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Top of the Food Chain!
E-10 Ep 9 - Top of the Food Chain
General Information
Original broadcast November 30, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 9
Overall episode number 09
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & RunnyMan
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Top of the Food Chain! is the ninth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Alice works at a new popular restaurant that’s just opened up. Meanwhile, Hannibal convinces Ethan to ask Alice out on a date.


JASA - Sneaking on Alice - Episode 9

[As the sun shines brightest at the screen, we zoom down to a gorgeous day at Horizons, where Ethan, Alice, Nikki, Hannibal and Terence are sitting together having lunch.]

Hannibal: And when me and Isaac had all the bird goop in the buckets, we grabbed it and splashed it all the Northridge guys’ cars and drove back to Merridale, as fast as we could.

Terence: Oh-ho-ho…

Ethan: Sick!

Hannibal: And that’s how my man Isaac and I became brothers.

Nikki: [Horrified] I will never look at that kid the same way again.

Alice: [Horrified] I’m so glad I don’t know that creep.

Hannibal: Okay, but enough about gross stories. So it turns out my boss is closing down the Wendy's on Saturday so they can prep it up for some big health inspector next week. Meaning I got the whole weekend off!

Nikki: What about your job on Saturday as a personal weightlifting trainer?

Hannibal: Nobody’s asking me, so I guess I’m free to do whatever I want this weekend. You guys wanna do something?

Nikki: I don’t have that much work to do at the library, so I’m in.

Terence: Eh, not like I got anything better to do. I don’t mind doing something.

Hannibal: [To Ethan] What about you?

Ethan: Unless Lieutenant Steel pulls a surprise mission on me, [in dark voice] like he has before, [regular voice] then you can count me in!

Hannibal: Cool, what about you Alice?

Alice: Umm… sorry I can’t.

Ethan: Aw, why not?

Alice: It’s just I have something, is all.

Ethan: Don’t tell me it’s more important than hanging with your friends is it?

Nikki: C'mon, Ethan, Don’t stress her. It's probably something important.

[Alice took a sip of her soda.]

Nikki: So I’m guessing you’re going out with somebody.

[Alice spit-takes and she stands up with her entire face red. Ethan’s eyes widened.]

Alice: NO! No, it’s nothing like that all!

Nikki: Oh, you are! You are going out with someone!

Terence: Alice has been holding back on us!

Alice: No! I promise you, I am not going out with anyone right now!

Nikki: Alright then.

Hannibal: Then why won’t you tell us where you’re going?

Alice: It’s just I can’t… [The bell rings] Would you look at that, I’m late for class!

Ethan: But it’s only noon...

Alice: Sorry, gotta run, bye!

[Alice rushed off in a hurry, and the four returned to their discussion.]

Ethan: I think I just figured out what we’re gonna do this weekend.

[Ethan raised his eyebrow at the group, giving them an inspired look. The scene shifted to later that Saturday morning as the group spots Alice walking down the sidewalk. Alice turned around, thinking people were walking behind her. Ethan and the others hid behind the alleyway before she could spot them. She found nothing and turned around to resume forward. The others popped out and continued following Alice.]

Terence: So this is how we’re spending our Saturday morning? Does anybody remember back when sleeping in was a thing?

Hannibal: I remember back when Kids WB was a thing.

Ethan: Stay focused people, Alice is keeping something from us and I attend to figure out exactly what that is.

Terence: Aw, what? Is the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger afraid he’s gonna watch his friend get taken by some other man?

Ethan: No! But we know for a fact she’s hiding something.

Nikki: Yeah, [squints] like what could she be holding in that bag?

Ethan: Wait a minute, what is she doing?

[They see Alice approach the building in front of them, with a small line gathered at the front entrance. Alice snuck to the side of the building and the group followed. Alice snuck inside the back door. As soon as the door shut, they glanced over at a window where Alice had finished putting a uniform over her clothes.]

Nikki: No way, is she-

Terence: Oh, man. We have got to get inside.

[Alice stepped out of the back room, wearing a restaurant uniform. She began marking off her list while her eyes were focused on her tiny clipboard.]

Alice: Hi there, my name’s Alice. I hope you guys are enjoying your day, can I start you with something to-

[Alice looked over and saw, Nikki, Hannibal, Terence and Ethan sitting in their seats, giving her smuggish looks.]

Hannibal: Hey, Alice.

[Alice surprised, she reacted with a slight scream.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Friends of Horizon

[Alice’s face was red as she looked scared and embarrassed.]

Alice: What are you guys doing here?!

Nikki: Well, you were the one keeping secrets from us. We thought we might as well see what you were up to.

Hannibal: Even after we agreed to stop keeping secrets from each other.

Alice: I’m sorry, I just really need the job. I’m trying to pay off my student loans and my mom’s money hasn’t came in yet. Please don’t make fun of me for this.

Nikki: Girl, don’t be ashamed of yourself, we all have to pay for our loans somehow.

Terence: My parents pay for mine.

Ethan: So do mine! But, Alice, you shouldn’t have to worry about something like that. I mean come on, I think we’ve proven at this point we can tell each other everything.

Alice: You’re right, I’m sorry. [Bows]

Nikki: It’s fine, just stop apologizing, you’re starting to sound like Ethan when he apologizes for everything.

Ethan: Oh come on, I don't apologize for everything.

[Nikki raised her eyebrow.]

Ethan: [Raises voice] No, I don’t!

[For a moment the room was dead silent. Everybody in the restaurant stared at Ethan, including his friends. An embarrassed Ethan glanced his eyes to the side and he began to speak with a quiet tone.]

Ethan: Sorry for raising my voice...

[Alice smiled as she raised her clipboard back up and was prepared to write down their orders.]

Alice: So, what would you like?

Hannibal: I’ll just stick with a Coke.

Nikki: Diet for me. Oh, and an appetizer of Mozzarella Sticks.

Terence: I’ll go with a Calzone with a Noodleless Zucchini Lasagna on the side.

Ethan: And you know what I want.

Alice: A Pepperoni Pizza and a Diet Coke with no ice.

Ethan: You got it!

[They handed Alice the menus.]

Alice: I’ll be right back with your orders. [Leaves]

Hannibal: Damn, it’s like she knows you off the top of a hat.

Nikki: Hanny, this is Ethan we’re talking about. He eats so much pizza, he might as well become a pizza.

Hannibal: Fair enough.

Ethan: Is that even possible? [Looks at the dial.]

Nikki: Well, you are what you eat.

[Alice walks over to the kitchen counter. A female chef with a bun meets her. The song ended.]

Alice: We need some Mozzarella Sticks, a Calzone, Noodleless Zucchini Lasagna, and a Pepperoni Pizza, over at Table 10.

Thumbskull - Tiptoe - TinyTim (E-10 Cut)

Chef: You got it. [She goes into the kitchen] AY, THUMBNAIL HEAD, WE GOT AN ORDER OVER HERE!

[A pale muscular figure was standing by the oven. He turned over and took off his headphones, revealing his face to have a large thumbnail on his head, and he wore an apron saying “KISS THE COOK.”]

Thumbskull: What’s it this time?

Chef: Make the meanest Mozzarella Sticks you can cook.

[Thumbskull nodded and put his headphones back on. He smiled and layed dough out on the table in a rhythmic fashion.]

[An ugly disgruntled figure walks up to the female chef.]

Chef: And you’ll be making the pizza. Start up the oven.

[The disgruntled figure walks over to an antique oven and releases a toxic gas from his mouth, igniting a flame.]

Acidbreath: That should get it nice and toasty.

Chef: And as for me…

[She undoes her bun and her hair moves about as if it were alive.]

Frightwig: I’ll take care of the rest.

[Meanwhile, Thumbskull inserted cheese into bread crumbs, and rolled it over the pan. The grease below the pan gave the mozzarella sticks more detail. Acid Breath inserted hints of his slimy drool into a bowl of pizza sauce, and stirred it into the bowl. Acid Breath smelt the sauce.]

Acidbreath: Looks good enough to eat!

[Thumbskull finished flattening the dough, and he precisely rolled them into sticks. Sweat was coming down his face. Meanwhile, Frightwig inserted some of Acid Breath’s pizza sauce into the dough and rolled it over, almost finishing some of the Calzones. Thumbskull finished the Mozzarella Sticks and placed them perfectly in a container.]

Thumbskull: My culinary masterpiece!

Acidbreath: Yeah, yeah. We all know how bad you want to be on Masterchef.

Frightwig: If you two are done goofing around...

[Frightwig grabbed the food and set it on the counter. She then tied her hair into a bun and rung the bell.]

Frightwig: Order up!

Alice: Great. Thanks, guys.

[Alice grabbed the food and left the counter, approaching the table. We see Thumbskull staring at them eagerly from the counter. Thumbskulls looked nervous with his eyes starting to water. Acidbreath looked at him and patted him on the shoulder. The song ended.]

[Alice sat the food down to the groups' table. At the table, it was revealed the group had already received their drinks. Alice began to pass around their food.]

Alice: Mozzarella Sticks for the table, a Pizza over here for Ethan, and your Calzone with the Noodleless Zucchini Lasagna on the side.

Terence, Ethan: Thanks, Alice.

Alice: No problem, let me know if you need anything.

[Alice walked away. Nikki and Hannibal tried the Mozzarella Sticks.]

Nikki: Mmm.

Hannibal: The chef did a very good job on this!

Nikki: I know, right? Terence, how’s your food?

Terence: [Munching] I gotta say, it’s not half bad. [Swallows] They used a lot of cheese on this, but other than that, it’s fine. Probably gonna go straight through my stomach.

[Hannibal and Nikki reacted disgusted. Terence turned over to Ethan.]

Terence: What about you Ethan, how’s the pizza?

[Ethan was shown tearing up with multiple sparks glowing from his eyes. Ethan’s voice became shrill with excitement.]

Ethan: It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had…

[Ethan took another bite, enjoying the pizza. Meanwhile in the background, you could hear Thumbskull crying. We turn over to him seeing him crying down on the counter.]

Acidbreath: There, there Thumbskull. There, there.

[We shift back to the group where Ethan and Terence continued to enjoy their meal.]

Nikki: Well I can see you guys are going at it with the food.

Hannibal: Damn, I wish I ordered something.

Nikki: Hanny, trust me. You don’t wanna be pigging out like these guys.

[Ethan and Terence were shown with food and pasta sauce covered all over their mouths.]

Terence: [Swallows] What?

Hannibal: Yeah, good point.

[Hannibal and Nikki stood up.]

Nikki: Well, we’re gonna go off and let you two enjoy your food.

Hannibal: We’ll see you guys later.

Ethan: [Swallow] Oh, hell no! You guys are not leaving us with the check!

Nikki: [Waves] See you, Sugar!

[Nikki and Hannibal left to Ethan’s frustration and he screamed with his arms raised out.]

Ethan: NOOOOOO!!!

Heart to Hannibal - Gi Kwan's Wrath (Episode 9)

[The scene shifted to nightfall in a suburbed area as Hannibal and Nikki are walking down a sidewalk.]

Nikki: Man, can you believe how much they were stuffing their faces? And did you see what was in Terence’s Zucchini? I think I saw a hair in there.

Hannibal: [Laughs] Yeah, well whatever that was, they sure were enjoying it.

Nikki: And you were about to order some of it too.

Hannibal: Girl, it was almost the afternoon. I was starving! That’s why we got those Mozzarella Sticks for the table.

Nikki: And you sure were chowing down on them.

Hannibal: Yeah, not as much as those two were chowing down on their meals.

[Nikki gave a small chuckle.]

Hannibal: You know, it’s nice to be hanging out like this again.

Nikki: Why? Not like we weren’t hanging out before.

Hannibal: Yeah, I know. But, I mean, now that we’re all in the loop, ya know? Now I don’t have to feel like I’m left out on everything.

Nikki: Are you still shaken up by the whole thing?

Hannibal: Yeah, I am. I mean, you weren’t the one who was kidnapped by a mad terrorist planning to blow half of the entire world or something.

Nikki: Country.

Hannibal: I don’t care. It’s just, that happened to me, and ever since then I’ve had to keep my guard up. I can’t let it down.

Nikki: I feel you. But it was two weeks ago, you’ve got to get over it. You can’t let stupid things like that phase you. You are a strong man, Hanny. Together, we can take on anything.

[Hannibal laughed.]

Nikki: Anything!

[Nikki laughed along with Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Man, I haven’t heard that since we were kids. Remember when we used to play superhero back at recess?

Nikki: Oh yeah, that’s right, you were Mighty Man, and I was Mega Girl. Fighting off against the criminals of Silicon Playground.

Hannibal: Damn, those were the days. It’s funny, that’s kinda like how it is now.

Nikki: What do you mean? I was the one who saved your butt against those snobby kids.

Hannibal: Yeah, and you saved me from those terrorists, too. That’s why I swore to protect you from that day.

Nikki: Oh come on, Hanny. Really? I’m a big girl now. I told you, I don’t need saving.

Hannibal: I know that, but you saved me, and I ought to you to pay you back. Guess I haven’t been doing such a good job at that since you’re the one saving me and everything lately.

Nikki: Oh come on, that’s not a bad thing. That just means I’ll always be there for you.

Hannibal: You really mean it?

[Nikki looked into his eyes for a moment, and the two stood, staring at each other. At the heat of the moment the two leaned towards each other. But just before anything could happen, a large gust of wind blew right through them. They turned over to notice a blue blur had sped passed them.]

Nikki: Was that XLR8?

Hannibal: I think so. Must be on a mission or something.

Nikki: C’mon, maybe we can catch up with him.

[Nikki ran down the sidewalk. Hannibal stared at the road, making an irritated look.]

Hannibal (Thoughts): Ethan, you damn cockblock!

[Hannibal followed Nikki and not long, they arrived to Nikki’s dorm. They ran over to Nikki’s car, started it, and drove off to see if they could catch up with XLR8. Meanwhile, XLR8, wearing his visor, arrived at the back end of an alleyway, which lead to behind a familiar building. In the shadows a voice could be heard.]

Voice: Well, hello there, speedy-tweety. I see you managed to make it. So you got my money or what?

[XLR8 was holding bags of money in his hands. The figure grabbed the bags.]

Voice: Excellent, simply excellent. I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re doing a fine job.

[XLR8’s visor flew up, revealing his eyes to be glowing purple with moving swirls acting as pupils.]

XLR8: Yes, Zombozo.

[The figure stepped out into the light, revealing to be Zombozo.]

Zombozo: Easy with the names, kid. We don’t wanna give away my cover, now do we?

XLR8: No, Zombozo, we don’t.

Zombozo: Gah! Whatever… You must’ve ate at my restaurant or something. Even if you did, I wouldn’t have recognized your face, but whatever. Keep up the good work!

[We zoom out as Zombozo went back into the shadows and XLR8 ran out of the alleyway. We then zoom out to see the scene from a glass reflection, revealing Hannibal and Nikki were watching what was going on.]

Nikki: What was Ethan doing just now?

Hannibal: I don’t know. But whatever it was, it can’t be good.

Another Day at Horizon - Let's Go Out Together - Episode 9

[We shift a couple days later to Monday at campus. Ethan was munching on a juicy bacon-burger filled with ketchup. He was sitting with Alice and Terence outside as the three were on their lunch break. Hannibal and Nikki arrived to the table, holding their lunch trays as they approached them with disturbed looks and sat down.]

Nikki: Hey, guys, what’s up?

Ethan: This amazing bacon burger, that’s what’s up!

[Ethan eyes sparkled up as he responded and continued to eat on the burger.]

Hannibal: Right… Hey, Ethan, I wanted to ask ya something.

[Ethan turned to him with food stuffed in his mouth.]

Ethan: What’s that?

Hannibal: [Clears throat] What happened after we left yesterday?

Ethan: Well after you left me and Terence to pay the bill, we hung out around the Plaza. Terence left to go hang with friends and I met back up with Alice and we hung out for a bit until we walked home.

Nikki: Anything particularly interesting happen that night?

Ethan: No? I mean it was Saturday night. I usually just watch anime. Why?

Nikki: We saw you as XLR8 talking to some freaky clown out in an alleyway.

Ethan: Really? I don’t remember going into an alleyway or talking to some freaky clown.

Nikki: But you went XLR8?

Ethan: No, the only alien I used that day was Goop, and that was just for target practice. And I used AmpFibian to help Alice home… And used Heatblast to cook pizza… that didn’t end well.

Hannibal: So you didn’t use anybody else then?

Ethan: No, not really.

Hannibal, Nikki: Hmm…

Hannibal: Alright, then. Sorry for asking.

Terence: Maybe you guys ran into one of XLR8’s species on the way? I mean there is a possibility there’s more than one XLR8 on Earth.

Alice: Is that even possible?

Hannibal: Nah, man. It looked just like Ethan’s form, it had the badge and everything.

Ethan: That could use some looking into, I’ll go figure that out later once the day’s over.

Nikki: So, what about you guys? How’re things holding up?

Terence: Not much, gotta finish my last big assignment before exams. I might get a bite to eat before I go ahead and start. After all, grease helps make the brain think, or something like that.

Alice: I have some time off work tomorrow, so I might go ahead and use this as extra time to study.

Nikki: You know what you should do… you should…

[Nikki and Alice’s conversation faded in the background as Hannibal wrapped his arm around Ethan and turned over to private, to have their own conversation. Hannibal and Ethan begin whispering.]

Hannibal: Hey, Ethan. You know what you should do?

[Ethan gave him a curious look as his response.]

Hannibal: You should go over and ask Alice out.

Ethan: Nani?! Are you crazy!

Hannibal: Freakin’ weeb. Look, it doesn’t even have to be a date. You can just invite her to dinner or something.

Ethan: Isn’t that the definition of a date?

Hannibal: Listen, man, I know you two have had something going on for awhile.

Ethan: So do you and Nikki, but you don’t have me shoving that down your throat.

Hannibal: Look, all I’m saying is, take the opportunity while you can. I almost never get my chance with Nikki. So, c’mon! I can see that she’s into you!

Ethan: I’m not sure, man. If I had to be honest, I’ve never asked anybody out before.

Hannibal: For real? You’re in college, how the hell?

[Ethan raised his eyebrow.]

Hannibal: Right... Well, go on, dude, make it happen!

Ethan: Not with you guys around and stuff!

Hannibal: Don’t worry, I’ll give you your privacy.

[Hannibal and Ethan turned over back to the others as Alice and Nikki were finishing their conversation.]

Nikki: And I’m telling ya, that side of town has all the places to shop.

Alice: Thanks, I’ll consider that.

Hannibal: Hey, uh, Nikki, Terence, you mind heading up with me in my car? I need you guys to check something out real quick.

Terence: Meh, I don’t care. Sure.

Nikki: C’mon, Hanny, I’m trynna have some…

[Hannibal eyed her, and gave a signal as he looked at both Ethan and back at her. Nikki then noticed the signal.]

Nikki: Ooooh, it’s that one thing again with the tiger sheets and the-

Hannibal: SHHH!

Nikki: Okay! I’ll be back soon, Alice!

Alice: Alright! Take care.

[Alice and Ethan stood at each other and there was a awkward silence between the two of them. Ethan noticing his phone on the table, placed it away in his pocket.]

Ethan: So, umm.. I guess now you got plans on Saturday?

Alice: Maybe, I’m actually debating whether I want to do that or not. I mean, it’s fun, but my wallet…

Ethan: Same. That’s me and every time I go shopping to buy some collectible or video game.

Alice: Right? I just finally saved up my money to get a Nintendo Switch, that new Smash Bros game looks so sweet!

[Ethan’s eyes sparkled.]

Ethan: You like Smash?

Alice: Well, duh! Didn’t I tell you I’m super obsessed with fighting and racing games?

Ethan: No…

Alice: Well, I am. I can be very competitive depending on what I play.

Ethan: Oh, really? What consoles you got?

Alice: I pretty much got everything, well except an Xbox One. I’m not a huge fan of Xbox consoles since they dropped the One and One X.

Ethan: Me too! My online friends have been dying for me to get a PS4.

Alice: You should, it’s totally worth it!

Ethan: It’s just what if the PS5 comes out next year, there’s going to be announcement any time now since the life cycle’s almost up.

Alice: Well you can worry about that when the time comes. Come on, it’ll be great! I can kick your ass any time I want to.

Ethan: Oh, really?

Alice: Yeah, really. Coming from the guy who can’t control which alien he gets on his watch.

Ethan: Don’t blame me! I may not be great with technology, but I can certainly kick your ass any time of the week!

Alice: Oh yeah, then get one.

Ethan: Fine, I will.

Alice: Good.

[The two laughed.]

Ethan: It’s funny, all we ever do is go out on missions or study together. We’ve known each other for what? Three months? And there’s still a lot I don’t know about you.

Alice: Oh please, you know tons about me!

Ethan: Yeah, but there’s still I wanna get to know more of.

[Ethan thought to himself, as Hannibal’s voice played in his head.]

Hannibal’s Voice: C'mon, man. Take the opportunity while you can.

Ethan: [Gulps] What I mean is, why don’t we go out sometime, you and me?

[Alice stood back as her face turned red.]

Alice: You mean, like a date?

Ethan: [Turning red.] No, no… It’s more like a get-together, sort of thing. As a way to get to know each other at a place… If that’s alright with you?

Alice: Oh, umm...

Alice (Thoughts): Wow, I didn’t think he was going to ask so suddenly, I thought I would have to build up the courage to ask him but-

Ethan: I guess that silence means, no, huh?

Alice: No! I mean, no, that’s not why I was silent. But, my real response... Yeah, my real response is… I’m going to say yes!

Ethan: Really?

Alice: Yes, yes! Let’s do it!

Ethan: How about tomorrow night? You did say you were free, right?

Alice: Yeah, sure, that sounds great.

Ethan: Awesome.

[Ethan fell flat on his seat like a pancake.]

Alice: What are you doing? [Giggles]

Ethan: I just used all my energy to ask you out. I’m like my watch when I need a recharge.

Alice: I feel ya.

[The two laughed once more and the scene shifted to that next night. The song ended.]

Hau'oli City Night - E-10 Cut

[We zoom down to what appears to be Alice and Ethan sitting in their tables at Alice’s restaurant. Alice wore a white shirt with a red skirt and Ethan wore a green collared shirt and jeans.]

Alice: Kind of funny you picked the place I worked at… you know?

Ethan: Funny bad or funny good?

Alice: Funny… Huh?

Ethan: Huh? Really?

Alice: I mean not like it’s a bad thing. It's just interesting, that's all.

Ethan: Yeah… Sorry, I would’ve taken you out to somewhere more fun like the pier, but it is starting to get cold, and this is the hottest restaurant in town right now. I thought, hey why not go all out, right?

Alice: No, you did fine. Relax, you don’t have to do anything too hard to impress me.

Ethan: Too hard, so I still have to try hard, huh?

[Alice smiled, rolling her eyes, and a familiar looking waitress arrived to their table.]

Waitress: Fancy seeing you here. So, I’m guessing you two are ready to order?

Alice: Yep, I’ll be having a side salad, and-

Ethan: We’ll have pasta for us to share.

[Alice reacted surprised.]

Waitress: Alrighty, I’ll be back with you guys with your order.

[The waitress left the table and Alice turned to Ethan.]

Alice: I’m surprised. You always order pizza… Always!

Ethan: What can I say, I like Disney movies.

Alice: So, what? You’re going to Lady and the Tramp me now? Is that it?

Ethan: Maybe.

[Alice’s face turned red. Moments later after they had finished a discussion, the waitress arrived with a large plate of spaghetti.]

Waitress: Here’s your order. anything else I could do for you?

Ethan: Nope, that’ll be good.

[The waitress left and the two turned to their food. The song ended. Alice took a look at the noodles, and before she could take a bite, the two heard a noise from the counter. They turned over and noticed a guy with purple swirly eyes was banging himself against the wall.]

Something's Not Right

Ethan: Huh, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Alice: Hey uh, Ethan. Have you noticed anything weird about this place?

[Ethan turned to his food, staring at it with hunger in his eyes.]

Ethan: Like what?

Alice: Well, ever since I started working here, a lot of the customers have been acting… funny.

Ethan: Funny bad or funny good?

[They turn to see two people with purple swirly eyes banging their heads against the table.]

Alice: Definitely funny bad.

Ethan: They’re probably on something stupid. Don’t worry about it.

[Alice turned over, seeing someone finishing a bite and having purple swirls in their eyes. Alice turned over to see other people randomly walking with the same swirls in their eyes. Alice turned back to notice Ethan was about to take a bite. Alice immediately grabbed Ethan's fork.]

Alice: Don’t eat that!

Ethan: What?

Alice: Don’t you realize it? It’s the food! The food is what’s making them act this way.

Ethan: Man, they would hate me if I was a Yelp user right now. Come on, let’s go somewhere else.

[The waitress walked over, taking off her bun, revealing that her hair was moving around as almost as if they were tentacles.]

Frightwig: Not until you’ve finished your plate.

Ethan: Yeah, we’re not hungry anymore. But, I’ll be glad to pay the check.

[Acidbreath stepped out of the kitchen.]

Acidbreath: I would finish that if I were you, you wouldn’t want to make our cook angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

[From the kitchen window, Thumbskull appeared, glaring at the two of them.]

Thumbskull: EAT IT!

Alice: I don’t like that look he’s giving us, or them.

[Everyone in the restaurant turned their heads toward Ethan and Alice. Their faces were forcibly smiling with the same swirls in their eyes.]

Ethan: Look, we just really wanna find some place else to eat. Can we do that? Thanks.

Frightwig: Maybe you would like to speak with our manager?

Ethan: The manager? [Turned to Alice.]

Alice: I never had to speak to the manager when I was hired.

Ethan: You don’t know who the manager is? He’s the one who hired you!

Alice: I swear I thought it was the cook in the back!

Acidbreath: Perhaps a proper introduction is needed...

[Suddenly, everything went dark.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Tonight, we are proud to present our main entertainment! He’s funny, he’s daring, and he’s here to make you smile! Everyone, put your hands together for…

[Spotlights spun around the room before focusing on the center. A puff of smoke came out and surrounded the area. When the smoke cleared, a large pale faced clown with black attire appeared. He smiled, revealing several sharp teeth.]

Announcer: … Zombozo!

[The zombie audience applauded. Ethan and Alice turned to each other with frightened looks on their faces.]

Circus Chats and Escaping the Act!

Ethan: So let me get this straight. A circus clown is running your restaurant? Gotta say, this reminds me of something I’ve seen before, but I’m not sure where.

Zombozo: Yes, and it is nice to see you attending my restaurant again. I’m surprised you actually managed to piece this all together.

Ethan: Not really… I mean all it took was your customers acting strange and you sort of revealed yourselves. Kind of your own fault there as supervillains, just saying.

Alice: Just so you know, I’m giving my two weeks notice early.

Zombozo: Whatever you say, girl. Not like you would have lasted that long anyway.

Alice: Rude!

Ethan: How are you controlling the people anyway?

Zombozo: It’s a simple digestible ingredient we add into the food. We mix it up the batter and make sure it’s edible. Trust me, there were originally more circus freaks than there are now.

Alice: So that’s why you were hiring.

Zombozo: Exactly! Once they’ve digested it into their bellies, they fall into my spell, and I demand them to give me their money and their special belongings. Great funding for my business, huh? Not to mention all that extra cash I can use to fulfill for my purposes.

Ethan: You really think this is going to work?

Zombozo: Well it’s worked so far now hasn’t it? I plan to expand my empire once I’ve taken over this town, and then the entire country will be my kingdom! Everyone will want a taste of Zombozo’s fantastical food and entertainment! And they will love me once more!

Ethan: What?

Zombozo: Oops! Don’t want to let my entire backstory slip. Not like it’ll matter once you’ll become a mindless slave. Get them!

[The Circus Freaks and the hypnotized customers began walking towards them.]

Ethan: Alice, the door!

Alice: [Pushing lever.] I can’t, it’s locked!

Ethan: Hang on! [Ethan activated the watch.]

Alice: What?!

[A green light glew from inside the restaurant, and Wildmutt, with Alice riding on his back, jumped out of the restaurant. Glass went flying everywhere on the ground as Wildmutt continued to make a run for it.]

Frightwig: Oh no you don’t!

[Frightwig whipped one of her hairs, and grabbed Wildmutt’s leg. Alice fell off as she swung Wildmutt backwards.]

Alice: Ethan!

[Wildmutt, whining, he slid down from the wall and fell to the ground. Wildmutt tried to get up, but was surrounded by Zombozo’s army.]

Zombozo: There’s no use running, pipsqueak. This town is already falling under my spell. Even if you don’t submit now, you will eventually. Now, Thumbskull, go give the lady her meal, it’s starting to get cold.

Thumbskull: You heard the boss. My food is to die for!

Alice: But I don’t want what you’re serving.

Thumbskull: Too bad.

[Thumbskull approached Alice, as she tried scooting backwards. Wildmutt watched as Thumbskull was about to grab Alice. He tried to break loose and eventually launched quills from the back of his fur, throwing back the crowd. Wildmutt jumped into the air and pounced onto Thumbskull.]

Thumbskull: HEY!

[Wildmutt scratched Thumbskull.]

Thumbskull: Bad doggy! Get off me, I will rip that fur coat off of you and turn you into a hot dog!

[Wildmutt bit Thumbskull and threw him into the ground. Wildmutt ran over to Alice as she stood up.]

Alice: Good boy. [Pats] Now let’s get out of here!

[Alice hopped on Wildmutt’s back and they ran away from the scene.]

Acidbreath: I got ‘em!

Zombozo: Just wait, they’ll be back. They always come crawling back. After all, we have their friend…

[Zombozo turned to a zombified Terence, then starts to maniacally cackle. The song ended. The scene shifted to Hannibal and Nikki hiding in Hannibal’s place. Nikki was looking out the window, seeing hypnotized people walking down the streets, and somebody breaking into a car.]

E-10, Closed Quarters

Hannibal: Is the coast clear?

Nikki: Not yet. Wow, I didn’t imagine for things to get so crazy tonight. What is going on?

Hannibal: Whatever it is, let’s sure hope Ethan’s got it covered.

[Ethan and Alice appeared right next to them, surprising Hannibal.]

Ethan: Not really.

[Hannibal screamed and stood back next to Nikki.]

Hannibal: AH! Don’t sneak up on me like that! You scared the jeepers out of me!

Nikki: Do you know what’s going on?

Alice: Apparently, the circus is in town, and the manager of my restaurant is the one who started this operation.

Nikki: Girl, that is all kinds of jacked up.

Hannibal: Wait, didn’t all the circuses shut down 5 years ago?

Ethan: Yeah, they did, but that’s not important.

Nikki: So what’s the plan then?

Ethan: We gotta go back and find out what they’re using to hypnotize these people so we can counteract and create a cure.

Alice: Thing is, it took the two of us just to barely make it out of there. Not like they’re just gonna open arms and let me walts back in there and start creating dishes.

Nikki: We’ll go with you.

Ethan: What about your grandmother and sister?

Hannibal: Don’t worry, they’re both asleep upstairs, I’ll set up the security system Lieutenant Steel installed and they’ll barely notice a thing.

Ethan: Alright, then. Let’s go.

[The song ended.]

Clown-frontation (Part 1)

[The scene shifted to Ethan, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki walking towards the restaurant on the empty street. The group was armed with squirt guns and baseball bats, with goggles around their faces and they each wore camouflage caps. The place was surrounded by hypnotized customers.]


[As the doors opened, a large balloon floated towards them. The balloon exploded and streamers went flying around the area. Zombozo jumped to the ground, with Frightwig, Acidbreath and Thumbskull standing beside him.]

Zombozo: Aw, did you come to see my show? Or are you here to save your friend?

[Terence appeared beside them, hypnotized with drool coming out of his mouth.]

Nikki: Why am I not surprised?

[The song ended.]

Ethan: Let’s just say we’re here for a rematch, and I’m putting on the act tonight.

Clown-frontation (Part 2)

Zombozo: Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, shoot me with your squirt guns and hit me with your lightsabers?

Ethan: No, I’m gonna do this!

[Heatblast was selected on the dial. Ethan slammed down and transformed into Heatblast in a bright white light. He stood out with his arms raised up, and his hands making fists.]

Zombozo: Ooooh! I can’t wait to see what fireworks you’re going to display!

Heatblast: I’ll show you one!

[Heatblast threw a fireball, and it hit ground, creating a cloud of smoke. The group ran towards the restaurant. Hannibal making his way to the entrance, stopped immediately when a blast of green smoke was shot in front of him. Hannibal took a few steps back, dropping his squirt gun. The squirt gun got hit with the cloud, and it melted in front of him. Hannibal turned over to see Acidbreath making his way toward him.]

Acidbreath: What’s the matter? Is my breath that bad?

[As he spoke, his saliva was dripping from his mouth and as it hit the ground, it melted before him.]

Hannibal: Ew, man. Have you ever been to a dentist?

Acidbreath: I’ve tried. Haven’t found one that can fix this.

Hannibal: Then how about I give you a checkup!

[Hannibal grabbed a baseball bat out of his bag, and ran towards him. Hannibal attempted to smack him with it, but Acidbreath dodged the attack. Before he could smack him again. Acidbreath spat acid at the bat, and the tip began to melt. Hannibal grabbed another one.]

Hannibal: I came prepared.

Acidbreath: Oh, you’re quite the entertainer, Zombozo could use someone like you.

Hannibal: Not interested!

[Hannibal jumped and tried to smack him with it. Meanwhile, Nikki continued shooting more of the hypnotized customers and before she made it to the restaurant, Thumbskull jumped from the side and tackled her to the ground. Thumbskull lifted a struggling Nikki in the air.]

Thumbskull: Hold still! It’ll make this all the easier.

Nikki: You really think I’m afraid of a big strong man like you?

Thumbskull: Aw, you called me big and strong. That must mean you like me.

Nikki: Ew! I know your apron says kiss the cook, but I’m not interested.

[Meanwhile, a laughing Zombozo lifted up a giant wooden hammer. He swung his hammer at Heatblast and it sent Heatblast flying backwards. Heatblast got up and rubbed his head. Before Zombozo could swing it again, Heatblast launched a stream of flames and it caught the hammer on fire. Zombozo dropped it before the fire spread to him.]

Zombozo: Looky here, you created a campfire! Just in time for the holidays!

Heatblast: Oh, cram it!

[Heatblast aimed his fist at the screen, and the scene switched to Hannibal still fighting Acidbreath. Hannibal noticed Thumbskull was crushing Nikki and ran over to save her.]

Hannibal: Let her go, you nailhead!

[Hannibal swung his bat at full force. Thumbskull blocked the bat and smacked Hannibal with his free arm. Hannibal went flying to the ground, unconscious.]

Nikki: Hannibal!

[Thumbskull hit her in the noggin and tossed her body to the side with Hannibal’s.]

Acidbreath: Nice work, Thumbskull.

Thumbskull: What can I say? I know where to hit ‘em.

[We switch to Alice searching through Zombozo’s cookbook, and read the formula.]

Alice: Okay, so he’s been using a special element inside the sugar called Transucrose. If I can reverse with an anti-element, that should do something.

[Alice grabbed a bowl, poured the ingredients together and stirred the bowl. Eventually she finished and she continued to read through the book.]

Alice: Wait a minute? [Raises eyebrows.] I have to cook it! I don’t have that much time.

[Alice heard a voice in the background.]

Voice: No you don’t. Because you’re next on the menu!

[The voice was revealed to be Frightwig, coming in from the entrance. Meanwhile, Heatblast blasted a pyro laser as Acidbreath tried to counter with his slime attack. His slime caught on fire and it threw Acidbreath into the ground.]

Heatblast: I think that’s all of them. But where’s Frightwig?

[Heatblast turned over and saw the backdoor open.]

Heatblast: Aw, man.

[Heatblast arrived inside the restaurant to find Frightwig holding a hypnotized Alice.]

Heatblast: Alice!

Frightwig: Don’t come any closer, or you can see how much hair can kill a person.

[A spark came out of Heatblast’s hand.]

Heatblast: I don’t think I need to worry about that.

[Heatblast launched the spark at Frightwig, and her hair caught on fire.]

Frightwig: AH! MY HAIR!

[Frightwig dropped Alice and ran out of the kitchen.]

Heatblast: The sink’s that way! [Pointing the other direction.] Okay then?

[Heatblast sat Alice down and turned over to look at the cookbook.]

Heatblast: C'mon, what else do I have to do here?

[Heatblast looked at the instructions and it showed a picture of the oven.]

Heatblast: Oh, I just have to cook it. That's easy enough!

[Heatblast lit a flame and used the flame to cook the batter. Heatblast grabbed the squirt gun, and placed some of the cooked batter inside the squirt gun. Heatblast turned to Alice and aimed the squirt gun at her as she began to laugh maniacally.]

Heatblast: Okay, let’s hope this works!

[Heatblast blasted it at Alice, and her face was back to normal and was covered in liquid batter. She took a look at herself and looked up at Ethan.]

Alice: It worked?

Heatblast: Oh yeah!

[Outside, Zombozo was starting to get up as he continued laughing.]

Zombozo: Oh Yoo-hoo! Come back out here, hotshot, and face the inevitable. You and your little friend have nowhere else to run! Not like there’s anything you can do to stop me from ruling the populace!

[A teary Frightwig walked over to Zombozo who appeared to have most of her hair burnt off. Zombozo noticed and laughed at her.]

Zombozo: Oh geez kid, as if you couldn’t get anymore amusing already.

[Heatblast and Alice held a bunch of squirt guns in their hands as they stood outside. The rest of the Circus Freaks got up, standing next to Zombozo.]

Zombozo: Oh, there you are!

Frightwig: You’re gonna pay for burning off my hair!

Heatblast: What’s wrong? You look better that way.

[Heatblast launched himself into the air like a rocket, and he held the guns with his arms raised up. Heatblast flew passed Zombozo as he blasted the batter at the hypnotized crowds. The batter went flying into their mouths and slowly one by one, the crowd began to wake up from his trance. Heatblast turned into another direction and continued blasting.]

Zombozo: No, what are you doing?! Stop him!

[Acidbreath ran over and launched a blast of acid from his mouth. Heatblast dodged it and Acidbreath continued trying to blast Heatblast.]

Heatblast: Alice, take over!

Alice: On it!

[Alice ran towards the crowd and blasting them with the batter. Heatblast dropped the guns and he jumped over and kicked Acidbreath in the mouth, making his slime explode in his mouth. Acidbreath fell backwards with smoke coming from inside. Heatblast in mid-air was grabbed by Thumbskull as he attempted to squeeze him.]

Thumbskull: Nowhere to fly now!

Heatblast: Oh, you don’t want to do that!

[Heatblast powered up and created an eruption. It threw Thumbskull into the ground.]

Zombozo: No! You can’t do this! I’m supposed to win, I was going to make everyone love me, praise me, worship me with their money and attention!

Heatblast: Yeah, well there’s a thing called being too greedy!

[Heatblast prepared a large fireball and he launched onto Zombozo, sending him back with some of his costume in flames. Heatblast then flew over to Frightwig, and as soon as she noticed his presence, she sat down and did nothing. Heatblast smirked. The track ended. Later at sunrise, Zombozo was arrested by the cops and was placed in a police car with his henchman.]

Zombozo: Come on, I was just kidding! I’m a clown! Can’t you take a joke? This is not over!

Ethan: Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s over! [Hollers] AND P.S. YOUR JOKES AREN’T FUNNY!

Alice: Pfftt, wow.

[The police car left as Ethan and Alice walked down the road.]

Ethan: What? He had it coming to him anyway. [Shrugged.] Besides, did he really think he was going to get away with that?

Alice: Not really.

[They approached an ambulance where Hannibal, Nikki and Terence were sitting with blankets wrapped around them.]

Alice: How you holding up Terence?

Terence: Ugh, I think I’m gonna have the biggest stomach ache of my life.

Alice: That’s what you get for regularly visiting a supervillain’s restaurant.

Terence: Don’t rub it in.

Alice: What about you guys, how are you holding up?

Nikki: I’m good aside from this big bump on my head.

Hannibal: Yeah and my shoulders are killing me. How many times am I going to be sent to the hospital, Ethan?

Ethan: Like I would know? I’ve only been a hero for almost 6 months, give me a break!

Nikki: So, what are you going to do now Alice, now that you’re out of the job?

Alice: I don’t know. I’ll have to find someplace else to work I guess.

Nikki: Why don’t you come and work with me at the library? The money’s good, and it will at least pay you enough to keep you staying at Horizon.

Alice: Really? Awesome, I’ll gladly take it.

Ethan: There you go, now you two will be working together.

Terence: And at the place where Hex was trying to kill you.

[Nikki smacked Terence on the back of the head.]

Terence: Ow!

[Alice yawned.]

Alice: You know, after all that action, I think I’m gonna go head back to my place and catch up on some sleep.

Hannibal: Yeah, I better call my sister and see how Granny’s holding up. Hopefully she’ll be alright regardless after what’s happened last night.

Nikki: The doctors won’t release us for another hour until they’ve looked over all our injuries.

Hannibal: Aw, man!

Alice: See you guys!

[Alice started leaving the other way.]

Nikki, Hannibal: Bye!

Terence: Later, Alice!

Ethan: Wait, hold up!

[Ethan ran after Alice.]

Nikki: What is he doing?

Hannibal: Don’t worry about it Nikki, he’s just taking care of some personal business.

A Road The Heart Brings (Short Version)

[Ethan approached Alice as she walked away from the scene.]

Ethan: Hey, wait.

[Alice turned to Ethan.]

Ethan: So about last night. That’s not how I really wanted things to go down.

Alice: Yeah, That was sort of a mess, but that’s not your fault.

Ethan: I know, but beside that, I feel like I was trying too hard to impress you. I’ve never exactly…

Alice: Been on a date? No, I get you. But you shouldn’t have to try so hard, especially to impress me. Just be you. That’s the kind of person I want to see.

Ethan: Yeah, and all I wanted to do was to try and get to know ya better. So, if it’s okay with you, do you wanna try it again sometime? When things aren’t so crazy...

[Alice smiled and shut her eyes.]

Alice: Sure.


E-10 ED 1 - Kekkai Sensen
E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

Episode 10 Preview

Major Events

  • None


  • The restaurant Nikki mentioned from Day One is revealed.
  • Hannibal mentions his jobs, working as a personal weight-trainer, and working at Wendy's.
  • Nikki references to her working at the library.
  • Hannibal and Nikki reference to back when they were kids, later sharing a moment.
  • Hannibal references back to the previous two episodes when he was kidnapped by Gi-Kwan.
  • It is revealed that offscreen, Lieutenant Steel set up security systems into each of their homes.
  • Nikki later offers Alice to work with her and gladly accepts.



Circus Freaks

Aliens Used


  • Hannibal references to Kids WB, revealing he used to watch it on Saturday Mornings.
  • Terence refers to Ethan as a "Might Morphin Power Ranger"
  • The cooking montage is a direct montage to Spongebob.
  • Alice references to Disney's Lady and the Tramp when Ethan orders pasta for the both of them, and questions if he's going to do Tramp's trick.
  • When referring to Thumbskull, Acidbreath makes a reference to Bruce Banner when he says "You wouldn't like him when he's angry."
  • Various Pokemon Themes
    • Hau'oli City (Night) - Anime OST
    • Closed Heart


  • Coincidentally, this episode where the insert Spongebob joke takes place is on the same week his creator died.
    • This joke is dedicated to Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Ethan and Alice reveal to both like Super Smash Bros.
    • Which coincidentally comes out a week before Ultimate.
  • Zombozo's theme is the same theme from the Ben 10: Reboot, which plays during Clown-frontation.
  • The artwork for this episode contains cameos of Marvel's Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil after recently relieving their cancelations. As well as Ben 10 artists Yo It's Matt and Insane-Mane.
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