General Information
Species Scribovestigium
Home World Hi
DNA source Unknown
Body Paper
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Draw Clones

Use Rubber as Shield Use Pencil as Sword Flatten Be Folded


Trace is the Technomatrixx's DNA sample of a Scribovestigium from the moon trahere in EX 10


Trace appears to be a drawn in piece of paper, him, being made of paper, he can fold, and flatten. He isn’t colourful as he is only made of paper, and the things he has are color grey. But in his ultimate form, he will be colourful.

Powers and Abilities

Trace can do:

  • Use Rubber as Shield (By doing this, he can block any attack. It can block almost anything...)
  • Use Pencil as Shield (By using this, he can fight off any enemies)
  • Flatten, by being able to flatten, when he gets crushed by a rock, or squeezed, he can just avoid it by being flat.
  • Fold, by having the ability to fold, when an ally is nearby, he can fold you to something that might help you, or your ally. In some circumstances, Trace can fold himself.
  • Draw, by having the ability to Draw, he can make clones, build shelter. He can bring them to life...


Trace’s weaknesses are:

  • Fire, the fire would burn Trace. But a good thing is that he can be recovered, because his Pencil can draw him again.
  • Water, it would soak him, after a few seconds, he would get soaked...
  • Ice, if the Ice is dissolved, it would becom water, so... He would dissolve...


  • None Yet... (TBA)


  • His species being: Scribovestigium. Scribo means write, and Vestigium meaning Trace. (These are Latin translations by the way...)
  • The Moon that the Scribovestigium lives in is called Trahere, in Latin meaning Draw
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