Right, once this is all over, I plan on becoming a superhero with this watch thing, not to like save the world, I know I'm never gonna do that. I'm just some kid from Bellwood, I want to because I know that, maybe, just maybe, I can stop things from getting worse. They may not get better, but they won't be worse.

A New Hero Rises: Part 2

Trent Woods
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood Branch Plumber Base
Age 15
Affiliations Pragmatic Good
Occupations Plumber in Training
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Somewhat high Intellect
Equipment Ultimatrix
Relatives Deceased Parents
Aliases Trent 10(Hero Name)

Dinglebrain (Brannigan)

Watch Kid (Also Brannigan)

Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Trent Woods is a titled character in Trent 10. He first appeared in A New Hero Rises: Part 1. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Trent is generally weakly built for the most part, the only thing that isn't skinny about him is his stomach which he doesn't consider to be THAT bad.

He can be described as a Caucasian male with messy black hair who commonly wears a shirt with a being similar to MindMatter on a Space background and gray sweatpants.

For the most part in the series he generally wears the regular Plumber's outfit


Trent's personality can best be described as a "Knight in Sour Armor" A character archetype that fights for good not because they believe that they can change the world for the better, but because it's what's right. But this isn't all he is, his cynical attitude is somewhat covered up by his Hot-Blooded nature usually stemming from insults to himself, his family or his hair.

But don't let his anger fool you, he can prove to generally be quite competent in many fields of his interest.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Human Trent doesn't have any proper powers, however he DOES have the Ultimatrix which allows him to transform into several different aliens and their Ultimate forms as well.


Whenever the Ultimatrix times out Trent is mostly left powerless and tends to run away from the issue at hand until it recharges.

His Hot-Blooded nature tends to get the better of him leading him to get into fights he probably shouldn't





Love Interests




Trent's personality is generally based off of 3 members of the Joestar Bloodline in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure specifically Joseph Joestar(Hot-Blooded Nature and Running Away from things) Jotaro Kujo(Cynical Nature) and Josuke Higashikata(Hair Insult Berserk Button)


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