time you told me who you are.

The Councilman remains seated in the darkness. His outline barely seen, however, his figure can be soon be seen rising from the chair. He then steps out from it and stands before the desk, into the light, revealing himself to be a tall man with short black hair, wearing a red three-piece suit with a black waistcoat with red buttons. While his face appears rejuvenated and slightly different, it does resemble the look of someone familiar.

Brandon: No... No. That face- I- No... it can't be.

The Councilman: Now you know who I am.

Brandon, surprised: Conqueror...

The Conqueror: What's the matter? You seem surprised to see to me.

Brandon: I thought you were-

The Conqueror: What? Destroyed? Thrown into space again? No... not this time.

Brandon: How? What- How can you even be standing here right now? You're not even mutated anymore.

The Conqueror: After our last encounter, the Omnitrix overloaded and caused me to mutate into a monstrous creature I imagine. My memory on the circumstance is not as good as yours, I'm afraid. But what happened after that... I remember all of it. When my ship exploded, I wasn't thrown into space- no, we were too low for that. I crashed into the ocean and sunk. Technically, I was dead but, with the destruction of the Omnitrix, my genetic damage started to become undone... all of it. I was cured, I was Human again. I was found on a shoreline, one day. He was a councilman, the man who found me. He took me back to his retreat but not to save me. No, he began to suspect that there was something unnatural about me. Wanted some rather suspicious organizations to lock me up and experiment on me. But we all know what happened last time that happened so I made sure he didn't do that. So I took over his old life and became the Councilman while he took over mines and was left to die.

Brandon: You didn't have to do that.

The Conqueror: He had power. What did you want me to do? Work and earn it? No- I did that before and it was taken from me. The only way to earn power is to take it from someone else.

Brandon: So is that what you were trying to do? Was that your plan the whole time? To get a court case against me and try to get the court to force me to surrender the Ultimatrix to you?

The Conqueror: It was the start of a plan. But plans change.

The Conqueror reaches for the phone and dials in a number.

Brandon: What are you-

The Conqueror: Shush. (someone answers) Hello? Yes, I need security down here, right away!

Brandon reaches for the Ultimatrix but the sound of a weapon charging can be heard behind him, causing him to freeze. The view then pans to the right, showing the Secretary is hold out her arm, which reforms into a laser cannon, of some sort, and point it at the back of Brandon's head.

The Conqueror, placing the phone away from him: My DNA was rewritten so I'm technically a new man but that doesn't mean I still don't have the same old methods, Brandon.

Brandon: Conqueror Droids...

The Conqueror, going back on the phone: Yes, I'm here. Brandon 10 just barged into my office and is attacking me! Please send help! I-

He hangs up.

Brandon: Why? Why would you this? What do you have gain this?

The Conqueror: Everything! You've denied me my right to power for far too long. Soon, my plan will complete and I will become so powerful that not even you could stop me.

Brandon: I've heard this all before. Nothing but big talk.

The Conqueror: But this time, you're wrong. I have devised something that's beyond your comprehension. But for now, this is the power that I have, and I can't have you running around, trying to get me out of the office. Security will arrive and they will arrest you, no matter what you say, and your credibility will be diminished, your reputation will drop and your fame will crumble to dust. You'll no longer be a hero to these people that you swear to protect. No, you'll be the criminal that assaulted a politician trying to save the world.

Brandon: You'll never get away with this!

The Conqueror: If you ask me, I already have. Now, there's three things you can do. One: you can wait here for security to arrive and accept your defeat. Two: you could try to stop me now but you'll still get arrested and be treated like a criminal. Or Three: you can try to escape. A criminal on the run. Now you might be thinking, why would I offer you a chance to escape? Well, the thing is I'm counting on it. Sit in a jail cell if you want but giving you a false sense of hope and throwing you out into the city where just about everyone and anyone can try to tear you apart would be just as entertaining as I thought it would be.

Brandon glares at the Conqueror with a look of held back anger. The Conqueror smiles at him then looks over at his Conqueror Droid, disguised as a secretary. He then nods, causing her to lower his weapon, reforming it back into her arm. Brandon then activates the Ultimatrix and is ready to slam down the face plate. However, the sound of people approaching can be heard. Brandon notices this but turns back to the Conqueror.

The Conqueror: So, what's it going to be, hero? Me or you. Revenge or Freedom. Either way, I win and you lose.

Brandon: We'll see about that, Conqueror.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into Rocks.

Rocks: ROCKS!

The door then crashes open and police officers enter the room, with their weapons out. Rocks then rushes forwards and crashes through the window. The officers go to the window and look out. They don't see anyone there. The officers then turn and go to the secretary who is on the floor, acting as if she was injured. The Conqueror then steps to the broken window and looks out.

The Conqueror: See you soon, Brandon 10.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Brandon is falsely accused as a criminal
  • The Conqueror returns

Minor Events

  • The courtroom is attacked by a Bounty Hunter
  • Several politicians were attacked and injured
  • Brandon attended his first court trial.


  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Eli Wright (First Appearance)
  • Amy
  • Richard Remar (First Appearance)
  • General Gates
  • G.E.I.T.
  • Judge Charlie (First Appearance)
  • Whitney Tennyson
  • Prosecutor Eleft (First Appearance)
  • Matt Deacon
  • Captain Ellie Burrows
  • Professor McKellen
  • Cindy Quinn
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Phoenix Labs Staff (First Appearance)
    • Henry the Security Guard (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used


  • The episode was originally going to be called, "An Enemy Returns" but it was changed for two reasons mostly: One was because it might have given away the reveal at the end and the other reason was so it can fit with the theme of the topic, which was a court trial.
  • The Conqueror makes his first re-appearance since the ending of Alien Force.
  • There was a chance that Eli was going to be a female, Ellie, with the scene where he's introduced written for both either a male and female character.
  • The actual trial scene had used Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as a guide, among other research, for how a court case would occur.
  • One of the scenes that were cut from the episode was Brandon confronting Richard the night before the trial, trying to expose him. The situation would have escalated when Amy was brought up, causing Brandon to get emotional. However, because of his good reputation, it makes Brandon look as though he's picking on an innocent person, which would have reflected badly on him in court with Remar testifying against him and the people supporting Remar also.
  • The Bounty Hunter used in this episode was originally going to be the same Bounty Hunter used in The Space Empire however his methods were different from the ones planned on being used here so a new Bounty Hunter was created, having similar methods to the first Bounty Hunter, more noticeably from the Original Series, and the fourth Bounty Hunter used in The Tenth Alien.
    • This Bounty Hunter was inspired by Iron Man.
  • Some scenes in this episode were inspired by/based on scenes from Captain America: Civil War.
  • Coco's comments about not knowing Whitney was a lawyer and how Sarah never mentioned it is a meta-reference towards the episode, Another Story, where the Writer believed he mentioned that Whitney had a job as a lawyer within the episode (similar to Sarah's father's job as a police officer being casually brought up) but apparently forgot to have any of the characters mention it during the episode.
  • The title of the episode, Trial by Ordeal, is based on the phrase with the same name. Trial by ordeal is a ancient practice where an individual is subjugated to a painful and deadly experience to prove whether they are innocent or guilty.
    • It was chosen as an alternative to Trial by Fire but it almost wasn't the title of the episode because of how graphic the phrase could be interpreted. However, it was ultimately decided to be the title of the episode because of the implication of the phrase as it could relate to the pain Brandon would go through; not physically but emotionally and psychologically.
  • Plenty of prior episodes, from both this series and prior ones, were referenced in this episode alone, including the return of minor characters from Season 2 and 3 episodes, during the trial.
  • This episode marks the end of the first story pod for this season.
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