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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Trap Battle, Part 1 is the twenty-ninth episode of Evfnye 10.


A large robot is wreaking havoc in the town, so Evfnye comes to the rescue. He goes Wildvine and fights the robot. He jumps on the torso of the named machine and rips apart his coverage, just to disable the system. He then feels he is about to time out, so he scales a wall of a random building, just to hide on the roof and wait for the agencies to examine the robot. He then calls in his drone and makes him fly away with Evfnye hung on. He flies above the town, and lands in a place where he sees an alien turtle attacking an alien crab. He lands and sees that the turtle is controlled by a lime blob-like alien. His name is revealed to be SupresLime, and the name of the alien crab's species is Cancerpes. Evfnye wants to save the Cancerpes, jumps to grab him and confuse the Testux, but the 9th Omnitrix scans the Cancerpes, getting a new alien he names Crabclaw. It replaces Ripjaws it the Omnitrix. Crabclaw sarts fighting the Testux but, due to being its natural prey, gets quickly defeated and times out. SupresLime laughs seeing Evfnye being defeated, and Evfnye stands up to transform into Four Arms, with the will to tear SupresLime apart, but he transforms the Testux into a species called Sand Ripper, which is the Tetramand's natural predator. Four Arms is overconfident, and starts fighting the "big land fish", but almost gets eaten. He is falling into the Sand Ripper's fauces, when he times out and tries to jump out. He waits for his Omnitrix to recharge and goes Stinkfly to fly awat and shoot the Sand Ripper, trapping it. SupresLime is raged and transforms the Sand Ripper into a Buglizard, the Lepidopterran's natural predator. It frees himself and chases Stinkfly, who keeps flying away and demanding himself why is someone willing to hunt him.

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  • The name of the episode is a play on the term rap battle.
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