These are all the episodes in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures .

Season 1

Number Title Written By Air Date
1 Meet The Ultimatrix, Your Only True Friend Slashthehedghog95 3-27-16

Tony is suddenly teleported to a world where it's full of a race called the Galvans. He's given a mysterious watch that was made by Azmuth.

2 Hand Over The Ultimatrix Slashthehedgehog95 4-2-16
Tony fights a bounty hunter who wants the Ultimatrix, he gets a new alien in the process.
3 Training Day Slashthehedgehog95 4-10-16
Tony travels towards the Necrofriggian world known as Kylmyss to learn about Frostbite's species, but is soon ambushed by a bounty hunter named Ninenine.
4 Back To The Future Slashthehedgehog95 4-17-16

Tony and the gang use Cosmic Storm to go into the future, but is stopped by Professor Paradox. They go into the future and discover their future.

5 Ambush At Plumber Base Slashthehedgehog95 8-29-16

Courtney, Tony, and Alex are traveling through Trenton when they are ambushed by a bounty hunter. They visit Caitlyn, Tony's girlfriend, and they leave for Trenton's Plumber Base where something nasty is waiting for them.

6 Space Patrol Michael Bay 9-4-16
Tony and Alex go on separate Patrol missions for the Plumbers. They are given armor that was inspired from a good TV show that was on Cartoon Network.
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