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General Information
Species Carracosta
Powers and Equipment
Powers Hydrokinesis
Pokémon Info
Types Water


Moves Shell Smash
Aqua Jet
Hydro Vortex
Ability Sturdy
Voice Actor Darby Cupit

Trajan is a Carracosta from the Off-the-ground. He is Serif’s brother and one of the main characters of Pokémon Sky.


He is a standard Carracosta. He has black beak and shell and blue rough skin.


Trajan and Serif were made in a lab. The head scientist was trying to recreate species lost in the war so long ago. He hid them from the world so no one would see his cruelty and put a stop to it. However, his assistant, Violet, broke them out in an incident that led to the removal of the head scientist from their dimension. Now Trajan lives his life hunting humans.


Trajan is energetic. So energetic in fact, that he speaks in all uppercase. He has a fondness for zarusoba noodles.

Powers and Abilities

Trajan’s shell is pure stone and cannot be pierced by anything weaker than a Talpaedan drill.

He can control water to the point that he can give the affinity to others.

His flippers can break steel.

He is undead, and thus immune to mana drainers. If an Osmosian tried to absorb or Serif, they would only absorb stone.

He knows the moves Shell Smash, which breaks his shell to make himself stronger and faster, Superpower, which is a large blow that brings down his strength, Aqua Jet, which propels him forward faster than most moves, and Liquidation, which may weaken the opponent’s defenses. With his Waterium Z, he can use the Z-Move Hydro Vortex.

His Ability is Sturdy, which allows him to


  • He is based on Papyrus from Undertale.
  • His art is based on Greninja’s art for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, on the box art for Pokémon Light, his pose is that of Bowser.
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