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General Information
Home Planet Kubran 11
Body Armored Humanoid Jackal
Gender System None (Robot)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow Construct Manipulation
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Sight
Enhanced Durability
Weaknesses Solar Light Vulnerability
Present In Omnitrix
Unitrix Database (AoU)
Appears in Ben 10: New Age

The Totanium (also known as 'Totanium War Machines') are Nighthowler's species. They live on the planet Kubran 11.


Totanium are mechanical beings resembling medieval armour from Earth. Using their powers of shadow construct manipulation they build more recognisable bodies for themselves, which typically remsembles a humanoid jackal inside the armour.


The Totanium are living soldiers created by Ramiel Monoliths as an army. They were designed to invade the Earth, hoping that the familiar armour design would make sure the humans didn't realise it was an alien invasion. The shadow manipulation would have allowed them to give themselves human forms, and appear as gods.

However two things prevented the Ramiel Monoliths from launching this attack.

  1. This attack was universally condemned, to the point where the Shianusapiens (sometime before their extinction) threatened them with war should they try.
  2. The Totanium gained sentience, learned of the Monolith's plan, and then declared independence.

Since then, the Totanium have acted as guardians of the Kubran system. They do not protect it from attack, rather they use their powers to keep the Ramiel Monoliths at bay so they cannot attack any other species.


The main power of the Totanium is their ability to create and manipulate shadow constructs. Although these constructs are vulnerable to any kind of light, they actually seem to destroy the light constructs of the Ramiel Monoliths. This may have been because the Monoliths created them, or it could have been a later adaptation by the Totanium to help keep them at bay.

The Totanium are literally armour, and are therefore very durable.

As an extension of their original design as weapons, the Totanium possess enhanced senses of hearing, smelling, and sight.


Any form of concentrated light, with the notable exception of Ramiel Monolith constructs, can destroy a Totanium's shadow constructs. The shadows that make up their bodies are capable of feeling pain, and experience a burning sensation.

Being machines made of metal, Totanium are vulnerable to attacks that target machines or metals and can be magnetised.

Known Totanium

Known Totanium Hybrids

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