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Toranja is a Greipaldin from the planet Jamong in Pizza Party. He will be an upcoming recurring character.


Toranja looks like a regular Greipaldin, except he has three spikes on his back, he is bulkier, and he has small fingers.

Toranja is often swinging around the college, appearing at random times. He steals fruit sometimes. His favorite drink is grapefruit juice, and he will try a lot of things to get some. He often forgets that he can shoot grapefruit juice. Toranja doesn't know Ave, since they both appear at random times. He likes to smash things and says "Dude" in every sentence. Toranja is sometimes teased since he has a girl's name, but she he won't mind.


  • Extreme strength
  • Controlling and shooting grapefruit juice
  • Controlling and shooting grapefruits
  • Agile
  • Using his unibrow as a whip
  • Swinging
  • Jumping high
  • Eating very quickly