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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Trap Battle, Part 2 is the thirtieth episode of Evfnye 10.


After a long escape from the Buglizard, Evfnye hides on a roof and starts thinking about a plan. It comes in mind that if SupresLime has natural predators in his Nemetrix, he needs to counter them with something not natural, like Grey Matter's suit. He transforms into the said alien and lures the Buglizard, but SupresLime notices it and transforms the PM cell into an Omnivoracious, which preys Galvans. Grey Matter fights back and shocks the Omnivoracious, but it can't be outwitted by Grey Matter, so it tries various primitive methods to catch him. When Grey Matter temporarily knocks it off, SupresLime states his friend Neuroticus dislikes Galvans for Ketu being able to succesfully store a collection of DNA samples. Then he tells his story, mentioning Synapse and describing Neuroticus. He explained he wants to have revenge and destroy the 9th Omnitrix's wielder. Grey Matter, who's already reverted back to Evfnye, is ready to figth the Omnivoracious, and transforms into Heatblast, expecting he shouldn't have natural predators. Surpisingly, SupresLime doesn't stop there and transforms his PM cell into a Crabdozer, a predator covered in stone that serves as Pyronite's predator. It defeats Heatblast, but he manages to escape and attack SupresLime. He is laughing at the fact hi sspecies has no predator, and Heatblast wants to trick him by activating scan mode and scanning SupresLime to obtain the new alien, which turns out to be Goop, described as a Polymorph. Evfnye says goodbye to heatblast and replaces him with the new alien, which has the same powers as SupresLime. He understands his abilities at once and heads for SupresLime's Anti-Gravity Projector. After a long 1v1, Evfnye takes the advantage and times out while holding the projector, successfully disabling it and throwing it away, but it just randomly disappears. SupresLime is immobilized, and Evfnye uses XLR8 to bring him to his headquarter, where he sends him into space.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye defeats SupresLime.
  • Neuroticus is first mentioned and described.
  • Goop makes his debut, replacing Heatblast.



Aliens Used

By Evfnye

By the PM cell


  • Evfnye 10,000 was the one who removed the Anti-Gravity Projector when it was thrown.
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