Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 7
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Too Deep is a short for Brandon 10.


The episode starts out at night at a lake. Coco is fishing at the docks and Brandon throwing rocks at the lake. Brandon asks why they are there again and Coco replies that he catches fish to eat for dinner sometimes. Brandon disagrees with eating fish and throws more stones at the lake. He continues doing that until one of his stones hits something. Brandon can't really see what's down in the lake but really wants to find out. He tells Coco that he is going to get more bait and runs behind an abandonned shack. He turns into Angeler Fish and jumps into the water. As he swims deeper and deeper into the lake, he finds more strange objects: from old boots and broken fishing rods to sunken ships and even a truck. He comes across something buried in the ground. He grabs it and begins to time out. He swims as fast as he could back to shore with the chest and turns back into Brandon. He goes back to Coco with the chest and cries that he had found treasure. When they open it, they see some old landry. Brandon becomes dissapointed and the camera shows some hidden pirate gold buried behind them.


Aliens Used


  • None


  • This is the second episode without any villains
  • The plot of the short was changed again
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