Total Drama Billion is a miniseries by Awesome Betterhero that follows 30 Evan Billion aliens as they battle in several different challenges for a billion dollars. It is supposed to have 1 season, and it was created on 8-16-12.


The show follows 30 Evan Billion aliens split into 5 teams battling for a billion dollars. In every episode, the losing team has to vote someone on the team off. In the end, there will be one alien remaining.

Theme Song

This is to the theme of "I Wanna Be Famous."

I wanna be the very best
And be above the rest
With my powers, I will survive
Because the others are just jive
I will be the winner

I do not wanna say goodbye
I'll see the others cry and cry
Because they are just a bunch of fools
But me, I am cool
Cause I will be the winner!

Na, na, na.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na na

I will be the,
I will be the,
I will be the winner!

I will be the,
I will be the,
I will be the WINNER!


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  1. It Begins
  2. Get Out of the Kitchen
  3. Underwater Scavenger Hunt
  4. Ups and Ups
  5. Fishing for Monsters
  6. Jungle Rumble
  7. Literally Undead
  8. Crop, Crop, and Away
  9. The Radioactive Race
  10. Cold Play
  11. Food, Fortune, and Not Fun
  12. Cavemen and Mice
  13. Business Biz
  14. Rock, but Don't Roll
  15. Swamp Style Supreme
  16. Mathemaniacs
  17. Bowling Buffoons
  18. Deserted
  19. Lur-Ni-Toh!
  20. Pantomimicking


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Crunchy Lemon

Driving You Wild

Muscle Mass

Rock Out

Sparky Watermelon

Elimination Table

Contestant Eliminated Placing Other Info
Lightmeraction It Begins 30th
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