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Towerstone is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Meenaar from the planet Shataran. He is a free use alien.


Towerstone is a humanoid rocky alien. His arms look like large cannons. His body is extendable, which opens his mouth. The Omnitrix symbol is inside of it, which is an odd place. On his head, he has a cut sultan-like turban.

Powers and Abilities

Towerstone can open his mouth and transform it into a cage. His arms can also morph into large cannons, which shoot fiery cannonballs.

Towerstone's legs, despite being short, do not slow him down, instead speeding him up, as he is very fast. He is also able to move backwards.


Towerstone struggles moving diagonal lines. His legs don't allow him to slowly rotate.

Towerstone's Omnitrix symbol placement creates a challenge when needed to switch form.


If Towerstone is going appear in you series, write it down here.


If Towerstone is going appear in you series, write it down here.


Towerstone is a combination of tower, alluding to his body type, and stone, the material he is primarily made of.


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