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Toxic is a Strahlung from Uran in Simien 10: Blood Monkey.

General Information
Species Strahlung
Home World Uran
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radiation Manipulation

Radiation Immunity

Equipment Hazmat Suit
Users Deimios Miedo
Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey
First Appearance Homecoming


Toxic is a humanoid green alien covered by an orange-yellow hazmat suit, with a radiation symbol on his chest, along with a Hexatrix symbol straight in the middle. His head is covered by a see-through plastic-like helmet, while his body is almost always surrounded by a glowing green aura signifying his radiation.

Toxic's hands poke out through a tear in the suit, revealing skeletal green hands with five fingers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Radiation Manipulation

Toxic can manipulate almost all forms of radiation, allowing him to have an incredibly large variety of attacks to use:

  • Gamma Ray Beams

Toxic can use gamma rays to harm biological creatures massively.

  • Heat Manipulation

Toxic can generate heat from anywhere in a radius around him, which can be enough to melt through steel in seconds.

  • Microwave Beams
  • Radiation Vision
    • X-Ray Vision

Toxic can use his radiation abilities to view anything around him regardless of light, or use X-Ray vision at various levels to see through solid objects.

  • Light Generation
    • Laser Beams

Since light is a type of radiation, Toxic can generate it, or focus it in order to create laser beams as an attack.

  • Nuclear Exposions

Toxic can also generate nuclear explosions, which can be shrinked to a small size to be used in close combat, although they can be as large as a normal nuclear explosion.

  • Radiation Immunity

Toxic, being a master manipulator of radiation, is immune to radiation.


While Toxic is incredibly powerful, his abilities can usually hurt his non-radiation immune allies massively as well.

While Toxic won't be damaged by his own radiation without his hazmat suit, he will begin emitting radiation uncontrollably around him, potentially severely damaging his allies or even killing them.

Most of Toxic's abilities can be blocked with lead or any other radiation resistant material, and managing to encase him in any such material can permanently block off his powers.




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