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Too Hot to Handle
General Information
Original broadcast May 07, 2021
Season 1
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 08
Written by Felipexbox4
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Too Hot to Handle? is the eight episode of Draconomenal.


A new species of Aliens, the Kraaho, appear on Earth and they plan on making the planet best suited for them to live. A member of the species doesn't agree with their plan and join Jay and the others in stopping them.


[It appears to be a hot day for everyone, because many people appear wearing clothes to sustain in the heat, with some people running after an ice cream truck and others drinking water. In Jay’s house, it’s a mess, Jay, who is shirtless and wearing only blue shorts, Kira, who is wearing a red sports bra and yellow shorts and Blake, who is wearing a sleeveless white shirt and black shorts, each on the floor because of how hot is. The robots on the other hand, Alpha is sitting on the sofa, with Runner sleeping while Azrael is on the sofa too, but with his face on it.]

Jay: Holy Apollo, why the hell is so hot today? Did we anger any sun God?

Blake: You think we anger a sun God? We probably angered Lucy right there and now he wants revenge.

Kira: Who cares about why is so hot today? It’s like Roy Mustang gained the powers of the Philosopher’s Stone and now turned the world into hell.

Azrael: Even we can feel the heat, damn our metallic bodies.

Alpha: Even if we couldn’t feel what normal people can feel, we could probably feel this extreme heat.

Kira: Hey Jay, what if you turned into one of your Aliens and try refresh us.

Jay: Let’s see, I got two options, Dracozzard or AquaThunder.

Blake: Oh, hell no for AquaThunder, the moment that water touches us, we are screwed.

Jay: Then Dracozzard I guess – Jay tries to get up, but he’s to tired of the heat – Crap.

Alpha: Let’s see the news to see what is going on in the cityAlpha uses the remote controller to turn on the TV, with everyone turning their attentions to the TV and during the news, they see the police after mysterious beingsI was not expecting that.

Reporter: The police is after mysterious creatures who had stolen a Nuclear Fusion Device.

Jay: So, we got some people who stole some stuff huh? Alright, let’s see if this help us get distracted from the heat – Jay is able to get up and puts a blue sleeveless shirt that was on the sofa – Anyone wants to go after them?

Kira: Well, I got nothing better to do – Kira gets up and puts a red shirt that was also on the sofa - And you Blake?

Blake: No, you can go without me, I’m just to tired for this crap – While Blake is saying this, Jay and Kira are putting on their shoes.

Jay: Alright dude. Oh yeah by the way Kira, the Lightning Staff is fixed, it’s on the garage, I’ll wat for you outside – Kira nods and goes to the garage while Jay exits the house, Kira later joins him – You’re ready?

Kira: Always, so how are going to get to the city? Speed or flight?

Jay: Speed – Jay activates the Dracotrix and dials to Disker’s hologram, then he slams his hand on it, glowing in a cyan light.

[On a blue background, white lines appear around Jay’s body, with the lines forming little squares and Jay’s body disappear, only remaining the wireframe body. Then a cyan light falls on the wireframe body and it turns into DIsker, with her running in circles before posing].

The transformation is completed, and the light disappears to reveal Disker. Kira jumps on Disker’s back and she runs at high speed towards the city. Meanwhile, the police are after the mysterious beings, who are jumping from building to building, suddenly one of the beings extends their arms and punches one of the police’s car, breaking it and making another one crash into it. Disker runs and sees the crashed and broken police cars.

Kira: Yeesh, I guess we better not underestimate those things.

Disker: Let’s see if I can walk on that wallDisker runs towards a building and is able to run on itHoly crap I did it!

Kira: Jay! – Disker sees Kira almost falling from her back and she grabs her hand, getting her back on her back – Thanks.

Disker: No worries, now let’s catch those thingsDisker runs towards one of the beings and headbutts them, launching them upwards and they fall on top of the building, Disker and Kira land on the building as Kira gets off Disker’s backSorry, we’re late for the partyThe being, alongside other the other two, appear to be light bluish, purple-skinned humanoids wearing clothes that resemble Inuit, the three wearing brown clothes.

Kira: Who the hell are you guys?

Humanoid 1: We are the Kraaho, and today is a good day.

Disker: Okay, first, hello Kraaho. And second, the hell you mean by good day? It’s hot as hell!

Kraaho 2: Yes, for you humans, but for us Kraaho, we live for the heat.

Kira: So, you hate the cold huh? Then why are you wearing those clothes if you love the heat so much?

Kraaho 3: Because we know this heat won’t last for long.

Disker: Honestly, I really don’t care why you have that thingDisker points to the device that one of the Kraaho hasBut we are going to take it back.

Kraaho 1: Oh really? Then here it isThe Kraaho extends his arm that’s holding the device to Disker.

Disker: Huh, that was easyDisker suddenly is punched in the face and the other two Kraaho jumps towards Disker and Kira. Kira dodges a punch from one of the Kraaho and she tries to slash him with the staff, but he dodges and extends his leg that hits Kira on the face. Disker runs towards the other Kraaho and jumps, double kicking him on the stomach and when he’s launched, the Kraaho extends his arm and grabs Disker’s head, slamming her on the building. The Kraaho that attacked Kira tries to punch her, but she quickly turns the staff into Circle Moon mode and the punch hits the shield, getting electrocuted in the process, this gives Kira a chance and she punches the Kraaho on the face.

Kira: That was for the kick in my face you jerk – Back to Disker, she gets up and when the Kraaho was about to hit her, she creates a disc and throws at him, the disc cuts and launches him away, with the part of his clothes that was cut appearing as pixels.

Disker: Alright, now youAs Disker and Kira walk towards the Kraaho, suddenly an extended hand grabs Disker and launches her at Kira, making the two fall from the building. Then another Kraaho joins the others, a girl that has pinkish-red hair, purple eyes, light pink skin, with two purple markings on her cheeks, and large whitish protuberances where a human's eyebrows would be. In terms of clothing, she wears a purple jacket, with white fur collars and cuffs, pink stockings, purple snowshoes and a tiara with a diamond-shape at the top on her hair.

Kraaho 1: Oh, it’s you EsterHe throws the device to Ester, who catches it.

Ester: You know you are lucky that I arrived here before you got your ass kicked.

Kraaho 1: Even with three, or better two, they were goodSuddenly Disker, who has changed to Beetlezure, appears flying while holding Kira on his arms.

Kira: Are you crazy?! We almost died if Jay didn’t turn into Beetlezure!

Beetlezure: Do you have any idea what you were doing?

Ester: Let me think, yesShe says with a smug on her face.

Kira: Jay, permission to kick her ass?

Beetlezure: Permission grantedBeetlezure throws Kira at Ester and she tries to hit her with her staff, but she dodges and kicks Kira to the KraahoOkay, now I’m madBeetlezure fires an energy beam from his horn towards Ester, but she dodges and extends her leg upwards, the leg then falls and axe kicks Beetlezure on the head, and he puts his hands on his head in pain.

Ester: Let’s goThe other Kraaho wake up and Ester jumps away, with the other following her and one of them tossing Kira away, with Beetlezure landing to help Kira.

Beetlezure: You okay?

Kira: Wow, I’m getting kicked today. We need to go after them!

Beetlezure: Well, we can’t.

Kira: Why not?

Beetlezure: Because I got the feeling the watch is ready to time out, and I don’t wanna fall again like last time.

Kira: But we need to go after them, especially that girl!

Beetlezure: Jesus Kira, what’s got into you?

Kira: …Nothing. Fine, let’s go home – Beetlezure grabs Kira and the two fly away back to home, with Kira still thinking about Ester with an angry expression. When they arrive home, the watch times out and Beetlezure returns to Jay, with the two entering it.

Azrael: So how was it?

Jay: Well, we discovered some things, they are Aliens called Kraaho and they enjoy the heat, which makes you wonder why they are wearing that outfits but whatever.

Kira: But they told us why they were wearing those.

Jay: I said, whatever – Kira just stared at him.

Kira: Anyway, we don’t know what those guys wanted with that device, apparently, they can stretch themselves and we got our assess kicked by them and, that girl – Kira says the last part in an angry tone.

Blake: Why you said “that girl” in that tone?

Jay: Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering, why it seems you don’t like that girl?

Kira: Honestly just by the way she talked to us enraged me, got me this feeling of wanting to beat the shit out of her.

Jay: I mean I’ll admit, I also don’t like her. But anyway, we need to try to find them. Who knows what they’ll do with that device – Meanwhile, in the hideout of the Kraaho, we see Ester and the other two coming back and they are greeted by their leader.

Ester: Hey dude, we’re back.

Leader Kraaho: GoodThe figure reveals himself to be a Kraaho with a large build, wearing blue winter clothes, his skin is light bluish, he has purple hair, big white eyebrows, and violet face and body markings.  

Kraaho 1: So, what are doing again Seebik?

Seebik: …. You, you seriously forgot what we doing with it?

Kraaho 1: MaybeSeebik simply puts his hand on his face while groaning.

Seebik: Anyway. Basically, we will use the fusion device to power that machineHe points to a large machineSo we can turn this world into a perfect place for us!While the other Kraaho are happy over this, Seebik looks at Ester with a concerned expressionEster!He walks towards herSomething wrong?

Ester: Oh nothing, I was just thinking about them.

Seebik: Them?

Ester: We can say the Kraaho that were with me fought against two humans. Don’t worry, I defeated them.

Seebik: Good, but next time you encounter them, you should finish them off.

Ester: Don’t think that’s a bit extreme?

Seebik: Those who oppose us will be eliminatedSeebik walks away, while Ester still has that concerned expression. Meanwhile back to Jay and the others, he, alongside Kira and Blake, appearing drinking on Mr. Smoothie, a place that had open some days ago. Also, the trio appear wearing their usual outfits.

Jay: We are lucky this place exists; I’m already feeling refreshed.

Kira: You know I’ll say, this stuff is good.

Blake: I know right? It’s good I knew about this place and brought you guys here.

Kira: Did you came here before?

Blake: Yeah sometimes, especially when I have time.

Female Voice: Hey excuse me, can I sit here?

Jay: Why would you want to sit with us – Jay looks behind him and sees Ester, waving with a smile – Oh, it’s you.

Blake: Friend of yours?

Kira: It’s that girl we were talking about – Kira just stared at Ester while drinking her smoothie and Ester sits near her.

Ester: Oh yeah, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Ester, and you guys?

Jay: I’m Jay, she’s Kira and he’s Blake.

Blake: I can already tell Kira doesn’t like you.

Ester: I wonder whyEster says with a sarcastic tone and she drinks her smoothieWow, this stuff is good.

Kira: Anyway, what are you doing here?

Ester: Well, I’m here to talk with you.

Jay: Yeah, I don’t think we have anything to talk about, especially after you stole that device.

Ester: It’s about that, the other Kraaho will use that fusion device to turn the Earth into a place for them.

Blake: From what I know about these Kraaho, they like the heat – Blake instantly realizes what their plan is – Oh crap.

Kira: They plan on burning the Earth?!

Jay: This isn’t good, we better do something about…. This. What the hell is that?! – Jay points to lava appearing from the ground, and the group looks shocked at that.

Ester: Oh yeah, this isn’t good!

Blake: Okay we better do something about this!

Jay: I’ll handle this! – Jay activated the Dracotrix and dials to AquaThunder’s hologram, slamming his hand on it and transforming into AquaThunder.

AquaThunder: You guys, go help the civilians, I’ll take care of this!The group nod and go help the people escape while AquaThunder go to stop the lava. He shoots a stream of water from his mouth at the lava and when the stream hits it, it causes an explosionOkay this is definitely not good. I need to think of something fast!AquaThunder looks at his hands and has an ideaLet’s see if this worksHe shoots two streams of water from his hands at the lava, neutralizing itHell yeah, it’s working!

Blake: Come on everyone, this way!

Kira: When I thought of “Make Earth our own planet”, I didn’t think of lava, more like literally heat the planet.

Ester: Yeah, I’ll admit, this is insane.

Kira: Oh, you think? If I remember correctly, you were part of this whole stealing thing!

Ester: I didn’t think they would do that!

Kira: Oh really, they didn’t tell you about their plans? That’s convenient.

Ester: Listen, this isn’t the right time to argue okay? We need to save those peopleKira simply sighs.

Kira: Yeah, I know, sorry.

Ester: No, it’s okay, I understand how you feelWhile AquaThunder is taking care of the lava, a part of the lava is launched by the stream towards Kira.

Blake: Kira watch out!

Kira: What? – She looks upwards, and her eyes widened when suddenly, Ester extends her arm and grabs Kira, saving her from the lava – Holy crap I thought I was gonna die there!

Ester: You’re safe now.

Kira: Hey, thanks.

Ester: No problemBlake simply smiles at them.

Blake: Hey Jay, how’s it going with the lava?

AquaThunder: Almost finishing… And done!The watch times out and Jay sighs in relief, then he joins the others.

Jay: Okay and you guys?

Blake: We save the civilians.

Jay: Good, and I guess we should do something about this.

Ester: Yeah, I agree, this is going too far.

Kira: I think the best idea is to find those guys, do you know their base Ester?

Ester: Yes, follow meThe group follows Ester to the Kraaho base.

Jay: Oh yeah, there’s something I wanted to ask you Ester.

Ester: What is it?

Jay: I noticed that you look more human than the other two me and Kira encountered.

Ester: Oh, it’s because I’m only half-Kraaho.

Blake: Wait, you mean you are half-human?

Ester: Correct!

Kira: I didn’t know that Aliens could be hybrid.

Ester: Well, we can say my mother was human and my father a Kraaho.

Blake: Honestly, I don’t wanna even know how Aliens reproduce.

Ester: Oh, don’t worry, we don’t reproduce like the XenomorphsThey stare at herWhat? I like those movies.

Jay: Why do I have the feeling Xenomorphs may exist?

Ester: Anyway, we arrivedThey arrive at a hole that leads to the Kraaho base.

Kira: We’ll have to jump, aren’t we?

Ester: Sadly yes.

Kira: Oh, for the love of…. Okay, screw it. Who’s gonna jump first?

Blake: Well – Blake is interrupted by Jay yelling.

Jay: Cowabunga! – Jay runs and jumps on the hole, with everyone’s eyes becoming blank white like in anime.

Blake: He’s one crazy dude, anyway – Blake runs and jumps on the hole.

Kira: Wait for me! – She runs and jumps on the hole too; Ester simply chuckles at the trio.

Ester: This is gonna be funShe runs and jumps too, falling on top of somethingHuh, didn’t expect something to break my fallShe looks down and sees the trio on top of each other, with Jay at the bottomOh.

Jay: Okay, I think this was a bad idea.

Kira: You think?

Blake: I can feel my back hurting – The three on top of Jay fall and they get up, with Blake with his hands on his back – That’s probably gonna hurt tomorrow. Anyway, everyone okay?

Jay: Well, we aren’t dead, but probably with something hurt.

Kira: So, this Is the place?

Ester: Yeah, right over thereShe points to a room where a red light is coming fromLet’s goThe group runs towards the room and enter it, with everyone, except Ester, shocked at the machine that they are looking at, alongside seeing other Kraaho without their usual outfit, wearing a traditional Kraaho outfit.

Kira: What the hell?

Jay: I guess that machine caused the lava to appear.

Seebik: Ester!The group sees the Kraaho approachingWhat are humans doing here?!

Ester: Well-

Kira: Hey, excuse me Mr. Fantastic, but what in the name of God are you guys doing?!

Blake: Are you guys insane?! Sure, you like the heat, but that doesn’t mean you should burn the Earth so you could live here!

Seebik: Silence! You will not interfere with our plan! If you do, you will die!

Ester: Seebik this is insane, my father wouldn’t allow this!

Seebik: Then it’s a good thing your father is dead!

Ester: …. What?

Seebik: He was weak, that’s why he died!

Jay: Hey! Don’t you dare talk to the dead like that! You think just because Ester’s father is dead you can do whatever you want?! This is something I don’t forgive, and I’ll beat the crap out of you.

Seebik: You wanna fight? Then let’s do it!The Kraaho prepare to fight the group, with Kira and Blake with their weapons ready and Jay hitting the watch, transforming into GeneratorAttack!The group and the Kraaho charge towards each other, starting the battle. Blake and Kira dodge some Kraaho’s attacks and Kira, who’s weapon is in the Cross Mode, tosses it towards some Kraaho, electrocuting them on impact and Blake launching wind slashes at them. A Kraaho grabs Blake and slams him on the ground, and when he prepares for another attack, Kira hits her staff on him, launching him away.

Kira: Wow, it’s pretty hot in here.

Blake: No kidding – Kira helps Blake get up while he cleans blood that was on his mouth – Then let’s refresh it – Blake shoots a beam of ice at the Kraaho and they are frozen.

Kira: Cold, I like it – With Generator and Ester, they both are fighting Seebik, with Ester extending her fist to punch him, but he grabs her and before he could attack her, Generator shoots an energy sphere from her cannon at Seebik, launching him a little farther away.

Ester: Thanks.

Generator: Thank me later, we gotta deal with him.

Ester: Right!Ester is surprised by an extended uppercut from Seebik and when she’s launched in the air, she extends her left leg to kick Seebik on the face before doing a side kick on his left cheek. Generator, combining her legs into a big thruster, she flies towards Seebik and kicks him with the thruster, then she uses the nanomachines to lock her foot on the ground and turns her arms into pressure activated hammers to slam them on Seebik, launching him into a wall.

Generator: Did you like that?!

Seebik: You are good, but not enough!Seebik extends his arms and Generator quickly turns her arm into a cannon to fire, but Seebik grabs the cannon and rips her arm off, making blue blood spit from he ripped arm. Suddenly, the nanomachines regenerate Generator’s armHow did you do that?!

Generator: Nanomachines son!Ester just looks at herWhat? I always wanted to say thatSuddenly, an ice beam shot by Blake freezes Seebik.

Kira: That’s gonna give us some time to destroy that machine.

Ester: And we better do it fast, I can tell that lava from before is coming backA drop of lava falls from above in front of the group.

Blake: And we better do it fast! – The group towards the machine and starts hitting it with everything they got – This thing is tough!

Generator: I think I have an idea, and this will probably take some timeThe Kraaho that were frozen and Seebik break from their icy prison, with Seebik enraged for being trapped in something he hates.

Kira: Then do it fast, we cover you! – The trio go to cover Generator while she flies using jetpacks and sees the core.

Generator: Alright, let’s see if I can do thatGenerator starts to create a large weapon using her nanomachines, Kira uses the Circle Moon mode of the staff to protect Generator from attacks while Blake creates a barrier of ice. Generator creates a large cannon, and it starts to charge.

Seebik: No!!Seebik extends his arm towards Generator, but Ester grabs it and punches Seebik.

Ester: Now Jay!From Generator’s POV, she’s marking her target on the core.

Generator: Target acquired!Blue energy appears on the cannon and Generator fires itProton Cannon!She fires a large beam towards the core and on the machine, destroying it and it explodes, launching Generator to the ground and a crater appearsYay, I did itThe watch times out and she glows in red energy, getting up while turning back to Jay.

Kira: Machine destroyed!

Blake: And world saved.

Jay: Yeah. God I just noticed how hot is here, it didn’t helped Generator is an armor Alien.

Ester: You get used to the heat here.

Kira: Suuuuure.

Seebik: WellThe group looks at SeebikYou won, happy?

Jay: Not really? Like yeah, I’m happy we saved the world, but your situation is more complicated dude.

Ester: Yeah, we can survive just fine here, it’s pretty hotSeebik simply sighs.

Seebik: Fine, we won’t try to heat the world again, but only if you don’t stay in our way.

Jay: Fine whatever. Let’s try getting into better terms okay?

Kira: Can’t we get out of here? I can’t stand this hotness.

Jay: Alright, see you guys around? Maybe? Who knows – The group walks away while Ester waves them goodbye – And Ester, keep an eye on him.

Ester: Don’t worry, I’ll do it, as his second-in-command.

Seebik: Whatever.

Blake: Let’s just hope they don’t try to fry the planet again.

Kira: And if they do, we’ll be ready for them!

Seebik: The watch guy is pretty interesting.

Ester: Yeah, I know.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The Kraaho, Seebik and Ester make their first appearances.

Character Debuts

  • Kraaho
  • Ester
  • Seebik

Minor Events

  • Mr. Smoothie makes its first appearance.



  • Kraaho (First Appearance)
    • Seebik

Aliens Used

  • Disker
  • Beetlezure
  • AquaThunder
  • Generator


  • Kira references the manga and anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist, by mentioning one of the main characters, Roy Mustang, and a key item, the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Disker's transformations sequence is a reference to the movie Tron, where main character, Kevin Flynn, enters Tron.
  • Ester and Jay mentions the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.
  • Jay tells cowabunga, a common catchphrase from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
  • Kira calls Seebik Mr. Fantastic, referecing that Reed can stretch himself.
  • Some of Generator's attacks references Iron Man's fight against Thanos in Infinity War. Another reference to Iron Man was when Generator destroyed the machine, using the Proton Cannon, an Hyper Combo used by Iron Man in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.
  • Generator refereces Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, by using Senator Armstrong meme catchphrase.


  • The episode is similiar in terms of plot with Hot Stretch from Omniverse.