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Tree Rex
General Information
Species Golioak
Home World Methanosia
Body Humanoid Tree
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Large Size

Super Strength Energy Projection

First Appearance Land of Dragons, part 2

Tree Rex is an alien Ben unlocks during season 2 of Unlimited Force. He is a Golioak from Methanosia, Swampfire's home planet.


Tree Rex is large in size. He has the feature appearances of tree stumps around his body, and is covered in wood-like armor. He also has what appears to be two horns on his head. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest, like the other aliens.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tree Rex has a large amount of strength, which compliments his large size. He can also make the orb on his wrist to glow, which then he can launch beams of energy from.


Despite being very durable, he can still be damaged greatly by fire.


  • Land of Dragons, part 2


  • Tree Rex is based on a playable character of the same name from the game, Skylanders Giants.
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