Transporter is the Unlimitrix's (Warrior Alien) DNA sample of pressureoids from the planet Teleportia from the Galaxy Light Head.


Transporter is a Humanoid robot-like alien . He is too small (Echo Echo size). his color is purple. Eyes color is light purple.

Powers and Abilities

Transporter can create a ball of energy in his hands. This energy balls are pressure shots. pressure shots are too strong, When it catch the object it will shark it until it will smash the object. The energy balls color is also light purple. He has got four light purple whips on his back . He can use his whips to catch things and fighting. The most important ability is the transpotation , Because that his name is Transporter.Tremendous vibration: Transporter's body can make high vibrations with high damage. This vibrations can destroy or damage stabilaty of every thing around him. Transporter can zoom his sight out and in . When he use the vibration his punchs will be stronger. As all , the : strength,speed and Agility.


Not discoverd 

Cosmic War

  • Transporter first Appearance was in the seconed episode Security.

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