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These are the transformation sequences of various characters into their aliens. There is a very strict format here that will be corrected:

Series Name

  • Alien 1 Ben's head blows up and grows back.
  • Alien 2 Ben turns upside-down and his head turns back right-side-up.

DO NOT LINK if the alien has no page.

Ben 10 Team Tennyson

  • Angel Ben starts to grow and then wings come out his back.
  • Fluffball Ben grows spikes all around him and then gets shorter and forms into a ball.

Fluffball's Transformation

  • Tar Very similar to Goop.
  • Devil Ben grows horns and his shirt rips.
  • Tick Tock Ben's fingers go sideways, then transform into the shape of clock hands. Then the camera zooms to his head, where his head turns into a clock face.
  • Karrot Ben grows a bunch of vines around him until he turns into a veggie.
  • Het Ben bursts into flames and turns into ash, then he becomes Het.

A Mistransformation in Cash Man

Any others are like the Alien Force transformation, where Ben floats and his ribs expand.

Ben 10 Ultimate Team Tennyson

  • Cubehead Ben's head turns into a square.
  • Cotton Candy Ben's arms grow cotton candy on them, then zooms into his face where it turns into Cotton Candy's face.
  • Ultimate Lodestar Ben's arms seprate from Lodestar's body.
  • Snowyeti Ultimate Big Chill's arms get muscular, and his face rips.
  • Ultimate Snowyeti Snowyeti lights on fire.
  • Armodrillo Ben goes all muscular.

Ben 10: Unlimited

Wallonbot ben turns into robot with goop arms and legs very similar to goop and lodestar Muremble ben turns into clay alien and become shapeshifter alien and turns diffrent

Waxbomb ben turn into gooey bomb with wax legs and face become newest bomb alien

Simien 10

Unless said otherwise, at the start of every transformation, Simien's eyes combine into two eyes, his extra arms get sucked into his body, and his tail gets sucked in too.

  • Acidrain Simien's head turns into a ball, then his body becomes acid and falls on the floor (Like Goop), and then the ball spins around and sucks the acid to him and shapeshifts into Acidrain.
  • d A portal appears in his waist, and it splits when one goes up and the other goes down, when Simien's body turns into Darkhole.
  • Magnetosphere Simien's head goes into his belly, and he grows a magnet tail and two arms, and all his fingers turn into magnets.
  • Gas Planet Simien's body becomes a ball, his head goes into his chest, next his legs stretch around and become a ring around him, then he starts growing bigger whilehis body becomes gas.
  • Megabite Simien's mouth becomes dinosaur-like, his arms shrink, a tail goes out and his legs become dinosaur like legs.
  • Whirlwind Simien's legs spin around themselfs, until they become a cone, and then Simien's head is covered by wind, when two glowing eyes appear.
  • Yinyang Instead of the normal start, only Simien's tail is sucked in. Then he is split in to two, when one half shapes into Yin, and melts into lava, and the other half shapes into Yang, and freezes into ice blocks.
  • Blackout Simien is surrounded by darkness, when he grows propellor blades on his back. Gigawatt Simien's arms spin around and turn into a plug hand and a battery hand . Then he splits in two, one half turns black and shapes into Kilowatt, and the other half turns blue and shapes into Megawatt Wazzup Simien's body inflates. Then he explodes, and he grows a bulky body. Kilowatt or Megawatt Simien's head turns into a square shape, then he turns into a crab and grows two extra legs.
  • Brainfreeze Simien grows the legs of Brainfreeze, and his upper body freezes.
  • Spikeback: Simien turns green, then many spikes shoot out of him and his eyes combine.
  • Arachnophobia Instead of the normal transformation, Simien's arms and legs become thinner, his tail grows, out of the legs comes two thin legs. Simien becomes gray and then grows a spider mouth.
  • Forestfire Simien's face goes into his body, he grows a wood covering and leaves grow on his back. His legs split into seven, and he suddenly flames up.

Ben 10: Ultimatrix Overdrive

  • Bubbles Ben transforms into a swirled whip cream surface and then yells "Bubbles!"

Axeman ben transforms into axe clay head with moose and lizard body and then yells axeman!!

Ben 10,000

  • Vortex Conjure Ben's body is ripped apart, leaving only his brain, and a green funnel consumes it. The Omnitrix appears on his forehead, and he shouts Vortex Conjure's name.
  • cornfruit ben transform lizard head arms legs and with corns and fruit arms

Lyon 9: Opposite Alien

  • Wishhian Robert becomes more plump, and then he gains two horns. He jumps up and spins in a ball, then he lands and is Wishhian.
  • Robertbotrix Robert's appendages grow longer, then transform into gray things. His clothes change color, then his hand wipes over his face.
  • Silverock Robert becomes frozen, then he starts to break out with only his body frozen. His appendages change into weapons, then he wipes his face and fully becomes Silverock.
  • Robertemmeth Robert's hair grows brown, and then goes around him. At the same time, his nose becomes white, then separates into two, long tusks.
  • Treetanutofruit Robert grows longer, and his appendages become fruits, coconuts, and palm leaves. His face turns into a mouth.
  • Boddarmor Robert becomes harder when felt, then a lot of stuff turns black on him. He becomes about 6 inches shorter, then he is Boddarmor.
  • Visbile Different parts of Robert disappear. He then fully disappears. When then, he becomes visible and is Visbile.
  • Wirecord Most parts of Robert become plugs and wires, then his appendages whipe around him and he is Wirecord.
  • Watagoo Robert spits water in the air, then it goes over him. Robert turns into a DNAlien, then swaps colors.
  • Tentaslap Robert's stomach turns into tentacles and his back turns into wings. He then flies around, covering himself with tentacles. The tentacles pull him down. He spins around many times, then he is Tentaslap.
  • Sharpmind Robert's head becomes pointy, and then his body becomes gassy and orange.

Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed

  • Psikick Tech grows spikes on his head, turns orange and red, rounds out, and his legs extend and expand. His eyes then meld together into one eye, witch then splits into three parts. His hand melds into his arm and his fingers fuse into two spikes on each hand.
  • Vaceuoom Tech turns cream and maroon and inflates. His head then turns rectangular and his mouth grows. His hand stretches and his fingers meld into three pointed spikes.
  • Overtide Tech grows spikes and turns blue. His eyes meld into a single triangular one. He liquefies into a puddle, then forms into Overtide.
  • Rockoustic Tech covers with rock, and then grows spikes, then changes shape into Rockoustic
  • Electrolite Tech turns into electrons, then forms into Electrolite
  • Viris Tech's cells split and fly apart. The cloud turns green and twists into Viris
  • Calkules Tech turns blue, and widens out into a rectangle. The rectangle sprouts arms and legs, and then the rest of the alien.

Due to Tech not knowing how to control the time on the transformations, only a few transformation sequences are known.

Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix

Ben is usually seen whirling the void, then Ben will shout "Warp Transformation into (name of the alien)" and the transformation starts

  • Psychopomp He becomes metallic and his head becomes a magnetic anti-gravity tracker.
  • Jetblast Same sequence as Jetray only the part where his talons become same a tyrannosaurus.
  • Cerebellum A Transformation sequence in which Ben becomes taller and his head becomes sphere like.
  • Gooey He melts and swirls like a wave.
  • Fire Lizard Same sequence as Humungousaur.
  • Freezer He becomes four legged, his appearance change into what is looked like a crocodile.
  • Swampflame Same sequence as Swampfire.
  • Energybender His hands and his eyes shines rainbow energy and his ribs expand and replaced by rocks.
  • Deathvoid The background and the music changes dramatically and takes place on Spiritualia X. His transformations are same as Ghostfreak.
  • Stranger His body and his eyes glow with golden light and his split to three. Then, the body merged into one and the heads join together.
  • Benmummy His body become wrapped from behind and his hands turned into linen.
  • Presto He turns into a frog and reverts into an tadpole.
  • Crabalone He turns into a clam like alien and gained crab claws.
  • Insectelligence He gains six hands and his head becomes like a helmet.
  • NRG His transformation is going to be same as the Ultimate Alien.
  • Birdragon Ben's hands grow bigger with two giants hands sprouting, then he became four-limbed and sprouts wings
  • Four Arms His transformation is same as the original.
  • Spitter He become somelike of a bulbous body and his eyes changes direction.
  • Buzzshock He becomes tiny and grow electric bulbs in his arms and knees at a zap, he becomes Buzzshock.
  • Starscream He turns all mechanical and grows several circles on him, then he beocmes Starscream.
  • Upgrade Same as the original version (Classic Ben 10) and replaced with 19 year old Ben.
  • Wildvine Same as the original replaced 19 year old
  • Riptide Same as Goop
  • Doomsday His head became metallic while huge blasters and rockets sprout from his back and hands
  • Charybdis He become streamlined and his head turns into a scuba, his feets join.
  • Angelhands Ben grows taller and his body sprouts eight wings.
  • Hypothesis Unlike most of his aliens, the alien has a disastrous effect in the real world. First Ben's eyes glows purple. His body disintergrates and Hypothesis then appeared.


He will shout "(name of the alien) Ultimate Evolve!" after the transformation, he will shout "TO (Ultimate version of the alien)" TO BE ADDED


All transformations are generally the same. The background changes to a green pattern. The camera zooms in on Kristen's face, and her pupils disappear, so her irises look completely like Omnitrix symbols. Then, the camera zooms out again and a mass of energy rushes out of her body and floats above her, the same size, shape, and base colors as the aliens being transformed into. Her human body begins to morph in the orders described below, depending on the alien. Then there is a small, final animation, the whole alien is shown, and the scene resumes.

  • Caraprison The energy is orange. First the bulb grows out of her back, then the legs, then pan back to the head which stretches out to the side as the mouth and teeth form. The final animation is the mouth clamping down right after it forms.

Toby 10

A ball is seen going down a line and Toby is seen in a blue void. The transformation starts.

  • Airy Toby grows fangs. His head becomes big and the rest of his body becomes a string. He yells, "Airy!"
  • Attractron Toby becomes fat and gets a small rod on his head,which grows magnets. His arms split into 2 and his fingers and feet become magnets. He screams "Attractron!" in a robotic voice.
  • Aquattack Toby becomes fat and gets a big hole in his head and small holes in his hands. Flesh grows between his legs. A big hole appears on the bottom. He yells,"Aquattack!"
  • Arrowtank Toby's head and arms turn into arrows. He does a split and his legs turn into a track. He yells, "Arrowtank!"
  • Cloud 9 Toby turns into a gas cloud. He bellows "Cloud 9!" saying the "9" in a slighty robotic voice.
  • Coldfreeze Toby freezes into a big iceblock, then he breaks out, exclaiming "Coldfreeze!"
  • Cupid Toby turns into a heart, yelling "Cupid!"
  • DustMite Like Goop, except with dust.
  • Explodio Toby turns into a ball, then a fuse goes on him, and he yells, "Explodio!"
  • FireWave Like Coldfreeze, but with a fire blob.
  • Helix Toby loses his legs, then grows propellers on his back, screaming "Helix!".
  • Hypnoblast Toby grows taller then his eyes merge into 1 and he yells, "Hypnoblast!"
  • Neutron Toby turns into Cloud 9 or Sunscream, then he splits in 2. The clone and original turn into Proton and Electron, then they collide and turn into Neutron, screaming "Neutron!"
  • Pixel Toby shrinks then he gets speakers and screams, "Pixel!"
  • Plummet 'n' Skydart Toby splits into 2 then the two halves turn into whole arrows and one bellows, "Plummet!" and the other bellows "Skydart!"
  • Proton and Electron Toby shrinks into a crab and he gets an extra pair of legs. He yells "Proton!" or "Electron!"
  • Roboblast Toby grows a little bit. The same thing that happens to Aquattack's legs happens, then fire comes out, and he screams "Roboblast!"
  • Shock Toby turns into lightning and yells "Shock!"
  • Slam Toby turns into an asteroid yelling "Slam!"
  • Spyfly Toby shrinks and grows wings, yelling "Spyfly!"
  • Star Toby turns into a star, yelling "Star!"
  • Sunscream Toby turns into a sun, then his mouth becomes really big. He screams, "Sunscream!"


Airy's transformation

Attractron's transformation.

Pixel's Transformation

Coldfreeze's transformation

Spyfly's Transformation

Sem 10

All transformations start with the camera zooming into the DNAtrix, with Sem in a Alien Force transformation-style color and two DNA thingies coming from both sides to Sem while he curls into a ball.

  • Waylighter See here.
  • Mutt Arms He becomes extremely hairy and grows extra arms and eyes until forming into Mutt Arms.
  • Hothead In the style of Heatblast, rocks cover his body and catch fire until forming into Hothead.
  • Sackboy Two giant nitting sticks nit him into Sackboy.
  • Dicewing He grows wings, and his head forms into Dicewing's and breaths fire into the camera.
  • Shiftshaft His hands form into Shiftshaft's wich then wrap around him,spinning him until he forms into Shiftshaft.
  • Starshine Starshine's bulbs release from his body while he energy-forms into Starshine.
  • Manaflow No usual opening, but when transforming into him, a giant energy laser comes from beneath him, zooming out until we see the Earth, the laser shoots from the Earth across the whole universe till Anodyne, the laser shoots in its belt zooming in until a small bit of DNA, the laser shrinks and connects to the DNA sample, going up in a big green flash, zooming back till Earth while Manaflow comes out of the laser from before.
  • Supersquid Sem grows his tentacles while his body forms into Supersquid.
  • Elecman Like Lodestar's transformation, lighting comes onto his body until forming into Elecman.
    • Ultimate Elecman Elecman presses the DNAtrix symbol and from there takes the same process as in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Sem 2.10

  • Ship Sem grows sheepfur and ears.
  • Ultimate Brainstorm Same format as usual.
  • Frostbite Sem gets covered in ice, until just becoming Frostbite.
  • Manaflow In the new not dramatic transformation, Sem's body stretches into that of Manaflow, and then gets Manaflow's color scheme, and his hair grows long and then becomes Mana.
  • Ultimate Fusion Sem gets Ultimate Fusion's armor.
  • Waterflush See here.
  • Krakken - This transformation is in the "bone format" (Where his bones form to that of the alien's instead of seeing the body morph into the alien). Sem grows webbed fingers and toes, sharp teeth and mouth tentacles. It was first seen in DNAtrix Rising.

Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution

All transformations start with Ken standing in some pose, then it just does the normal AF transformation sequence (except the green is replaced with blue).

  • MultiFreak At first, MultiFreak looks like Original Mutant Kevin, then morphs into Ultimate Kevin, then Kevin 10,000 Mutant form.
  • Dragoon Dragoon's huge wings pop out of Ken's back, then a tail comes out of him and he turns into a dragon, then he grows big while he turns green.
  • Kenergy Ken curls in a ball and turns into a green ball, then grows a face and an antenna, and the top of the antenna turns into a swirly ball and the Helotrix appears under his eyes.
  • Blocked Ken's body turns rectangular and his head, arms, and legs come apart and turn different colors, but levitate against each other.
  • Freaky Wizz Ken's legs morph together to form a tail and his arms turn long and his fingers turn sharp.
  • Tick Tock Ken's arms turn into arrows and his head turns into a clock.

Ben 10: Infinite Power

All transormations start with Ben jumping into the air. He turns into the alien and lands.

  • Gigantosore Ben's face bulges as his eyes change. His teeth sharpen and his ears shrink leaving a tiny hole. His chest bulges and grows. His clothes dissolve as his skin starts turning green. His hands grow except for his pinky which disappears. His finger nails become claws. His feet change as the plates on his back spout out and his tail grows. All his spikes grow as he lands on the ground.
  • Primeval To Be Added

Former Untold

  • Birdrill Former's mouth grows longer and his arms grow fatter. His legs get skinnier and his neck grows longer.
  • Rammahorn Former's ears go sideways and two parts of his hair stick up. He bends down and becomes fatter.
  • Hornwarner It is just like any ultimate transformation.
  • Dinatyra Former grows a tail and his back bulges out. He grows and his arms change. He gets fatter.
  • Mousequito Former shrinks and grows wings. A stinger emerges out of his nose.
  • Rilladillo Former's back turns round. He shrinks a bit and his feet turn into armadillo feet.
  • Lijare Former's back sticks up into many hairs. He gets on all fours. A tail emerges out of his bottom and he changes color.
  • Krooketile Former gets on all fours. A bunch of spikes pop out of his back. He grows a tail.
  • Allef Ant Former's nose turns into a trunk. He shrinks and grows more legs. A few spheres morph out of him.
  • Koomada Former's legs turn into a tail. He grows two more legs. He sheds his skin.

Ben 10: Multi Trixes

The transformation sequences are similar to the ones in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien. The aliens' names are said after transformation.

  • LMN Ben's limbs get thin as his head gets more lemon-shaped.
  • Paperboy Ben's side is shown, then it gets flat, now turning to see Ben's front, we see that he's a rectangular piece of paper.
  • Manaflow More similar to the original series, the Anodite color scheme goes up Ben's arm and covers his whole body.
  • Eon Ben's clothes get black as a helmet grows around his head.
  • The Ultimate Alien A green wave comes from the Omnitrix and covers Ben's whole body. (Like Ben 10,000 did.) When almost done, holograms of all the Aliens appear to be coming from the Omnitrix before a flash of light covers Ben, completing the transformation.
  • Ghostgrade The Upgrade pattern (black with green circuit lines) comes from the Omnitrix, covering Ben's body. Ben morphs into a floating ball, then reshapes into Ghostgrade.
  • 1-Up Ben's head gets huge, and his chin gets more rounded and stubby. He stretches out his arms, and they all shrink into his chin.
  • Infinite - The only evolved alien to have its own transformation sequence, this sequence starts with Ben's arms sticking out to the side, and his legs separated. He turns black, and fades into a cloud of energy. It reforms into Infinite .
  • Ultimate Forms and Other Infinite Forms - Exactly the same as in Ultimate Alien.
  • Rocks - Pretty much the same as Heatblast's original series one, but styled like the AF/UA transformations.
  • Georock (hint hint!) - Ben turns into a skeleton, and his skull morphs into Georock's head/body thing. Then, the rest of Ben shrinks as his arms relocate and also turn into the black rock.

Evan Billion

  • Copy-Copy Evan's stomach pops out and melts. Evan turns black and grows green lines. A green mushy stomach appears in the place of the old one.
  • Combinationer Evan grows a green tail that turns brown with green energy. He gets on all fours and as he turns brown, his chest turns green.
  • Useless Evan's nose grows big, then it pumps air out of it into Evan. As the air is pumped out of it, the nose gets smaller and Evan looks more like Useless. Then, the nose grows back.
  • Lightmeraction Three spotlights cover Evan as they grow closer to him. The three spotlights become robotic, then slowly turn yellow. Evan's head becomes bird-like and his body completes the transformation.
  • Humanimate Evan grows taller, then he starts to turn red. A cell covers his body, then Evan absorbs it.
  • Feet Balled Evan grows shorter and two spikes appear on his cheeks, then slide to the top and bottom. A white pattern appears on his body and his arms and legs turn into lines.
  • Emotion Evan grows 10 eyes, 5 noses, and 5 mouths. His face explodes into 5 heads. At the same time, his head turns into a rectangle and his body grows into place.

Future Aliens

  • Psychon Evan starts shrinking and his hair explodes, making his brain come out of his head and attach to his body, which is becoming dark. Some darkness of his body turns into his arms and legs, and his hands grow claws.
  • Skyder Evan becomes more roundish, mostly his bottom body parts. He grows six more arms and the rest of him spins and becomes a red hourglass on his chest. He grows two fangs.
  • Add-and-Blast The same way as Lodestar, except Evan shrinks first and the bricks are blocks.


Pred 10

If in human form, most of Pred's transformations go just about the same as Ben's, however if in wolf form when he transforms, first the tail goes back into the spine, and the arms grow out if it is a sapient species.

In Pokemon form (an umbreon) Pred's tail grows back into his body, his arms grow out, and his ears go back into his head. The alien transformations themselves are similiar to those of the original Ben 10 series.

  • Leafy Pred is covered by plants in human form and his eye color changes as his ears morph and he becomes a quadraped. In Wolf form he shrinks a little and his fur become replaced with leafs as his eye color changes. As an Umbreon his ears change as he only hcnages a little bit from an Umbreon to its cousin the leafeon.

10: The Series

Ben's transformations are the same from Alien Force.

The beginning of James' transformations starts off with the alien's DNA swirling around him. The DNA merges with his body.

  • Sol James' body increases in size. His hand get more claw-like. His head gets more oval-like.
  • Blizard James' body grows in size. He grows a tail and his face changes to look like a lizard.
  • X-Ray To be added.

Den -10


  • Nothingness Ned becomes covered with stone, his arms and legs begin to be sucked inside, and then he falls down.
  • Sunstorm Ned starts growing bigger and becoming a ball, then he starts to burn and flames appear on him, and finally his legs suck into him and he grows a fire tail.
  • Snail Ned's body becomes snail-like, his eyes grow out of his head and become sticks. After that he grows a shell and the he shrinks.
  • Shrinktech Ned grows one more eye, his body becomes mettalic, and he grows two shoulder spikes. After that electricity passes between the spikes, he grows a tail, and finally, he shrinks.
  • Icecube Ned's eyes fuse into one, his body becomes a cube, and then he freezes.
  • Superglue Ned falls down into a white puddle, then a armour appears and the glue is sucked into it. Then it shapes into a humanoid form and his hand and leg protectors attach to him.


  • Ssengnithon Den's body becomes covered with stone, then he grows to arms and a eye.
  • Ebuceci Den's eyes fuse into one, his body becomes a ball, and then he burns.
  • Lians Den's body becomes snail-like, his eyes grow out of his head and become sticks. After that he grows a shell and the he grows larger.

Brandon 10

Orginal Series

  • Freezefire Brandon arm is then covered with hot rocks and his eye shrinks. Then the omnitrix symbol appears and cracks appears and fills with fire and then freezing up causing his frozen flame.
  • Ro-Warasaur Brandon arm grows and soon goes to his back growing a big shell. The Omnitrix symbol appears and his body grows at dinosaur size.
  • Wildpup The Omnitrix begins to grow orange fur and the fur crawls up Brandon's arm. His face is then covered with the fur and green eyes. Wildpup then appears, barking for a voice.
  • Gasadactly Brandon's hand begins to grows claws. Brandon then goes wings and a beak. A flight texture for alien birds then begin covering his body; making him Gasadactly
  • Slime Shot Brandon arms begins to turn wavy and start to fall similar to liquids. This continues to his legs and soon the rest of his water. Soon Brandon liquid form stands, becomes green, gains his bones and Slime Shot appears.
  • Big Boo Brandon eyes begin to skrink within their sockets and his skull skrinks as well. Brandon facial skin then lossens and turns slightly blue; this is layer 1. The next layers are then created and the skin and now fully blue. Big Boo then appears and performs the same pose as Ghostfreak.
  • Snow Bear Snow Bear white fur comes from the Omnitrix and covers Brandon. He is soon covered in fur and begins to shrink. During the shrinking, Brandon gains Bear features. Snow Bear appears.
  • Virus Brandon's arm is covered with digital programing and soon elecetrical currents follow. Brandon is then covered in Electrical Programings and becomes Virus
  • Twisty Brandon's flesh falls off and all thats left is the skull. Soon Wind appears and covers the rest of Brandon making his body vanish. Twisty then apperars.
  • Beastie Brandon goes black fur and claws. He then shrinks to the size of a wolf.
  • Rocks Similar Diamondhead, Brandon grows rocks upon his arms and he fully transfroms into Rocks.
  • Tempus Brandon's arm goes black/purple and it slowly grows up to his whole body where he transforms.
  • Ben 10 Aliens The same as Ben's in the original series except with Brandon instead of Ben.

Alien Force

  • Loch Ness Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs enlarge and transforms.
  • Astro Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his takes Astro's shape and transforms.
  • Crusher Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs enlarge and transforms
  • Tick Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs shrink, he goes antennas and transforms.
  • Brainiac Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his brain enlarges, his face becomes in the shape of Brainiac's and transforms
  • BrandonBot Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his hands turn into claws, his face becomes in the shape of Brandon-Bot's and transforms
  • Batwing Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his hands turn into claws, his face becomes in the shape of Batwing's and transforms
  • Electrix Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs become straighter, generators grow from his back and transforms
  • Agilmur Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, fur covers his face, his fingers turn into Agilmur's and transforms
  • 10 X Lighting flashes during the transformation as a bright light flashes over Brandon and when the light fades, 10 X remains.
  • Rocks Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs becomes from straighter, his arm widens and his face shapes into the form of Rocks and then transforms.
  • Snow Bear Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his ribs shrink, Fur covers his back and goes up to his head which begins to resemble Snow Bear's, claws engage from his furred hands and he transforms.
  • Magnet Man Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, he poses in a T-Shape and four metal-like rod-shaped materials merge into him. His arms get larger and his head gets more oval-shape and he transforms.
  • Stink Breath Brandon goes through the DNA sequence, his skin starts to shrivel and a suit forms around him. Brandon's face then disforms but before the outcome is seen, a helmet forms around it. He then transforms.
  • Canon Aliens They remain the same except replace Ben with Brandon.

Ultimate Hero

  • Hydro-Man Brandon undergoes through a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and then curls up due to the changes. TBA
  • Drillbit Brandon undergoes through a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and then curls up due to the changes. TBA
  • Shock Speed Brandon undergoes through a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and then curls up due to the changes. TBA
  • Heal X Brandon undergoes through a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and then curls up due to the changes. TBA
  • Shredder Brandon undergoes through a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and then curls up due to the changes. His ribs grow and spikes grow on his back. His skin becomes more hardened and claws extend out of his fists. His eyes open up which are now more curved upwards and a bright green. He then lets out a roar and jumps outwards.
  • Hackoid He spins around in DNA and curls up because of the changes. He then grows a circular pack on his back and wings come out of the slots on the side. Brandon's spine curls forwards a little as two arms grow out from his sides under the already existing ones. Brandon's face then starts to take same as he grows a second set of a eyes which become more rectangular. When the sequence is complete, Brandon transformed into Hackoid.
  • Flex Brandon spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His skeleton then starts to get wiggly and then it droops downwards and plops onto the ground into a mush or a fleshy puddle however his skeleton then stretches upwards and spins around until it forms back into a humanoid shape which then leads to the flash. Within a flash, Brandon transformed into Flex.
  • Size Man Brandon spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and the armor plating form around his arms and chest. His head forms a helmet like structure. Within a flash, Size Man appears.
  • Nova Brandon spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and his muscles increase. His stomach starts to split open, with a black void filling it and a green substance appearing within. Armor plating starts covering his shoulders and a helmet forms around his head, finishing the sequence with the visor lowering from the helmet, covering his eyes. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into a Nova.

Noah 10 (Solo28)

  • Zim Noah's skull reshapes and his eyes grow big; His Pak forms; annteanas pop out from his head.
  • Doomer Electricity goes down Noah's arms forming Doomer's arms; Noah's chest grows and the skin rips, revealing ribs; Noah's head is wrapped and becomes Doomer.
  • Goku Noah's hair changes; Noah grows a tail
  • Piccolo Noah grows annteanas; Ears become pointy; arms buldge into Piccolo arms.
  • Alucard Noah grows fangs; Hand grows claws; Robe flows over Noah; Skin fades.
  • Electro Noah turns bright yellow and his eyes turn blue, his body is covered by a suit and electric bolts come from the hands and head.
  • Upgrade Digital lines go up Noah; Noah melts; Noah shapes into Upgrade; Upgrade eye forms
  • Way Big Noah elbows grow spikes; Grows head spike; Becomes muscular; Grows andkeeps growing after transformation
  • Upchuck Grows fat; Tongues split into four; Grows things on back of head
  • Ditto Arms become Ditto arms; Bulbs open up; Grows spikes on head
  • Noahwolf Becomes muscular; Grows fur; Mouth turns into muzzle
  • Noahmummy Wrapping wraps over Noah; Eyes glow
  • Noahvicktor Back things grow; Becomes Muscular
  • Eye Guy Eyes open; Head becomes Eye Guy head
  • Eon Robe flows on Noah; Helmet forms on head
  • Water Hazard Becomes armored
  • Terraspin Grows shell; holes form\
  • NRG Becomes Ultimate NRG; Suit comes and "swallows" Noah
  • Jeice Noah grows long hair; Battle Suit morphs

Dan 10

  • Rock Crasher Lines cave in on Dan's body, they're flooded with green, and Dan's body turns into stone.

Stan 14

  • FuzzBall (Stan 14 version) See first slideshow
  • Armodrillo See second slideshow
  • Terraspin To be added.

Tennyson Force

  • Nightmare Ben is covered in shadows,and then a cloak rises above him and attaches to him as his eyes glow red and his sythe falls into his hand.

Vocaloid: Ultimate Alien

  • Gigamech Vicktor's head becomes armored and his arm becomes covered with Nanochips
  • Alien Z A bright flash is shown and then an image of the Forge of Creation is shown, followed by a dissolved effect
  • Symbiote Similar to Goop, but after he liquifies, he turns black
  • Lightspeed A heavenly shine effect
  • Shadowman Vickt2r's head turns into a stag-like skull, his arm is covered in Shadow Bugs and becomes a claw
  • Way Big Vicktor's chest becomes bigger (like Humungousaur), his arms becomes Way Big's arm
  • Ripjaws Vicktor grows a lure from his forehead, his mouth transforms and he opens it, and he grows claws

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX

  • FuzzBall (Original) Bens arms and legs shrink into his body aswell as his head. Ears and eyes appear on torso. Turns yellow and gets orange zig zags. His body turns circle and his transformation is complete.
  • Hopefull Bens head turns round and his eyes move to the top of his head. He loses all his teeth but two turn to fangs. His body turns into slime and his arms grow extremely long with fingerless hands at the end.
  • El Diablo Currently unseen.
  • Frosty Ben begins to grow extremely fat, then he turns a very dark greyish-black colour, he becomes hollow inside and a hole opens up beneath him. He transforms into a hat and shrinks. His transformation is complete but the hat will then create snow and make a snowman beneath it.

Kurt 10

  • Shadow Forms - The alien's colors become inverted and red lightning flows around them

Jack 10

  • Swampfire - Roots grow from the Supertrix, then his hand makes a fist. The roots go all over his body, then his head bursts into flames, then the Supertrix glows.
  • Goop - The Supertrix melts, then forms a UFO that goes above Jack's head. His body turns into green mush, then forms Goop. The Supertrix glows.
  • Big Chill - Big Chill's wings sprout from his back. The wings wrap around his body, then he glows green, the wings go out again, and Big Chill is completed. The Supertrix glows.
  • Echo Echo - White silicon grows from the Supertrix, then his hand makes a fist. The silicon goes all over his body, then the headphones form, then the Supertrix glows.
  • Spidermonkey - Blue fur grows from the Supertrix, then his hand makes a fist. His arms and eyes split, then the blue fur grows all over his body, and a tail sprout, then the Supertrix glows.
  • Ripjaws - The angler sprouts from his head, then scales go all over his body. Claws grow, then his hand makes a fist. His teeth grow sharp and bigger, then the Supertrix glows.
  • Humungousaur - Jack's muscles grow, then Humungousaur's head forms and his feet, then his tail grows. The Supertrix glows.
  • Diamondhead - Diamonds grow from the Supertrix, then his hand makes a fist. The diamonds grow all over his body, and the Supertrix glows.

Finn 10

  • All Canon Aliens- same as canon series.
  • Stormfront- Finn's head starts getting bumpy until it turns into a thundercloud, next, powerful winds blow around his body, forming a tornado, then, his arms turn into lightning and becomes the alien.
  • Stormfront Transformation


  • Forcefield:Paul's body, legs and arms start becoming bigger and looking like spheres, and then they become translucent yellow. His eyes turn triangular, and then his fingers are turned into balls too.
  • Flying Fish: Paul's skin becomes blue and has scales, his arms become thin and fin like. His legs combine, and fins sprout out of them. Finally, his teeth become sharper and his eyes grow.
  • Electromagnet: Paul's skin becomes all red, his feet and hands become magnet like. Then his neck disappears, and his head starts floating up. Next, his head becomes covered in metal. Finally, an electric shock comes from his chest to his hands, and Paul becomes Electromagnet.
  • Lava Lamp : Lava comes out of Paul's chest, and spreads all over his body. Then his legs combine and become a lava tail. His eyes combine to become a yellow eye, and flames come out from his arms.
  • Icescream : Paul's skins becomes frozen and white, and he becomes taller. His eyes become diamond-like, and his mouth opens to become huge and green.
  • Velocityraptor: Paul's body becomes longer and velociraptor-like, and he grows scales. His arms become shorter, and he grows claws, and then he grows a long tail with a drill at the end. His head turns into Velocityraptor's head, and he grows spikes on his back.

Evolving into dark forms

  • Dark Forcefield: A dark spot comes from the Prototrix symbol, and it starts spreading until hiss fingers and toes. His eyes become red, and he finishes the transformation.
  • Dark Velocityraptor : Darkness spreads from Velocityraptor's chest, and his eyes become red.
  • Dark Icescream : Darkness spreads from Icescream's chest, and his mouth and eyes become red.

Ben 10: Recalibration

  • Sonicsaur: Ben's body becomes covered in Echo Echo markings. We see his back, which gets thinner along with his arms, and wings 'drop out' from the bottom of the arms. Cut to a view of his head, which curves into a beak, and then we zoom out to see Sonicsaur complete.
  • Benlimax: Ben's skin starts bubbling and turns green. His body collapses until it is in the shape of Benlimax.
  • Phoenixlight: Feathers start sprouting out of Ben's body. Wings come out of his arms and he covers his lower body with them. A beak sprouts from his head and he rises into the air as a ray of light streams from under his wings.
  • Square: Unlike the other transformation sequences, which have Ben transforming constantly, this one has sudden changes happen step by step. Ben's body becomes flat, then his limbs rearrange themselves to form a square, then the square turns white and grows bigger.
  • Toadtongue: Ben's skin turns green and his chest widens. We see warts growing on his back, then turn around and zoom out to see Toadtongue complete.
  • Stonesmash: Stone bursts out over Ben's body, it grows to look like Stonesmash and then he gets on all fours.
  • Sandbox: Ben's body forms into sand, which collapses and reforms as Sandbox.
  • Mentalist: Ben's skin turns grey. We then see a close up of his head, where his forehead swells until his brain bursts out. Zoom out to see Mentalist complete.
  • Swordswipe: Ben's skin takes on a metallic tone. Close up of his hands which form into axe heads, then his legs which form swords, and his head which forms into a cylinder. Zoom out to see Swordswipe complete.
  • Useless: Ben's body is covered with a white substance, and he grows taller.

Cassie 12: Original Series

Like in Ben 10 OS, Cassie Benny's transformations start with the watch going into the skin or the skin turning a different color.

Original 12:

  • LadyArms: Blue nerves come from the Omnidewtrix, two arms split out, shirt becomes black as do the pants. Skin turns blue. gains extra eyes.
  • Corefreeze: Skin becomes rocky and a extra layer of ice grows from the watch, her head grows icicles from the back and rocky design becomes ancient like. Then a Black belt comes around her wraist as the transformation of her shoes splilting is complete and ontop the belt appears the Omnidewtrix.
  • Shark Dog: Gains fur and scales, watch moves to the shoulder, legs become double jointed and eyes fad away for the shark fin to appear at the top. There the front hands become front legs with fingernails grow into claws.
  • Screwhedge: Skin turns blue as her height shrinks, The trix goes to the forehead, then her torso becomes black and blue as both feet combine into a tool part. Eyes turn into Oval shape. arms become Big and wide.
  • Seagrade: Skin turns black; Her legs combine into a curly seahorse tail and ears become somewhat horse-like as her head does too,then the hands become hoofs and the Trix appears on the shoulder. Green marks appear along the back. Eyes turn green, then reaches the height of a horse.
  • Lavathrend: bumpy and rock parts come out the watch first. Then,the torso becomes the shape of a globe while the hair turns into flames The arms and legs become rocky parts as it's DNA is change into something else.Head shrinks in size to a turtle head. The watch appears on the center.
  • Ghost Scorpion: Skin turns blue as the head becomes extremely big, Arms become lengthy with shoulder pads and fingers turn into mouths and legs go up into a Scorpion stinger. Then a black spider design comes on and the trix appears on the chest.
  • ElectriDlat: First,fingers become black pinchers as it's arms become purple and The Omnidewtrix's symbol goes into the skin during the transformation;head becomes light blue and gills apear at the side of the head,then extra set of legs become purple while the body has decreased in size and grows a tail with a black hoof.First set of legs are small like the second and body become light blue and black. Then the Omnidewtrix symbol appers on the lower chest area.
  • Locknecassie: The Camera goes to her eyes which close and reopen into a dragon shape;Spikes grow out the head, skin becomes red with the chest turning black like the area below it turns white which has a black area beneath it too. Neck extends to a giraffe length. Hands get webs inbetween them. Giant red moth wings sprout from the back.Shoulders become larger while the entire body becomes enlarge to a standing dinosaur height. The Trix appears on the chest.
  • Duplite: Height shrinks. Skin turns white and black. Head becomes round as the teeth grow longer into fangs while the hands appears to be wearing fingerless sports gloves and a shark fin comes out the back.
  • Orcea Bat: Shrinks to the size of a enlarge bat as the skin turns yellow, then four extra set of eyes come out like Stinkyfly's as it grow a mouth similar to Wildmutt. Feet split into the shape of a Pryo foot while the legs are somewhat monkey like. Trix appears on the chest.
  • Turtlesting: chest widens and becomes bonelike with hollow holes,shirt blends in,shoulders become big andarms become flat and large. shorts fade away as the legs widen, then the Omnidewtrix disappears from the arm and relocates on the chest/back reshapes into a nutshell shape which reforms the back into a Turtle shell that growsThree big spikes grow from the center.eyes become circle,eyes are now yellow and turtle like/head becomes turtle like with a purple and black head protector.

Drake 10

  • Swampfire: Vines come out of the Gigamatrix and covers Drake's body until his body becomes Swampfire's body , then his head forms into Swampfire's head. The transformation is then finsihed
  • Echo Echo: TBA
  • Eye Guy: Eyes grow on Drake's body , TBA

Borg 10: Alien Rescue Squad

  • Aqua Dolphin: Borg becomes tall and gets a dolphin fin on his head, then he starts turning blue, gains his eyes, and then poses.
  • Comet Borg forms into a comet, then he grows arms and legs and then Comet's head. Then he poses.

Ben 10: Alien Universe

Also see Back in Action: Alien Universe

In Ben 10: Alien Universe, the transformation sequences were generally the same, featuring either the shrinking or increasing of the skeleton of Ben's torso and/or head, following an energy ball reaching inside the Omnitrix. Afterwards, on a green background, Ben would glow green, slightly increase in size, and become the alien of choice. Shortened transformation sequences would simply use the last part of the transformation, and sometimes this would happen without the background changing.

The first season introduced a unique transformation sequence for , where after selecting , Ben would be put in space where he would fly closer and closer to a giant Omnitrix symbol. After pressing it, Ben would arrive inside with Bellicus and Serena. In later transformation sequences, 's sequence is different, and sometimes entirely omitted.

The second season introduced a unique transformation sequence for Swampfire. Ben would grow vines that would wrap around his arms and legs, followed by his head, on a green background or sometimes in whatever scene is occurring. Afterwards, Ben would become the dark-/forest-green color of Swampfire, and Swampfire would appear in Ben's place.

In Back in Action: Alien Universe, the reboot/re-animated/rewritten form of the series, a completely unique transformation sequence is used. Similar to that of the first transformation of , Ben would be put in the Hidden Universe, and grow closer and closer to a large Omnitrix symbol. When Ben reached it, he would grow (or shrink) to the appropriate size of the alien he's transforming into, become the color of said alien, and then the alien in question would take his place. In some transformation sequences, though, Ben would come closer to the Omnitrix symbol with a DNA sample of whatever alien Ben's transforming into sitting in the center of the hourglass symbol, and a unique scene would appear for the transformation (e.g.: Swampfire wrapping some vines around Ben, sucking him in behind him, and returning to the scene in question; Chromastone blasting Ben with a ray that sucks Ben behind him, returning to the scene as Chromastone; using a motion that fades the screen back into the scene with Ben as ).

In some occurrences, Ben uses a quick and simple transformation similar to that of the ones used in the original version of the series, where Ben glows green (sometimes on a green backdrop), grows or shrinks to the appropriate size of his alien, and becomes the alien immediately; or, a large green and white ball of energy irradiates from the Omnitrix, and when it fades out after growing too large, whatever alien Ben has selected comes into play.

Bryce Bowman: Origins

All transformations start like Alien Force or Ultimate Alien with the energy ball thing, then change to resemble the original series.

  • Everglade: Vines grow on Bryce's arm, and travel up to his face. His head and shoulders grow red and orange thorns. He poses.
  • XLR8: Bryce's veins grow, and travel up his arm reaching his eye, which morphs into a sharp, green eye. He Poses
  • Diamondhead: Green crystals grow on Bryce's arm, and travel up to his head, which the cover. His eye gets covered in yellow crystal. He grows spikes on his bak, then spins, and flexes for a pose.
  • Big Chill: Ice chunks form on Bryce's arm. His clothes shift to a light-blue cloak. He opens his hood and poses.
  • Shocksquatch: Electrified white fur grows fromt he Infinity and covers Bryce's face. Silver bolts form on Bryce's arms and face. He poses.
  • Feedback: A green wave of energy flows from the Infinity and covers Bryce. He poses.
  • Ghostfreak: Bryce's skin turns grey. His eyes merge into one. His legs morph together. Ghostfreak poses.
  • Tomb Raider: Bandages launch out of the Infinity, and wrap around Bryce's arm. They extend over his face, as two green eyes appear in the gaps. Tomb Raider poses.
  • Water Hazard: Red armor grows from the Infinity, and travels up Bryce's arm. His shirt tears from a shell growing over his head. Water Hazard poses.
  • Buzzshock: Green electricity flows from the Infinity, and shocks Bryce's arms forming green bolts. The electricity covers Bryce's head,

then dissipates. Buzzshock poses.

  • Victor Strike: Green electricity flows from the Infinity and travels up to Bryce's eyes, morphing them. The electricity generates two tesla towers on his back and then move to his arms, creating metal gloves. Vicktor Strike poses.
  • Whiplash: Chains shoot out of the Infinity and wrap around Bryce's arm. Bryce's muscles expand as purple fur grows all over his body. His shirt shifts into a black suit. His face becomes lion-esque. Whiplash poses.
  • Jetray: Bryce's fingers grow, morphing into three fingers. His face grows a yellow mask, and his eyes change to green. He grows a tail, and his arms grow a webbing. Jetray poses.
  • Echo Echo: White carbon-like skin stretches from the Infinity and covers Bryce's face. His ears grow into a headphone shape and his eyes glow green. His body shrinks and then Echo Echo poses.
  • Four Arms: Veins on Bryce's arm expand slightly and continue this way up his arm and reach his eye where a yellow flash switches scenes. Bryce sprouts two arms lower than his other two. He raises his head and it has become Four Arms'. Four Arms poses.

Incredible Ned 10

Paper Cutter


Paper Cutter Transformation



Ned 10 Globs Transformation

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Ultra Ben

Telepatho: Head is reshaped, hands grow sharper and codes appear on body.

Adapto: Body turns rocky

Ben 10 Ultimate Universe`

Slapstrike: Ben's hands grow large then he poses

Snakepit: Ben grow four more heads and he grows a tail then he poses.

Overflow: Same as Goop's

Harry 15

  1. Blastfire - Harry's skin becomes fiery and molten rocks erupt all over him. His lips becomes bound together with yellow stuff. Pose, then shouts: 'BLASTFIRE!'

Marcus 10

Fireblast: Marcus' torso becomes fiery like Fireblast's and the same for his arms, head and legs. The Titaniotrix symbol appears on his chest and he poses.

Diamondman: Marcus' head reshapes to a crystal and his eyes turn yellow. The Titaniotrix symbol appears and the whole body turns crystal, not to forget the pants, and he poses.

Fishsplash:Same as Ripjaws.

Galvanoid: Marcus shrinks to Galvan size and his costume becomes Grey Matter's costume and his eyes turn green with a stripe through them and then he poses. The Titaniotrix symbol is on his back.

Shadephantom: Same as Ghostfreak.

Eccelerator: Same as XLR8.

Megapunch: Marcus' clothes become ripped as his arms split and then all his body turns red. The Titaniotrix symbol is on his arm and then he poses.

Power Up: Same as Upgrade.

Slashvine: Same as Wildvine.

Sparkshock: Similar to Galvanoid, but he reshapes to a battery and uses an electric spark and then the Titaniotrix appears on the top part of the battery.

Michael 10

Diamondguy: Diamonds sprout from Michael's arms and legs until they are completely covered with diamonds. He has blue pants on and a belt. The Blitzmatrix symbol is on his belt.

Leo 10

  • Fireblast: The Galaxamatrix sends out Heatblast's body scheme across Leo's body. The Galaxamatrix sinks into his body, then appears on his chest, pose.
  • Armodrillo - Leo is clouded by a yellow light and is revealed to be Armodrillo when the light disappears.
  • Leodrone - Leo's body shrinks into a stick with arms and legs, the Galaxamatrix appears on his arm, where it used to be, but not in the form of a watch. We zoom in and see that the stick has grown larger a little bit, and he has one eye with gray shorts.
  • Nanomech (Nega) - Nega Knight's body shrinks into Nanomech. He shows his muscles, pose.
    • Nanomech - Leo is clouded by a gray light and is revealed to be Nanomech when the light disappears.

Bishop 10

  • Megagator- Bishop gets reptile skin and then gains metal shoulder pads and mandible.
  • Chimpanzing-Bishop grows fur and zips around to show a full chimpanzing.


For all transformations, Dexter appears in a green void and typically end with him striking some sort of pose.

  • Squidstrictor: Dexter’s arms shake until they divide into orange tentacles. His eyes turn pure green, his teeth enlarge as the Astrotrix symbol appears on his forehead. He grows gills as his skin turns orange.
  • Rocks: Yellow and lime rocks form around Dexter’s body, completely encasing him. The Astrotrix symbol forms on his chest, which causes cracks surrounding it. The excess rocks fall off to reveal Dexter looking bigger and covered in the rocks. His eyes are pure green.
  • Dupli-Cat: Dexter’s eyes turn pure green as he grows light blue fur and sprouts two cat ears. He begins to become shorter as small claws emerge from his fingernails. His clothes become a black jumpsuit with green sleeves. The Astrotrix symbol appears on his back as he sprouts a tail.
  • Thunderbird: His body becomes covered with auburn feathers. Green lightning strikes him, turning his eyes pure green with blue markings surrounding them. He raises his arms up as blue and auburn wings sprout from his underarms. His hands and feet become yellow as he grows a beak. Finally, he gains green, black and white shorts with the Astrotrix symbol appearing on them as he grows green cuffs.
  • Circules : Dexter’s arms become a deep tan, very big and muscular. He flexes before he crouches and begins rolling. When he finishes, he has gained bronze shoulder pads, a bronze gladiator helmet and his head and torso have emerged together to form a tan shpere. He leaps in the air and comes down. On impact, his legs turn muscular and tan and he gains knee pads. The Astrotrix symbol grows out of his stomach right before he flexes.
  • Coldfreeze: Dexter becomes encased in a block on ice. He begins to absorb it after a few seconds. The ice on his legs explodes, forming Coldfreeze’s legs. The ice on his torso and arms explodes, forming his upper body and he flexes as he grows a white and green belt with the Astrotrix symbol on it. The ice on his face explodes, to reveal Dexter‘s ice head with spiky hair and pure green eyes. He crouches as two spikes emerge from his upper back.
  • Teleportal: The Astrotrix symbol appears on Dexter’s left arm. He becomes shorter as his ears begin to perk up. He grows yellow and black fur As he sprouts twintails. His eyes become pure green.
  • Fly Guy: Dexter’s eyes turn into green bug eyes. He crouches to sprout two translucent wings. A pair of antennae sprout from his head. He begins to grow black hairs all over his body as his fingers and toes merge and space out. He takes flight and spins around as he sprouts an extra pair of arms. He stops with the Astrotrix symbol on his chest.
  • Smashface: Blue fur starts to rapidly grow all over Dexter’s body. His hands and feet turn into black hooves. His chest and stomach don‘t get covered. The Astrotrix symbol grows on his chest. The blue fur covers his face. He grows his pure green eyes and white muzzle. Two giant horns sprout from each side of his face and he sprouts two small, dangling ears right below them.
  • Flamethrower : Dexter’s forearms become bulky and silver. His fingers become small and metallic. The rest of his arm becomes black metal. His shoulders become transparent as fire begins to ignite within them. His torso becomes big and silver as the Astrotrix symbol grows on his chest. His lower torso become black metal. His hips become silver. His upper legs become black metal. His lower legs and feet merge together and become silver. The top of his head ignites as his head turns into a piece of metal resembling the top of a volcano with green eyes. His mouth disappears.


  • Squidstrictor #2: Dexter becomes covered in dark, purple ink. A giant egg forms around him. Cracks begin to form as Squidstrictor begins to break out. He breaks out and shoots ink out of his mouth.

Denno 10

For all transformations, Denno appears in a green background

  • Wildmutt - Denno's veins appear and his eye turns yellow. He grows fur, sharpens his claws and becomes Wildmutt.
Output ZUMUEr.gif

Shrek 10

At the start of every transformation, we zoom in to see Shrek. The transformation then starts.

  • Heatblast: Shrek is covered by fire, then he will grow rocks that will cover the fire, turning Shrek's body into magma, then his eyes close and his eyes turn yellow and the magma falls on the floor with the eyes still on the magma. Air absorbs the magma and it turns into Heatblast.
  • Diamondhead: The Cheesecaketrix transforms into crystals, then the crystals go up Shrek's arm and to his eye. His eyes turn green and the crystals cover Shrek's entire body. The crystals then turn into Diamondhead.
  • XLR8: Shrek spins around in a tornado, turning blue and getting enhanced speed, running around the background, then there is a blue explosion and it reveals XLR8.
  • Four Arms: Shrek becomes red, then he shoots out two extra arms, then he becomes muscular and gets two extra eyes and they become green.
  • Upgrade: The Cheesecaketrix transforms into black and green energy and covers Shrek's body. The body then melts and forms Upgrade.
  • Ghostfreak: Shrek becomes grey and his legs then combine into the tail, then the eyes combine into one.
  • Cannonbolt: The Cheesecaketrix transforms into green energy and covers Shrek's arm, transforming it into a cannon. After that, the cannon shoots Cannonbolt's ball form and Cannonbolt jumps in the air, while the cannon gets sucked into his body. He poses when he jumps down.
  • Wildvine: Seeds and vines grow from the Cheesecaketrix and completely cover Shrek's body. The body then becomes Wildvine.
  • Swampfire: The Cheesecaketrix grows vines and plants which cover Shrek's body, then the body is covered with fire, turning the body into Swampfire.
  • Echo Echo: Shrek becomes metal. He then gets headphones and he becomes small and the body forms Echo Echo.
  • Humungousaur: Shrek becomes brown, then he becomes larger and gains a tail, turning into a dinosaur.
  • Big Chill: The Cheesecaketrix transforms into a cloak which goes up Shrek's arm and Shrek's eye turns green. We then zoom out and the cloak goes all over Shrek's body and turns into Big Chill with his cloak closed.
  • Chromastone: The Cheesecaketrix transforms into purple crystals and cover Shrek's body. Shrek then grows pink crystals on his back and the pink crystal on the top of Chromastone's head sprouts from the top of the head. The eye is then formed by green energy.
  • Spidermonkey: Shrek grows blue fur, then Shrek sprouts two extra arms. He grows the tail and he turns into Spidermonkey.
  • Goop: Shrek liquidises, turns green and melts. He morphs into a green blob and shapeshifts into Goop.
  • Alien X: Shrek becomes black, then we zoom into him, revealing space, where the earth rests. A comet hits the earth and there is an explosion that comes out of Shrek's body and it turns him into Alien X.
  • Lodestar: Shrek's head dettaches from his body and the head is covered by the Lodestar head color scheme. Brown lodestones then attach to Shrek's body and the body and the lodestones absorb themselves into Lodestar's body.
  • Rath: Shrek's veins appear and travel up to his eye and his eye turns green and it flashes, switching scenes. He becomes muscular and grows orange fur. We then zoom to Shrek's head and we spin and it reveals Rath's head, then he grows the black claws on his arms. 
  • Cheesecakebomb: Shrek's body is covered by cheesecake, then the body turns into beige goo and forms Cheesecakebomb.
  • Magnestreak: Shrek's head gets sucked into his body, then his body grows iron that goes up to the top of Shrek's body and the body turns into Magnestreak's body. Magnestreak's head then comes out.
  • Spinnexterminate: Shrek becomes fat and his head gets sucked into his body, then his legs combine into one. His body becomes smaller and his arms and leg spin around, until turning yellow and then becoming Spinnexterminate.
  • Lightningdash: Shrek's arms form into tornadoes, then the body bursts into flames. The tornadoes and flames then collide with each other and it explodes into Lightningdash's body. Shrek's head is covered by yellow acid and the acid becomes solid when it completely covers Shrek's head. The head then becomes Lightningdash's head and we get the full view of him.
  • Shrekachu: Shrek flashes and thunderbolts are sent into his body which shocks Shrek's body and he turns into ash. The ash then forms into the shape of Shrekachu standing up. He grows a tail, goes on all fours and the ash evaporates.
  • Shrekwolf: Shrek becomes muscular and Shrek's head turns into a wolf's head and he howls at the moon. After, it shows Shrek all blue and muscular with fur growing on him. Shrek grows claws and he turns into Shrekwolf.
  • Shrekmummy: Bandages wrap around Shrek's body, then green eyes grow on the head and the head-dress and black bracers and greaves form.
  • Shrekvictor: The towers grow on Shrek's back and his arm expands and rips, revealing Shrekvictor's arm. The head then grows hair on it and the body becomes muscular and turns dark-greyish yellow. The feet then grow muscular too and turn black. The green lines then appear on the feet and we get the full view of Shrekvictor.
  • Upchuck: Shrek becomes shorter and green and his mouth opens and his tongue splits into four. The tail then grows out of his body and the six sprout-like growths grow on his head.
  • Ditto: Shrek becomes shorter and the fin-like growths appear on the top of his head. Shrek's skin turns white and his eyes turn green. The orbs on his arms appear and Shrek's clothes morph into Ditto's clothes and turn black. The buttons grow on Ditto's waist and half of Ditto's head becomes black. His hands become large and the Cheesecaketrix appears on his forehead. Ditto then duplicates into 5.
  • Eye Guy: Shrek's eyes evaporate and the head grows bat-like ears. The eyes then form on Shrek's upper body and he becomes muscular. His skin becomes yellow and Shrek's shirt rips, then the pants appear and the belt connects together which creates the Cheesecaketrix symbol and the circles on the pants.
  • Way Big: Shrek becomes light grey and grows bigger than normal. The red armour appears on him, the red and black fin sprouts from his head and he turns into Way Big in the process.
  • Eon: A lavender wave comes from the back of Shrek and it creates the Chronia planet. The background then becomes dark, while the planet completely covers Shrek's body and the body changes to purple energy and the Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras get absorbed into the energy and there is a bang, which creates Eon.
  • Spitter: Shrek becomes dark green and he becomes a pufferfish. The eyes evaporate and his mouth grows bigger and opens. His teeth sharpen and the green eyes appear on the left and right of the mouth. Finally, he turns into Spitter.
  • Buzzshock: Shrek becomes shorter, turns black and forms into a dry cell. The eyes turn green and the white-lightning like line appears with the Cheesecaketrix symbol on it.
  • Articguana: Shrek is covered with ice, then he goes on all fours and the ice melts and disappears, revealing Articguana.
  • Feedback: Shrek becomes black and the two antennae grow from his head. His eyes combine into two and the plugs grow. Then, the toes combine into two and Shrek will turn into Feedback.

Pokémon Sky

All transformations play under [song] unless otherwise noted.

  • Jury Rigg: Ben spins upward and stops. His nose grows and goes rose. His hands become claws. He becomes Jury Rigg. He is then seen grabbing things to make a random weapon, which will be used in the next scene.
  • Gravattack (Nuzlocke) Plays under 0:57 to 1:13 of Man on the Internet’s Megalovania. His hands turn rocky. His chest turns into Gravattack’s core. He turns into Gravattack and starts throwing around and throwing down.