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These are all the episodes in Total Drama Billion.


Episode 1: It Begins[]

Pilot. Lurnit gathers 30 Evan Billion aliens for challenges, and in the end, the winner will get a billion dollars. The first challenge is seeing who can stay on a spinning platform for the longest, then they have to build a mess hall using just two trees.

Episode 2: Get Out of the Kitchen[]

The competitors head to the Firey Region to see who can stay cool the longest.

Episode 3: Underwater Scavenger Hunt[]

The competitors dive underwater for advantages, then a scavenger hunt.

Episode 4: Ups and Ups[]

The teams must solidify clouds, then race them back to Lurnit.

Episode 5: Fishing for Monsters[]

Lurnit creates aquatic monsters that the competitors must catch and tame.

Episode 6: Jungle Rumble[]

The competitors must capture an alien that lives in the Jungle Region.

Episode 7: Literally Undead[]

The competitors must pretend to be zombies and scare Lurnit.

Episode 8: Crop, Crop, and Away[]

The team that grows the largest crop wins.

Episode 9: The Radioactive Race[]

The teams must create things that will help them survive the Radioactive Region, which they'll need to do in order to compete in a race.

Episode 10: Cold Play[]

The teams go to the Tundra Region for their challenges.

Episode 11: Food, Fortune, and Not Fun[]

When Edibility gets sick, the teams must take over for him and cook a meal for Lurnit.

Episode 12: Cavemen and Mice[]

The teams must battle a caveman that Lurnit brought from the past.

Episode 13: Business Biz[]

The teams create temporary shops in the City Region, and in order to win, they must collect the most money from the customers, which are eliminated contestants.

Episode 14: Rock, but Don't Roll[]

The teams go to the Underground Region and attempt to break apart really tough rocks.

Episode 15: Swamp Style Supreme[]

The teams go to the Swampy Region for swamp-themed challenges.

Episode 16: Mathemaniacs[]

The teams are merged, and the individual contestant that comes up with the longest math equation wins immunity.

Episode 17: Bowling Buffoons[]

The contestants have a bowling obstacle course to complete, then get three chances to knock down the most out of 100 pins using a giant bowling ball.

Episode 18: Deserted[]

When the contestants get lost in the Desert Region, they must find their ways back, but resources are extremely scarce.

Episode 19: Lur-Ni-Toh![]

Lurnit creates a trading card game and hosts a tournament for the contestants.

Episode 20: Pantomimicking[]

Lurnit assigns each contestant another contestant, and the one who acts most like their assignment wins.